Cruel King: Special Edition Print (Royal Elite Special Edition)

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Cruel King: Special Edition Print (Royal Elite Special Edition)

Cruel King: Special Edition Print (Royal Elite Special Edition)

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Daniel carefully removes my hair from my face. “If you’re allergic to peaches, why would you eat them?” Let's paint a picture - anti-heroes are celebrated and thirsted upon by hundreds of us. They can kidnap, sexually assault and stalk heroines, and we come up with millions of reasons to forgive them 😍 so why is it that for Nicole everyone's first thought is to bash her, instead of oh I don't know hear the girl out? Is it so hard to root for an anti-heroine? And you people like to call yourselves feminists.

The 2nd scene resulted in the most heartbreaking moment of the book for me. It's the pain, the breaking of Nicole's voice, and feeling unwanted because you're never chosen first for me >>> Daniel you deserve to rot for making my queen feel this way. I’m disoriented by the time his thumb wipes beneath my eye. Then he rubs them, his thumb and my tears, against his forefinger. But it’s not the gesture that makes me pause. It’s the fascination in his gaze, the way he looks like a researcher who just made a discovery. And let me not even get started on a certain individual who spread WRONG spoilers. I don't know who her sources were but boy am I glad she deleted her account (or maybe Rina's team got rid of her lying ass). She basically tried to sabotage the author's work and I don't stand for this kind of shit. I'm all for bashing a book when you actively dislike it, but not before release. And this goes for every author not just Rina Kent. If I'm not interested in a new release I'll move along and mind my own business. It really is that simple and I urge all the Nicole haters to try this very effective method! Because now y'all look like fools 🤡 I will say though whilst Nicole may have been celibate for 11 years, Daniel never kissed another woman on the lips since Nicole 🥺The way his green eyes hold the calm of Buddha, the wisdom of Confucius, and the kindness of Mother Theresa. Levi King is the quintessential OTT H. Honestly, he ranks pretty high on his possessive tendencies in the OTT book boyfriend worlds. The only thing that truly bothered me about him is that I felt like we were missing some pieces of his true character. Maybe that’s just me. I could sense and feel his need and want for Astrid, but it would’ve been nice to kind of see what leads him up to being with his Uncle other than his father not being around. Would make more sense to figure out why he has such a hold on him. In my opinion, everything that has to do with one's personal choice, independent of other people's expectations and beliefs, and doesn't infringe on anyone's else rights, can't be considered a double standard.

Let's also talk about that infamous night, the one where everyone thinks Nicole raped Daniel? Hi clowns 🤡 how does it feel to be WRONG? Finally Rina made a conscious effort to not only describe the tension-filled and gloomy events but also cause a sensation of living through them with her characters in a reader. It wasn’t coming out of nowhere exactly, but there was still a twist near the end that brought the whole story to its closure, and it was nicely done. There were motifs, patterns, parallels, that created a solid canvas for this complex story. Afterward, he leaves her as Astrid gets into a car accident which was revealed to be caused by Nicole's mother, and ignores her. To get his attention Nicole tries to make him jealous by pretending to give Levi a blowjob. Then Christopher (Levi's teammate) rapes Nicole which Astrid walks in and see's but comes to her own dumbass conclusion and tells Daniel. She's known to write unapologetic anti-heroes and villains because she often fell in love with men no one roots for. Her books are sprinkled with a touch of darkness, a pinch of angst, and an unhealthy dose of intensity.He has weird hair that’s neither dark nor light, as if it couldn’t make up its mind on which color to be, so it settled on a mixture of both. Like the color of the earth under the sun and the tone of premium wood. In some cases, the complaints about double standards are the result of people's own personal preferences disguised as outrage at "double standards". 🤷🏼‍♀️ Expecting her to act differently — follow in Daniel's footsteps and whoring around (?) so that her behavior doesn't conform to harmful and outdated gender "stereotypes/norms" — isn't fair. 😌 I'm not sure why heroines have to try on a role of a "manwhore" or resort to toxic patriarchal behavior to be respected and considered likeable. Nicole doesn’t take the bait, her eyes continuing to drill holes in my face and communicate something that should’ve been extinguished with the Nazis. Whoring around" or staying celibate, as long as it's a woman's choice made in accordance with her own preferences and life circumstances, is perfectly normal.

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