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Perhaps there’s only so many chunks you can pull off yourself and throw into the world before there’s nothing left to throw. a b Mulenga, Natasha (April 23, 2021). "DPR Ian and the DPR Crew Are Building a Music Industry Blueprint". Teen Vogue . Retrieved August 4, 2022.

Is this record’s concept of creation and fallen angels a direct reflection or response to your upbringing?


Your musical inspirations sound like they’re colliding like atoms on this album. Why are you compelled to explore and meld so many sounds into one project? Yeo, Gladys (July 26, 2022). "DPR IAN drops brand-new song 'Ballroom Extravaganza' ". NME . Retrieved August 4, 2022.

maylkm (November 28, 2021). "Diving deep into DPR Ian's past and present". MoinNet . Retrieved February 9, 2023. Singh, Lavanya (October 3, 2018). "DPR: 'We Did this Ourselves From the Ground Up' ". Rolling Stone India . Retrieved August 4, 2022.You’ve mentioned that you’d hyperfocus on one thing, which meant other parts of your life became very secondary. Has that changed, have you begun to strike a balance? For a lot of people when they wake up, their first thought wouldn’t be “How do I distract myself from how I feel?” but that’s my whole life. I understand it’s a coping mechanism, but as time goes on, the bigger the concept needs to be for me to be distracted. It’s part of the reason why I don’t know what I want [in life]. I’ve realized I’m so obsessed with creating that I lose sense of everything else. It’s draining, and I need to find balance. If I don’t, even forcefully, it’ll be very self-destructive. I don’t think I can do it right now as it’d come from a sense of changing my purpose, and that factors in fear — my creation is my whole identity, and once I stop I’m going to get this identity crisis, and that’s what I’m scared of.

In the follow-up single, “So I Danced,” released on September 15, Mr. Insanity runs a heist in The Other Side’s bank in the music video. After succeeding, he’s interrupted by MITO, an alter ego IAN created for his manic lows. Mr. Insanity manages to escape him, but MITO transforms The Other Side into his image.Christian Yu, known under the stage names DPR IAN and Rome, is a Korean-Australian singer, songwriter, rapper, director, and composer in Dream Perfect Regime (DPR).

Spotify Wrapped: Most-Streamed Kpop Artists and Songs - KPOPPOST". December 2, 2022 . Retrieved February 9, 2023. On July 30, 2023, DPR IAN teased the lead single of the EP titled “Peanut Butter & Tears,” released on August 4. In the music video, we see a young IAN traveling to The Other Side realm. That’s where he starts to slowly lose his sanity and turn into his alter ego, Mr. Insanity. The reason why I have MITO and Mr. Insanity and all that: MITO is meant to represent all my downs. Every time I go manically down, he’s there. I turn into it and the creation aspect of Mr. Insanity trying to create all these creations are essentially me, real time, trying to create a lot of moments where my downs wouldn’t ruin those moments because, for me, a lot of the hardest things about me is every time I’m enjoying a certain moment in my life, I’ll just magically pivot sometimes manically and I feel like that always taints my moment and my experience, so it’s always trying to find a way to create a journey, a story in this case, where it’s not going to be tainted by MITO, my manic downs, so that is the visual representation and this is just the reality aspect of it, that’s where I draw my inspiration. Technically that is why this whole thing started, that is the very important connection that I want to draw, for the reason why I’m creating this into such a multiverse. Insanity obviously represents me. I go insane all the time, so what better fitting…? It just so happened to be Insanity had ‘Ian’ in it which is kind of crazy it is crazy. It’s meant to be.I based the concept on self-identity and trying to understand where self-love comes from but also on my relationships and what love does to others, especially when I’m in my manic state. Through my relationships and breakups, I’ve learned a lot about myself, and, yeah, it really does inspire a lot of the darkness.

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