Audio Pro A10 Multiroom Speaker - Dark grey

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Audio Pro A10 Multiroom Speaker - Dark grey

Audio Pro A10 Multiroom Speaker - Dark grey

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On the other hand, Sonos One, with a cylindrical shape, looks classy, compact, and perfect as a smart speaker. The textured fabric that wraps round most of the speaker’s circumference looks great, although brush it with your hand and you’ll find it coarse to the touch. It’s a solidly built unit too, heavy enough at 2.7kg to feel substantial, but not too heavy to feel like it’s a drag moving it about. It’s difficult to imagine a less stressful set-up procedure. The Audio Pro app seeks out all available products connected to the home network (with the option of adding those not already tethered manually), and they are then all there to manipulate as you wish. They time with metronomic precision, but temper it with the kind of dynamic sense that captures rhythmic emphasis nicely. And that dynamic expression is a strong positive over the speakers’ entire performance, able to reflect lavish shifts and subtle nuance alike. It simply does everything right, and without fuss. Another Award for Audio Pro is barely news anymore, but the fact this year the Drumfire displaced the Naim Mu-so – a product almost double the price we once heralded as the nearest to hi-fi we’d heard from a wireless speaker – as our most expensive champion in 2018 is proof it is operating on a different level to anything else around it.

As much as anything else, your chosen path for migration to multi-room should be about whose speakers you want around your house. For us, Audio Pro makes that particular decision admirably simple. Aesthetically, the G10 is in keeping with its A10 forebear. Available in light and dark grey finishes, the colourways are ever so slightly different (lighter and darker, in both instances). The fabric that wraps around the speaker once again has a slightly coarse feel to it, but it’s subtly different in terms of how it’s knitted together. That appears to be the theme with the G10 – similar, but also subtly different.When choosing the perfect smart speakers with voice control, there are two leading voice assistants - Alexa and Google Assistant. With these assistants now being able to control various elements in your home, such as lighting, the choice of voice assistant is becoming more important. Increasing the size of speakers even further, both of these models are the largest speaker among their brands.

Tonally, the mid-range comes across naturally enough; the guitar in Tom Morello’s cover of Voodoo Child is clear and detailed, and the G10 handles voices – male and female – with clarity, smoothness and confidence. The only sense of sibilance apparent is when the volume is turned up towards its maximum. Treble notes stand out above the fray, defined well and with clarity, avoiding any harshness or dullness.The A10’s design means it won’t take up space on a table or desktop. You will need to place it close to a mains plug to power it, though. You shouldn’t buy it if… While the G10 doesn’t work with Audio Pro’s own multi-room speaker system, then, it’s now incorporated into the Google Home network, which adds built-in Google Assistant and Chromecast support. The EQ customisation within the Google Home app is rather limited though, with a slider for bass and treble the only options. However, it disappoints with its poor and slow working app, poor connectivity with wifi and doesn’t sync with Bluetooth as well at times. Talking about its sound quality, it’s superb, neutral, and easy to blend in, but it does not work as best for a wireless speaker. At a single glance, Audio Pro speakers look very bulky and spacious that serves as a huge turnoff. However, if you love your speakers to have that traditional touch like Audio Pro C5A, looks won’t be an issue for you. Further wireless options come by way of Bluetooth 5.0 and AirPlay 2. The latter is an upgrade over the A10’s AirPlay, bringing with it Apple’s multi-room support. If you have an A10 and are wondering if it can be grouped with the G10, the answer is no – multi-room doesn’t transcend the different AirPlay generations.

Just like your Wi-Fi, cellphone, and other wireless signals, Bluetooth range and performance can vary depending a number of factors. All smartphones and tablets aren’t created equal, so be aware that the following can have varying influence on your Bluetooth connection quality – Walls It's fair to say that the sound isn't the sweetest around, but it is essentially smooth and very even-handed, with a lively and expressive disposition and an impressive openness that is particularly engaging with voices in general, but especially on speech. It doesn’t produce a particularly wide soundstage. However, there were plenty of times where I’d stopped what I was doing and just listen. No matter where I placed the speaker, so long as it was facing outwards, it sounded great. All four speakers house a large circular volume control flanked by sets of four smaller buttons on the top: for power-on, play/pause, input selection and Bluetooth pairing to the left, and pre-sets to its right. It handles vocals better, too, and it strikes a fuller, more textured tone with Regina Spektor’s voice in her cover of While My Guitar Gently Weeps, whereas the A10 is thinner in its description.


Change the source on the speaker to either Line in or AUX depending on where you plugged in the device. On its own, the Audio Pro A10 only has a mono output. That's understandable, given the design- you can't be on both sides of the speaker at once. However, you can pair up two of them for full stereo sound. That's where the wall mount can come in handy. If you want them in the perfect position in your living room, you might as well fix them there! Getting them to work as a stereo pair is super-simple, too. If you have two A10s on your network, then the Audio Pro will automatically give you the option of using them as a pair. Features Whatever source you have, the A10 should be able to wring a tune out of it thanks to Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Airplay support.

So, about that Connect/Reset button. It’s a small change that has a significant impact. The Connect button on the A10 enabled the speaker to join Audio Pro’s web of connected speakers. With Google onboard, that’s no longer possible. Unsurprisingly, that’s one of the first things that jumps out when we switch the A10 on. We love the directness of its siblings, but the versatility and sheer spread of sound here is to be admired. It doesn’t have quite the unwavering focus, nor the sheer weight in the low end, but we can move around our test room and still be treated to the same high quality sound. Each comprises the 'koala bear' driver configuration that has become these speakers’ distinguishing feature, with a pair of 2cm soft dome tweeters and mid/bass drivers (and reflex ports, incidentally) growing in line with the cabinet. As it has six internal antennas, the wifi and Bluetooth connectivity are at par. Also, it compatible with Airplay 2 and various voice control assistants as well. The presence of stereo speakers makes it one step ahead of C10. Also, it comes with a mute function; you usually don’t find it in many speakers. The Play:5 comes with 3 tweezers, and that provides incredible sound throw and impressive bass. The sound quality of Play:5 is not in question at all. Like every other Sonos speaker, the Sonos Play:5 is pretty simple. It can also be kept horizontally or vertically, and it adjusts to the internal processing accordingly, making it the smartest among the smart speakers.Surprise successes and disappointing flops have been revealed in our recent months of audio testing. Plus some remarkable trends have developed, with some lesser-known and unheard-of brands excelling in our expert lab tests while duds from the big-brand competition have become more prevalent. The A10 joins a growing trend of wireless speakers that have ambitions of meshing stylish design and great sound. With the wireless speaker market becoming a popular and crowded one, the A10 pokes its head above most of the rest with a strong offering. Price and availability You can also change the source in the Audio Pro app. Select the device where the turntable/CD-player is plugged in to. We compare our Alexa and Google Assistant speaker scores to see which voice assistant is currently built in to the best products. This is yet another legit comparison to make to find out if the price difference between them should make you go with Audio Pro C3 or not.

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