Fated to Love (Fated Series Book 1)

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Fated to Love (Fated Series Book 1)

Fated to Love (Fated Series Book 1)

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There isn’t really anything at stake in the constant power games Singh sets up among h/h because the hero always wins. For me, that many characters just makes me anxious – I feel like an Australian Shepherd trying to maintain control of my flock every time someone new pops up. I think I have to admit to having a split personality on these points, because while the heroes’ besting of the heroines can often irritate me, when it comes to the physical dominance stuff, I revel in it.

As fate would have it, Scarlett Riley became his unintended bride, despite Charles’ deep-rooted animosity towards her. Also none of the drama's promotional posters make sense or seem to have anything to do with the story. I was showing a lot of skin, and the nightdress was so short that it only partly covered my buttocks. However, the process is anything but smooth, leaving Scarlett confused and torn between her emotions and the consequences of Charles’ indecision.Our boy transmigrates into the world of savior rising and he gets a skill that attracts "villains"and gets point and rewards based on how they feel bout him, which later affects "good" guys too. Though in the beginning he does want to be an extra/mob, later he just accepts the fact he's gonna be the center of attention and don't worry it doesn't take long. TIL it was possible for me to fall in love with a guy who laughs like the Joker on meth and wears his hair like Ronald McDonald is his personal stylist.

I’m pretty convinced the Ghost is Vasic because Kaleb seems to have romantic feelings for someone and the Ghost seems so be devoid of emotion.Drew, Judd, Max, Dev, Hawke, Lucas, Riley all have really distinct personalities despite sharing many alpha characteristics. Webfic has found related content about Fated to the Tangled Love (Bye, My Irresistible Love) novelfor you. Sophie Nelson signed a contract with the most honorable man in Eastern Mainland to trade for freedom, but she ran away at the last second before deal’s done. I remember that Shuzluva she was frustrated by the Drew/Indigo thing in Play of Passion, but I thought Mercy and Riley were equally dominant in Branded by Fire.

Sarah: I think if you like it, you like it – there are definitely series (and books) that work for me in spite of issues that I feel like I *should* have with them. TL; DR: Fun start, yandere Female cast, MC's passiveness creates problems later on- which leads to poor story telling. Nonetheless, Riaz and Adria quickly get physical once he realizes her attraction to him and decides it’s mutual. Because Hawke’s decisions felt inconsistent, it made the alliances feel like contrived plot devices rather than natural developments, and that took away some of my enjoyment in that part of the story.

I am not saying that one couldn’t be written in such a way that it’d work for me, but in general I find it a turn-off.

Janine: I bought into how they got there, but I won’t say more about why so as not to spoil that journey for readers. So let's say if a dragon is trying to kill him, he'll get boosted to EX rank, while if a second-rate villain tries to kill him, he'll only boost to like D rank.Janine: This was a pretty epic problem and although I was annoyed with Riaz’s treatment of Adria early on, I could feel for him because his physical response to Adria was a betrayal of the mate his wolf had chosen. This leads into annoying jealously based developments with the female casts that could of been avoided if the MC stopped being so aloof. Also, if Hawke is allied to Lucas and has to protect DarkRiver as well as SnowDancer, wouldn’t he have to discuss this with Lucas and make sure that Lucas didn’t feel SnowDancer was spreading itself too thin to protect DarkRiver adequately? The issue of making a choice to move on after you’ve “found” your mate strikes me as a more down to earth way of moving the story.

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