Kama Sutra: 100 Sex Positions With Photos And Explanations

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Kama Sutra: 100 Sex Positions With Photos And Explanations

Kama Sutra: 100 Sex Positions With Photos And Explanations

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He puts one foot on the ground (as if he were proposing) and she puts the opposite foot on the ground ready for penetration to begin. This slight tilt of the pelvis allows for deeper penetration as the man places himself between her legs and enters her.

The receiving partner lies on top with their legs closed, providing added pressure as well as a tighter sensation for the penetrating partner. You’ll want a firm surface for this one (aka the floor) to give the receiving partner plenty of support to push off of. For that sweeping-off-the-countertop (or desk) hot sex moment that you’ve totally fantasized about, the Countertop sex position can utilize just about any flat surface that is the right height for the penetrating partner. The penetrating partner gets blindfolded for this one, putting the power all in the hands of the receiving partner they slide down onto their partner’s lap. The man controls the penetration, which can be very deep - the perfect position for less endowed men.If you’ve got a dominant partner with a penis, they will looooove straddling you as you stroke and suck their member. It’s a challenging position, butthe intimacy and depth of penetration will have you coming back for more. Simply have the receiving partner sit on the penetrating partner’s lap, facing forward, and start grinding away.

Sneak off to a private place and pull up your skirt for this simple move, where the receiving partner leans over a table or bed and the penetrating partner enters from behind. Great sex comes in many forms and these 100 lesbian sex positions should definitely give you food for thought - you can even use some of the foreplay positions in hetrosexual sex as well. We recommend the Cowgirl/Cowboy for the anal first-timer, since the receiving partner controls the pace and depth of penetration.We've come up with the ultimate lesbian Kama Sutra with 100 OMG sex positions to spice up your sex life tonight. Something as simple as changing where you place your legs or your partner's bum can add excitement to your sex life and hit pleasure points you didn't even know existed! The rear-entry position is always exciting, and your heads are right next to each other, the perfect spot for kissing or some dirty talk. With a little careful maneuvering, have the penetrating partner slide in between your back and ankles. Sometimes all it takes is a brand-spanking-new position to get the party started and to reignite some important conversations about what feels best in the act.

Particularly on slow mornings, there are few things that hit like a morning tussle with your partner. The man also lays on his side, but at a right angle to the woman, and slides in between her legs to enter her. He lays on his back, while the woman sits on top of him, supporting her with her hands leaning back. Another position made for anal newbies, On the Stomach is a great option for deep, gentle penetration. The Column position involves both parties to stand up; the woman stands in front of the man, both facing the same direction.In The Rocking Horse, the man sits with his legs crossed, leaning back with his arms, while the woman bents her knees and sits facing him. The receiving partner slips a hand under their body for some self-touch while the penetrating partner provides the extra weight and thrusting from behind. So, we have 100 sex positions you and your partner can try out if you’re tired of your standard three poses and you’re willing to explore more of your sex life.

He then lifts her off the ground and she wraps her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck while he penetrates her. The receiving partner can lean forward and back to control the penetration and create some delicious drag. The man sits with his legs stretched out either side of her, while she lets her legs hang behind his back. In the wonderful world of sex and sex positions, there’s getting down and then there’s getting down. For Opening Up, sit on a chair with your ankles wound around the legs, opening up your legs and slipping a hand in between.So to help inject some creativity into your sex life, we’ve compiled 69 fun positions we think you should try ASAP (along with some sweet and guaranteed-to-please old faves). Similar to the previous one, The Deckchair involves the man sitting, except that his legs are stretched out. She then carefully leans back and rests her hands on the floor, either side of his feet, to balance. Bent over at a 90-degree angle, the receiving partner can experiment with tilting their pelvis to find the perfect hot spot. It might take a little practice to master this position, which requires the penetrating partner to lie on their back with their legs pulled in to their chest.

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