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I liked Mo Bai's character all things considered. Every action he took made sense to me in terms of him being a robot so I couldn't really fault his personality for that, since tbh he doesn't have any for most of the show. I didn't really understand the ending though. He was finally self-aware so idk why he took that choice. verifyErrors }}{{ message }}{{ /verifyErrors }}{{

some actually meaningful content exploring what it means to be alive through hospital case scenarios as well as AI vs. human tension the FL's blunt insistence on not taking advantage of the 2ML's obvious affection and multiple offerings the scenery with travel to rural villages, a glacier, the sea, a resort and even just the city skylinetrite and overly relevant moralizing hospital cases (man unable to choose, brother living for brother)

Anyways, wouldn't recommend watching it. The storyline was bad, the continuation of time didn't make sense, the special effects were aweful, everything. The only good thing was the actors. The Good, The Bad, The Not-so-Ugly Well this was definitely a mixed bag. I can't say it's the best thing I've watched this year, but it was slightly better than the average contemporary C-drama with its reconstitution of many standard tropes. Unlike many series of late, I actually watched the entire drama. Of course, caveat, I am already biased toward shows that examine the relationship of technology and people. Still, let me tell you what I thought. What did I...


glorification of excessive drinking with FL not remembering previous night and frequently over-drinking underlying encouragement of stalker-ish tendencies....when someone says they don't like you, pursue them relentlessly in the name of love & just ignore what they say Also, again because of the timeline issue, the whole plot of Yu Fei getting cancer really annoyed me. Maybe because I've had cancer myself, but it really bothered me how they didn't show anything at all. I'm guessing she's been having chemotherapy for months but it seemed like she's only had her diagnosis for a week, and when she died she still looked exacly the same and wasn't even bald? I mean I don't mind that they added that to her character but at least make it believable and realistic then.

and yes, this is completely about me, but the AI expert's desktop computer screen mis-spelled UPLOAD as UPLAOD. It drove me a bit nutty to see it repeatedly. the FL's natural altruism and kindness that wasn't ridiculously extreme, just thoughtful; her earnestness that wasn't ridiculous and naive--she was actually clever sometimes Also the ending was really abrupt and strange. I've been watching asian drama's for quite a while so I'm used to most drama's having a really bad ending, but it annoys me all the same. You can't even call it an open ending, it's like the writer suddenly died and there's no one to write the ending so they just left it or something. You don't know what happened to CEO Lu, you don't know what happened to Mo Bai, you don't know whats going to happen to Hai Ling and Ke Ming. Literally nothing.

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