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Romans on the Rampage

Romans on the Rampage

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Look at the paragraph which begins with “No, they’re not!” Sum up what happened in this paragraph in 20 words or less. I really enjoyed reading this book because it is full of humour and is different to other books I have read. Wherever I get up to in the book it always wants to make me read on. This book also helps me learn a bit of Latin. My favourite character in this book is Croakbag / raven. I like Croakbag because he is funny and never stops talking about biscuits, and also is very interactive with the audience in different parts of the story. I wonder, did Romans invent skateboards? Firstly no one will own up to it and secondly, it would take donkey’s years! So he has to make a plan… To begin with I thought the book was excellent and I couldn’t wait to read more of Jeremy Strong’s books. I really like the fact there is a funny side to the telling of the story as it is told through the eyes of a raven called Croakbag. The book starts with a boy named perilous. He wants to take part in the most epic chariot race in all of Rome. But first, Croakbag , the smartest Raven in Rome, has to solve a mystery about who stole all the money from the bank. The robbery was planned by a man named Krysis & three other children, who successfully stole the money . But Croakbag tactically stopped them.

This book is extraordinary because it is funny and it makes you see what is happening in your mind. There is lots of fun and adventures to be had. I loved it. I am interested in Roman times. I like learning about Gladiators and the towns Romans lived in but I think the book didn’t inspire me even more. To find out about history I prefer more factual books.My favourite character in his book is Croakbag because is always very funny, he loves saying he is the ‘cleverest raven in the world’, he really likes biscuits and he teaches you Latin every now and then through the book. You will love him!

Kitty: Perlis is crazy about chariot racing. And is being taught by Scorcher [the best charioteer in Rome.] Unfortunately, scorcher has been sent to jail … even worse on the BIG RACE! What’s perilous going to do? This book is based in the roman period .I would also recommend this for [9-11] years. As this will make u giggle and smile for the rest of the day.An example of speech may be. The Ogre caught glimpse of the children watching him, the Ogre was petrified and he instantly jumped into the air and screamed loudly, “ Ahhhh, who are you? What are you doing here?” If you like Romans then take this book and read it but not too FAST …YOU DON’T WANT TO LOSE THE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The book did make me feel like I was in the roman times. I think that the history in the book is realistic, because of the characters names, the activities that they did and the description of their clothes although the story was sometimes a little hard to follow, but I did really like all the different characters because they were all very funny. I really enjoyed it I thought it was very funny. I liked the crow he was very amusing when he said "give us a biscuit". The history was very good and very realistic it felt like it was wrote as the author was there. It made me want to learn more about chariots and Roman soldiers and has inspired me to look at more books written by this author.

I would like you to answer the questions remembering to punctuate them correctly. Try to use some of the different words for said that you came up with yesterday. There are two mysteries to solve in this book. Who stole the money from the Imperial Mint? Who had tried to kidnap a chariot racer so he couldn’t win? All will be revealed after you read the book… Open the attachment Thursday 28 th January Guided Reading. Read the next part of our class novel and answer the questions using your VIPERS skills. This book is about a Roman family who is thought to have stolen money from the Imperial Mint. Croakbag, the raven tries to figure out who stole the money and why they do it. He can’t just ask everyone in Rome, “Have you stolen any money from the imperial mint?”! The history contained in the book was quite poor. It described a Roman family in modern times so it didn’t show what Roman times were like. The author tried to add humour but I didn’t find the jokes very funny. The book may suit younger readers more (age 6-7 maybe).I like Jeremy Strong as an author because his stories are funny. I am reading at the moment his book called My Brothers Famous Bottom Gets Pinched! Daniel: This book is set in ancient Rome. It is narrated by a talking Raven called Corvus, who thinks he is very clever and funny. He is the pet of the main character Perilus, who is the son of the head of the Roman Imperial mint. Perilus’ family are very wealthy; he lives with his dad, mum and sister in a large villa and the family have two slaves. Perilus wants to be a charioteer, much to his father’s disgust because he wants him to head of the Imperial mint like him one day. Perilus is only 11 and likes to get up to mischief which is probably why he wants to be a charioteer, one of the most dangerous jobs in the Roman economy. Once you have thought about and written down 10 questions, I want you to think answering them as if you were writing them in a magazine. For example ‘I like to eat long, juicy worms for my breakfast and slimy caterpillars for my lunch,’ replied the raven. It is a story which is told through the eyes of a raven. He visits different places and meets different people like the emperor.

When I learned the name of the book I was instantly attracted to the book. I would recommend to ages 7 and up/ and for someone who likes adventures. Once you have watched the video, and completed the activity and quiz. I will upload another video where I try to explain them to you shortly. My favourite part in the story was at the start when it told me about the boys dream to be a chariot racer.Jeremy Strong used to be Headmaster to The Diary of Dennis the Menace author, Steven Butler! Steven thanks Jeremy for helping to turn him from a reluctant reader, to an avid reader and finally a writer. To help us we use the question words: Who, Where, What, When, Why and How. I have added a video which will talk you through the steps you need to follow. The history is realistic but not all of it is because the Romans did chariot races but the boy wasn't real. I enjoyed this book because I thought parts of it were funny. My favourite parts were where he enters a competition and wins and when his Mum and Dad make heart shaped pizza. I would like to read more books by this author because I thought it was a funny story. My favourite part was when they were racing in the chariots because one of the got kidnapped by two other people.

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