Pre-Seed Fertility-Friendly Vaginal Lubricant Multi-Use Tube with 9 Applicators 40g

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Pre-Seed Fertility-Friendly Vaginal Lubricant Multi-Use Tube with 9 Applicators 40g

Pre-Seed Fertility-Friendly Vaginal Lubricant Multi-Use Tube with 9 Applicators 40g

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Richardson adds that relaxing and keeping sex fun scientifically increases your chance of becoming pregnant. Read the instructions in full prior to starting and be sure you fully understand how the use the applicators and tube. Pre-Seed lubricant has been scientifically formulated, and tested to make sure that it is safe to use when you are trying to conceive, and that it will not interfere with sperm or conception. Will Pre-Seed help me get pregnant? Mother Nature knows what she’s doing and provides lubrication when sexual activity starts to happen. If you’re trying to get pregnant and you don’t need to use a lubricant, then keep going without it. Although there are some fertility-friendly lubes, there’s no better lubrication than natural lubrication. Twist the vaginal applicator onto the threads of the Pre-Seed tube and then squeeze the lubricant into the applicator.

For best results the Pre-Seed should be applied intra-vaginally, using the applicators no more than 30 minutes prior to intercourse. This allows it to best mimic your natural fertile secretions. Pre-Seed lubricant can also be applied to either partner externally Does Pre-Seed fertility lubricant work? If you choose to use the vaginal applicator, it is recommended to apply Pre-Seed approximately 15 minutes before intercourse. This allows the lubricant to properly coat the vaginal walls and provide a suitable environment for sperm. How to Apply Pre-Seed Pre-Seed™ Fertility-Friendly is a high-quality lubricant that mimics fertile cervical fluids to support sperm on their journey. Unlike most other lubricants, Pre-Seed™ Fertility-Friendly Lubricant is pH-balanced and isotonic, so sperm can swim freely. Many women rightly look to vaginal lubricants to deal with the problem but what neither they, nor their doctors often realise is that many vaginal lubricants are hostile to sperm !

What is Pre-seed?

Dr. Jane Oh, an OB-GYN in Illinois, notes that determining when you ovulate can also help with comfort during sex because around the time of ovulation, the vagina produces a lot more discharge than other times of the month. Many women experience vaginal dryness at some time and may use vaginal lubricants. This is especially true for couples trying to conceive since the stress associated with suspected infertility, or intercourse on demand when using fertility indicators, only makes matters worse. Recent estimates suggest that at least 75% of couples trying to conceive suffer from vaginal dryness. Sometimes you need a little help with dryness during sex — especially if you’re trying to conceive (TTC) and this is day five in a row of doing the deed. Plus, one of the side effects of fertility drugs that many women may take is dryness. So God bless lubrication, am I right? But did you know not all lubes are created equal when it comes to TTC? In fact, some lubes can even kill sperm. To help with this issue, First Response came out with a fertility-safe lubricant called Pre-Seed. But how does Pre-Seed work exactly?

The amount you insert is your choice. For first time users, we recommend that you go up to the 3g fill line. After that, you will adjust the amount to suit your needs While many women think that they ovulate on day 14 of their cycle, everyone’s ovulation day is different and based on the length of their cycle. Natural vaginal moisture plays an important role in fertility by providing the right environment for sperm. Vaginal dryness can reduce fertility, lead to painful intercourse, lead to infection, which will further reduce fertility, thus creating a negative spiral. Do you have some leftover Pre-Seed but no more applicators? Just use it as an external lubricant and use your fingers to apply it to yourself or your partner. How much Pre-Seed to put in the applicator One option is to apply it as an external lubricant during foreplay and intercourse. The other option is to insert it into the vagina using applicators before intercourse, or you can use a combination of each method. It will depend on the amount of natural lubricant present. If you are well lubricated naturally when aroused, the applicators might not be necessary at all.

Coconut oil as lubricant when trying to conceive

Are you and your partner are trying conceive? You’ve possibly heard that lubricants can help and you’re looking for some answers. Are lubricants good for conception? Are there any fertility-friendly lubricants or will any regular lube do? Natural lubricants, vaginal lubricants, coital lubricants, sperm-friendly lubricants… what should you use?

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