Playskool Heroes Transformers Rescue Bots - Heatwave the Fire Bot Figure

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Playskool Heroes Transformers Rescue Bots - Heatwave the Fire Bot Figure

Playskool Heroes Transformers Rescue Bots - Heatwave the Fire Bot Figure

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He comes with a storybook titled " Rescue Bots Respond" which details his adventures, and a redecoed Cody Burns figure. Bugs in the System During a trip on the space elevator Asgard, Heatwave switched bodies with Kade, allowing him to experience the delights of toothaches and human dentistry. When he sent them to corral a rogue bull, the suit almost resulted in the situation ending in disaster, but instead it ended with Heatwave trying to wrangle the bull.

The Bots soon had problems attending to an earthquake and acting like robots at the same time, but when Frankie followed them into the tunnels under the town, Heatwave had to come rescue her from a cave-in. Back to School Said mentoring involved assigning Hot Shot a series of chores to do, which turned out to teach Hot Shot the skills necessary for a rescue the recruits had to carry out. Unfortunately this ended with the team having to face a horde of gremlins, conjured from Kade's nightmares by Doc Greene's Nightmare Imaging Device. The figure's colors now look more towards the show, and the energize version's tooling is left intact. He, Kade and Cody were assigned the task of repairing the center's holographic cloak, and with Blades's help, managed to do so before the base could be discovered.Afterwards Optimus promptly reassigned them, with Heatwave leading a team on Griffin Rock consisting of Salvage and Servo.

Heatwave was disgruntled when Kade took the credit for his saving Chief Burns and Graham from a falling dinosaur statue head. Royal Mail cut off time for same day dispatch is 2pm, however on busy days we can not guarantee an item goes out the same day. Tough Luck Chuck Believing that Wedge could get the response time of the other recruits down, Heatwave lent the student his control for the rescue alarm, which didn't go as well as it could have. Shortly thereafter another test of the device resulted int the creation of four more Kades, and Heatwave was amused when the Kades argued amongst themselves, though not so much when their squabbling almost caused an accident.

This figure is prone to internal breakage of the autotransforming mechanism if care is not taken when aligning the halves of the dinosaur head during transformation. The New Recruits Heatwave grew ever more frustrated with Blurr's lack of progress, especially when Blurr botched a rescue and then took a joyride through town and almost exposed the Rescue Bots' secret, leading Heatwave to tell Chief he was going to contact Optimus to get rid of Blurr. Kids can imagine racing to the rescue with this toy, inspired by the Transformers Rescue Bots Academy animated TV show. The word "water" is in scare quotes in the product descriptions because the "water" cannon doesn't actually shoot water. The Vigilant Town Heatwave and the other Rescue Bots went along on a nature hike, however when the hike was interrupted by a snake infestation in town, Heatwave was forced to put up with Kade and Dani bickering and discovered he had a particular dislike of snakes.

Trick or Treat Heatwave was again absent from the base on another occasion, leaving Grimlock to do his digital paperwork. It also depicted him with Onslaught esque back mounted cannons, which managed to sneak into the design of his dinobot mode. Part of the first wave of the Rescan series, Heatwave is an all-new figure, featuring a spring-loaded transformation from show-accurate fireboat to robot, activated by his lightbar. Ghost in the Machine When Whiskers was abducted from the zoo, the Rescue Bots used their dino modes as bait to lure big game hunter Lord Chumley. In 2019 he was re-released under Rescue Bots Academy branding with no changes, and was also retooled with a new head and resculpted chest and legs, into the race-car version of Rescue Bots Academy Whirl.He later responded to the rescue beacon and arrived in time to witness the reactivation of lost Titan Citadel Secundus. An in-costume actor portraying Heatwave appeared at San Diego Comic-Con 2012 and at Universal Studios Hollywood for the Transformers Fan Experience on June 20, 2014 (during the weekend of BotCon 2014).

The Secret of Flight After Hot Shot damaged Tough Luck Chuck during a training exercise, Heatwave put the recruit in charge of looking after the drone while he retrieved some new parts from Milford. Heatwave (under the code name Thunder) and Chief were dropped into Pynch's compound by Blades, and managed to find Pynch's hoarded tech before she caught them, though they escaped having their memories wiped thanks to switching the tech and ultimately Pynch went to jail Cody's 11 When Dani's test space mission ran into trouble, the team headed into space in the Sigma to mount a rescue, with Heatwave providing the first stage to a jetpack-assisted Rescue Bot rocket. Back to Virtual Reality When investors were looking at redeveloping the island, the Rescue Bots used Velgrox technology to make themselves invisible and pretend to be ghosts to scare them off. Prescott's Bots When Kade's nightmares about gremlins started affecting his work, Heatwave told him to deal with them. Spellbound Huxley Prescott roped the rescue team into taking part in a reality show, but started manufacturing his emergencies to make the show more exciting.During a visit by Woodrow Burns, Heatwave realized a photo he'd taken of a cavern showed energon, and alerted Optimus.

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