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Oliver's Vegetables

Oliver's Vegetables

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Remind ch they canuse the pronoun he or she instead of the name. Ch to use workinglit walls to write exciting descriptions. TA Ch to draw a pictureof their chosen character and to write 4/5 descriptive sentencesusing imaginative vocab. draw pictures oftheir chosen characters an adult and a child and think of 5 wordsto describe each one. ch to then write a sentences about eachcharacter using the descriptive words in an interesting way. Adultto help extend ch grandpa was an old man what else could we add avery old man with long grey hair!

W1 to secureidentification spelling and reading of initial, final and medialletter sounds in simple words; Bring the classtogether and ask pairs to take turns to tell the class about theirpartners chosen character stimulate responses to each othersmemories by asking questions sch as why have you chosen thischaracter? What is special about him/her?Talk about what children liked or didn’t like about this story. Did they have any questions about it? Watch the story Ask the ch to recallthe story they heard the day before encouraging them to comment oncharacters settings and events Read the storyOlivers vegetables to the class. Ask who is the story about? Whathappens in the story? Use and explain the terms setting maincharacter and events. Invite them to retell the story using wordssuch as first next at the end Talk about the vegetables you see when you go shopping, in the market, greengrocer or supermarket. Perhaps buy and try something new! Do some cooking Bring the classtogether and choose children to introduce their characters anddescribe them. Are there any animals or fantasy creatures?

Oliver wants chips! Healthy eating? Forget it! Oliver doesn’t care about fresh veg or nutritious food. But when he goes to stay with Grandpa, Oliver is forced to strike a bargain. If he can find enough potatoes in the vegetable patch, Oliver can have chips. But he’s also got to eat all the other vegetables he finds during his hunt! On Monday, he pulls up carrots. On Tuesday, it’s spinach. What else will he dig up? From major author Vivian French, this colourful seek-and-find tale puts the joys of healthy eating at the top of the menu. Adult to help extendthe ch instead of big what other word could we use? Look at theworking lit wall Planning all sorts of lessons around a story like Oliver's Vegetables is a brilliant way of keeping your teaching exciting. It keeps your lessons and activities fresh and memorable, while helping children understand the story better. You can apply all kinds of different ideas, activities and exercises to Oliver's Vegetables, so have some fun working it in to your lessons.When you read the story again your child could join in perhaps by being Oliver, saying eg, ‘I don’t eat vegetables. I only eat chips.’ ‘That was good’ and ‘That was very good.’ etc Tell the story Ch to write sentencesfor each day of the week. Ie on Monday oliver ate some OnTuesday oliver ate somech to think of an adjective for eachvegetable ie oliver ate some juicy orange carrots

Read What Shall WeDo Blue Kangaroo? and The Good Mood Hunt and comparecharacters, settings and events. Reactivate prior learning Remindchildren of the story of Olivers Vegetables told earlier.Which of the three stories did they like best? Bring the classtogether and look at the chs drawings Re-read olivers vegetables orthe extract discuss the story using the words character setting andevent. Akhila and Keenan todraw a picture of their own character and think of a sentence abouthim/her. With 1.1 support of ta keenan and Akhila to write asentence. Ta to support sounding out of words. Age 3-5 Oliver only eats chips and definitely not vegetables. However his Gran and Grandpa’s garden is full of vegetables. When Oliver comes to stay Grandpa comes up with an ingenious way to encourage him to try some of the vegetables. This is an attractively illustrated picture book which just might tempt reluctant (healthy!) eaters to try something new themselves. Using the illustrations as a guide, children can tell the story in their own words. Talk about the book

Ch to draw a pictureof their chosen character and write a sentence about him/her. Ta tohelp support ch by reminding them to sound out words.

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