The Cosmic Slumber Tarot

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The Cosmic Slumber Tarot

The Cosmic Slumber Tarot

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For example, the Star of The Cosmic Slumber Tarot delights me because Walden’s Star is a real woman who radiates comfort and tranquility. Even the font used to title the cards creates the satisfying illusion of legible hand-lettering that perfectly suits the slightly rough feel of the deck.

Looking through these images, there’s a feeling of divine play, or perhaps of dreaming—reminiscent of the deck’s title.

The artist has imbued these cards with a lot of movement and energy – a tribute to her illustrative skills. I want to treasure every reading from the Cosmic Slumber deck as I would treasure a strange and beautiful dream that I don’t quite understand. I have mentioned in other reviews how reading is a chance to connect with other people, and I like this aspect of the practice, but this deck and this guidebook are written almost completely in the second-person, and they are both so inclusive—not in the current, sometimes pejorative political sense, but in the most loving and accepting way—that I may have to start reworking the meanings of some cards with which I have become entirely too comfortable.

Look at the ways Walden changed up the composition in Temperance, for instance, between her thumbnail line sketch to the right and what we see as the end result to the left.You get the verdant, leafy landscapes, what feels like the European or a North American countryside, and the introduction of the color green. Not that quality is exclusive to the limited edition- you can still get the deck in its awesome double-sleeved hard-cover box and the tarot bag when you purchase directly from Liminal 11.

The cards follow a generally recognizable Rider-Waite-Smith (RWS) pattern with some nice variations here and there. Your reading is definitely a useful way to bring those characteristics out from the very beginning of our relationship with a new deck. Together they’ve created the Cosmic Slumber Tarot, an epic hyperspheric dimension of tarot space brought to life through manga. With the contentious political climate, war raging in eastern Europe, rising costs associated with inflation, energy and fuel costs, material shortages, and what I see as the inevitable collapse of public education (K-12 and higher) in the United States, my cheery outlook—which was not particularly cheery to begin with—has been whetted upon a stone of ennui until I fear that I have developed a rather hard edge, a still reluctant but ever firmer impatience with so many things. Here you see the magenta and orange, primary plus secondary color pairing that’s one of this deck’s signatures.Dreams and magic are both about letting yourself be drawn to what feels right, and that can make them difficult to explain or describe, even when it might make sense in your heart or your gut. You’d just align the four edges to the four compass directions per the correspondence system you use. And there are a few cards like that, where the meaning given by Walden is a generally positive affirmation of a more traditional definition, but the image must be looked at through that lens. I will stake my life on the fact that the deck feels gorgeously, warmly feminine, but I wouldn’t bet five dollars on whether the Magician is male or female.

As for the imagery in the deck, the Major Arcana are largely based on the RWS system, but there are a couple of cards that stand out for their uniqueness. Each of the suits follow a particular colour scheme; the torches featuring deep purples, whilst the cups feature shades of blue, the swords feature tones of red and the pentacles feature earthy, shades of green. So far, this is the only issue I have and it's not a huge deal, but if the artist/manufacturer is reading: maybe take a look at the word spacing/margins and work that out. The Major Arcana chapter has a small introduction, and each card is reproduced in full colour, and given a description as well as a divinatory meaning.On the other hand, this specific spread cloth would be exactly what a college-age witch might appreciate for an altar cloth on a dormitory desktop. If I may be permitted to use a fashion metaphor (it’s just this random area of life I’ve got an interest in), this would be Betsey Johnson meets Alexander McQueen inspired by fairytales told through hallucinogen-induced dreams. By bidding on, or purchasing this item, you are agreeing to us sharing your name and address details with that 3rd party supplier to allow us to fulfil our contractual obligations to you. Some of the card imagery deviates from the common RWS depictions (as in the Three of Pentacles further down in this post), which may require a certain level of adjustment for habituated RWS readers, but for the most part the scenes in the cards are clear, direct, and easy to understand.

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