CAT Insulated Cooler, 27 Quart, Yellow

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CAT Insulated Cooler, 27 Quart, Yellow

CAT Insulated Cooler, 27 Quart, Yellow

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I now have a dob, and I've really mystified over the almost paranoic fear of dust found among CAT owners (most dob owners use fans--some all the time). The corrector plate can be removed and cleaned, and the dust on the mirrors blown or washed off. But even a truss-tube dob doesn't need washing that frequently. If the only dust getting into an SCT was from the Lymax cooler, I'd still be surprised if it was necessary to wash the mirrors more than once every few years (or perhaps less).

I've got one for my 12" Meade LX200 Classic OTA. I've only used it a few times, so I'm still trying to establish an appropriate amount of time for it to be run before I begin observing, but it does seem to cut my cool down times by quite a bit. The last time I used it, there was about a forty-five to fifty degree drop in temperature between indoors and out. I ran it for thirty minutes, and the out of focus teardrop was completely gone. It was obvious that the mirror was not yet to temp, as I was still seeing the effects of slight collimation errors and some thermal transfer between the mirror and the interior air. Still, the scope was quite usable, but just not at its full potential. After about another thirty minutes of use, it seemed to be cooled down just fine and seemed to stay that way over the next couple of hours. I'd have to say that I was very impressed, since to get to that level of thermal stabilization would have taken at least two hours, if I would actually get there at all. We’re very proud of Caterpillar for supporting local labor like this, especially considering the company is owned by veterans. It says a lot about the company’s sense of patriotism. Scratch-proof materials: Naturally, you’ll want something durable that will hold up to sharp nails. Mats made with rip-stop material or tough nylon or vinyl are good options. Caterpillar understands this. They fashioned the hinge of the lid on their Cat cooler out of an aluminum rod. The lid will hold its position when you open it and you don’t have to hold it up as you do your business in the cooler.But they also make a lot of branded merchandise as well over at Everything from hats to clothes to calendar and now coolers too. Yeti pioneered the roto-molded cooler industry and in my opinion make some of the best roto-molded coolers out there. What sets Yeti apart from the rest of the industry is the build quality of their products.

My typical conditions are for a 30 degree temperature drop between sunset and darkness. My 8" scope's cooldown would chase this temperature, but not achieve unnoticeable star aberrations until roughly 3 hours had passed. I've seen carbon-tubed Celestrons that never cooled to ambient over the night. The next best thing is the Kitty Tube House, which is one of the best outdoor cat houses because of its insulated and weatherproof material. Although it's one of the pricier options on our list, it stands up to harsh conditions and is very easy to assemble. The interior, including the floor, is protected by foam insulation and comes with wheat straw to add up to two more layers of insulating bedding. The house has a slightly elevated door with an awning to prevent water from entering. It's large enough for two adult cats or a female with kittens. For cat parents concerned about gel (especially those with cats who nibble on things they shouldn’t), a water cooling mat is a safe alternative. The latest update to this water-cooled K&H bed is a tough nylon/vinyl exterior. To use, fill it with the recommended amount of water, adjust the pad’s air valve, and place it away from direct sunlight. The water remains at ambient air temperature, keeping the bed cooler than the cat.

Whitney Phillips is a volunteer at Alley Cat Project in Seattle, Washington. She has more than 20 years of experience building shelters for feral and community cats to protect them from the wet Pacific Northwest weather. Phillips helped us better understand the importance of weatherproofing houses and explained how to build a DIY cat house. After completing our own hands-on testing, speaking with veterinarians, and examining every last feature and review we could find, we discovered that the best cooling mats for cats will have some key features:

Add apersonal touch to your Cat ® cooler with UV protected graphics. Make sure yourcooler is all about you, each time the cooler lid is opened. Create your own graphic by uploading in our configurator. NO MINIMUM quantities required. Specs There are two hard coolers offered by Caterpillar: the 27 quartone and the 55 quart one.We’re going to look at the 27-quart cooler here, but most features are the same at 55qt option. Create a "cooling station." When it's hot, cats love to lie on cool surfaces. A cooling mat like the one below works well, as it's pressure-activated and doesn't need to go in the freezer or be plugged in. Be sure to pay attention to nursing care, including keeping your cat’s nostrils clean and clear by frequently wiping with a damp tissue, gauze, or pet wipes, like Furbliss.

Cat Cooler Ice Chest Review

The lid itself is secured by rubber T-rex latches. T-rex latches are pretty common in the cooler industry, most popularly being seen on Yeti and Rtic coolers. That doesn’t mean that all T-rex latches are of the same quality, however. Some of them are made of cheap plastic and will shatter the first chance they get. Others are made of rubber but are way too floppy. That means they easily come unlatched. Color and Size Options – This is really where the Yeti shines. While the CAT cooler only comes in one colour the Yeti cooler comes in a variety of colours. The CAT cooler has just two sizes, while the Yeti cooler has a large number of sizes to suit your needs. The most popular size tends to be around the 35 to 45 Quart range and CAT coolers don't have anything in this range.

Even if you need a house that will fit more than one feline, it's still best to think small: If the space is too large, the cats will have a harder time maintaining the internal temperature, Wolko says. With foam-based bolsters circling the perimeter, this cat cooling mat doubles as a comfy cat bed. And talk about low-maintenance: our testing found the mat recharges with 15 to 20 minutes of non-use and can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. It comes in three sizes, and the small would be ideal for a cat.

As for the gasket itself, it’s a single piece and is coupled with a rigid foam barrier to help seal the lid. Once you firmly secure the lid on this cooler, you can be sure there’s no heat going in and no cold going out (okay, I know the bit about cold going out doesn’t make sense scientifically but hey, let me have my fun). It is critical to immediately remove your cat from the heat into a cool and shaded area or an air-conditioned location. One thing I really loved seeing was the CAT logo on the cooler. It’s right there, recognizable as ever. It’s molded pretty well into the side of the cooler and helps to give it the rugged look we have all come to love. The two-level Feralvilla Outdoor Cat Shelter II has a fully insulated and protected "bedroom" that keeps kitties warm and dry in bad weather.

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