MAFEX Spider-Gwen / Gwen Stacy (Into the Spider-Verse)

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MAFEX Spider-Gwen / Gwen Stacy (Into the Spider-Verse)

MAFEX Spider-Gwen / Gwen Stacy (Into the Spider-Verse)

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We are a Japanese company and we have worked for a long time to help foreigner tourists in Japan to experience the real Japanese culture. As seen in "Into the Spider-Verse," Gwen Stacy's alter ego is supremely posable for maximum action; she wears her. The spines and back of the box each have some great images of the figure in various poses, where you'll also find Gwen is joined by the bonus Spider-Ham figurine that's also included in this release. Though on the surface it might seem like this release has a little less to offer than Peter or Miles, but none of the quality that those two figures exude has been lost here and it certainly makes up for it in different ways. Though the figure is a little top heavy and requires a clear plastic support piece to help it stand, this is a fantastic accessory nonetheless.

With all that in mind Gwen is another fantastic Spider-Man release from MAFEX, and with no soft goods coming with this figure you can always see just how the joints work and what kind of bending they can withstand.

It's an odd little addition that's perhaps a bit of a waste of plastic, but does help keep the various pieces organised in the box. The hands however can fit onto the wrist joints rather firmly, so if you're ever in doubt about pulling them off it's worth heating the areas up first just to be sure. Please note that product information is not in full comprehensive meaning because of the machine translation. Products shown, tagged or featured on YouTube by creators are sold by merchants and are subject to merchant's terms and conditions. We do not share your credit card details with third-party sellers and we do not sell your information to others.

The various heads are amazing (both in screen likeness and the magnet system built into the masks/hood), and the wonderful little Spider-Ham figure is just the icing on the cake. After the success of previous two figures it doesn't come as much surprise to see that MAFEX Spider-Gwen (Gwen Stacy) is another win from Medicom. It is worth noting that Gwen is closer to Miles proportionally than she is Peter, which means that you should err on the side of caution when it comes to handling some of the thinner joints present on this release. MAFEX Spider-Gwen includes two masked head sculpts (one with a wide-eyed expression and the other with a squinting look) and two unmasked Gwen Stacy heads, as well as an alternate hood piece to display with those latter heads. MAFEX Spider-Gwen (Gwen Stacy) is the first time MAFEX have tackled this alternate universe Spider-Man where Gwen was bitten rather than Peter, even though they've been also been tackling comic versions of Spidey for some time now.Extension can be arranged if you have trouble making payment and notify me with expected payment date. Though Gwen may lack the additional clothing options that the other MAFEX Spider-Verse figures have had this release still isn't short of accessories. What we have here is Gwen's standard white and black costume with pink and teal web detailing on the arms and hood lining, as well as the teal ballet shoes which contrast beautifully with the black leg colouring. The selection of hands on offer here will also be pretty familiar to anyone who's purchased any of the previous MAFEX Spider-Man figures - web shooting hands, web-line holding hands, closed fists, various posed hands etc. The biggest clue that this is indeed a Spider-Verse Gwen (other than the proportions that is) is the pink around the eyes, which has that blotchy, almost pixel-like look of the film's art style.

The black section of the costume also has some ball-like texturing to it which looks great against the smoothness of the white and pink parts. The unmasked heads look amazing, and like the ones included with Miles and Peter look as though they jumped straight out of the film. As seen in "Into the Spider-Verse," Gwen Stacy's alter ego is supremely posable for maximum action; she wears her cute spider-suit, and comes complete with interchangeable heads -- masked and unmasked!The MAFEX line may not have been on the scene quite as long as their market rivals but Medicom got the whole articulation 5-6" figure thing down pretty soon, and with PLENTY of Spider-Man experience already under their belt Spider-Gwen is looking pretty good indeed. It's only really noticeable up close though, and even then when you do see it it only serves to enhance the look of the figure. We may contact you to ascertain the damage or defect in the product prior to issuing refund/replacement.

But on the back of the masked heads you'll also find something pretty interesting - a small magnet that corresponds with the magnet on the raised hood to keep it properly in place. While Miles and Peter both have two distinct looks in the film (standard costume as well as with clothes over the top) that were perfect for Medicom to reproduce with their figures, Gwen doesn't have quite as much in the way of variety. Miles and Peter were both great figures in their own right, but this might be MAFEX's cleanest Spider-Verse release yet. Along with the aforementioned alternate head and hood pieces the figure also comes packaged with six additional pairs of standard hands, one pair of magnetic hands, an alternate pair of magnetic feet, six webbing pieces and a standard articulated MAFEX display base.

As seen in "Into the Spider-Verse," Gwen Stacy's alter ego is supremely posable for maximum action; she wears her cute spider-suit, and comes complete with interchangeable heads — masked and unmasked!

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