Change Your Paradigm, Change Your Life: Flip That Switch Now!

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Change Your Paradigm, Change Your Life: Flip That Switch Now!

Change Your Paradigm, Change Your Life: Flip That Switch Now!

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If you haven't already discovered this, you'll eventually realize that when you improve yourself, you inspire others to do the same. Those people then inspire even more people, and your positive ripples of growth ultimately impact everyone. As you improve yourself, you improve all of us. As the cells improve, the whole body improves. Here in this section are a few questions that can help guide and stimulate your thinking, but try to come up with your own additional questions, especially if you decide to read this book the whole way through...

By step #5, you’ll already experience a state of balance. So whenever you notice some emotions that could tamper with your paradigm shift plan, you can use the above steps and maintain charge over your mental state.Using the power of your mind just to make money is like someone with an enormous sum of money in the bank asking themselves if they have enough money for a new tie or a pair of shoes. Your mind is capable of so much more. An important step here is to write out your vision in words and keep it in front of you literally all day long. Some people also print out photos of the kind of life they want to live, and although I don't do that personally, it doesn't strike me as a bad idea either. PDF / EPUB File Name: Change_Your_Paradigm_Change_Your_Life_-_Bob_Proctor.pdf, Change_Your_Paradigm_Change_Your_Life_-_Bob_Proctor.epub

There’s only one part of the universe that we can change, and that is ourselves. We have leverage over our own minds, and we can consciously direct this power to build the kind of life we love living. Important Insights from Related Books: Million Dollar Habits, by Brian Tracy: “You are where you are and what you are because of yourself. Everything you are today – or ever will be in the future – is up to you. Your life today is the sum total of your choices, decisions, and actions up to this point. Never let anybody decide what you’re going to earn. That’s something you’ve got to decide. If you’re letting somebody else decide, and you’re not happy with it, you know what you have to do: you have to get out of there and go out on your own.” Every once in a while, however, we are reminded of the literally stunning beauty and wonder of life, and it shakes us out of our accustomed habits of seeing the world as a rather dull, dreary, miserable place.

How do they Work Together? Developing Paradigms and Principles Through the 7 Habits

This doesn’t mean you should become a crazy paradigm shifter. As you enjoy the developments of a new mindset, simply look forward to more you can do with this life.

Keep reading to understand how paradigms and principles can help you execute an inside-out approach. Center Your Paradigm in PrinciplesThe way you think about money, relationships, happiness, and anything in life is based on the paradigm that you’ve developed your whole life. I’m always recreating myself, but I see it as finding a better way to help people understand what they’ve got going for them.” I've been critical of certain charlatans in the past who have led people on with easy promises of vast riches that they can gain by just "getting in touch with the universe" or whatever, but Proctor actually gives some pretty solid advice here. In this step, you’re seeking to understand yourself, breaking down the reasons why you think and act the way you do. This will help you narrow down what to focus on when changing your paradigm. 2. Write your goals

The paradigm is the most important concept that anyone can study. It controls everything in our lives. Now I think I’ve got a pretty good understanding of this concept, but I want to understand it better, so I keep studying more. If you want to change something, you’ve got to use repetition. If you’d only been told your name once, you wouldn’t even know what it is. They had to call you by name over and over until finally you started to respond to it.” Covey tells a story of when he borrowed strength by forcing his three-year old daughter to share her new toys with friends at her birthday party. He first asked her to share, then tried reasoning with her, then bribed her with a treat, and finally threatened her with punishment; she refused each time. Feeling embarrassed at his daughter’s behavior as the other children’s parents watched, Covey forcibly grabbed the toys and handed them to the other children.If you take enough action, it's extremely unlikely that you won't be successful. That's the reality that most people shy away from because they don't want to do the actual work. But you're not like most people, and you're going to make it. How have you sabotaged your own efforts to change in the past? What are three things you could do today to end self-sabotage?" I call that a helpful belief, an empowering belief. See, I ruthlessly curate my reality so that I only believe ideas that serve me and my conscious evolution. I don't believe in separation, I don't believe in enemies, and I don't believe in selfishness. It’s a weekday — you wake up, freshen up, meditate, get to work and since you had prepared how your day is going to unfold, you start executing the tasks. When procrastination starts creeping in, you choose to do that hard project anyway since you always strive to do anything out of the comfort zone for the sake of the end goal. To learn, you need a certain degree of confidence - not too much, not too little. If you have too little confidence, you’ll think you can’t learn. If you have too much, you’ll think you don’t have to learn.”

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