Sasaki and Miyano, Vol. 1

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Sasaki and Miyano, Vol. 1

Sasaki and Miyano, Vol. 1

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The extra chapter has Miyano and Sasaki spending time together at home after an unexpected rain shower. Title from "Nights Like These - Pidgeon Pit" Language: English Words: 3,032 Chapters: 1/1 Kudos: 22 Bookmarks: 2 Hits: 229 Sasaki and Miyano Anime Reveals Opening, Ending Song Artists". Anime News Network. November 19, 2021 . Retrieved November 19, 2021.

ISHIHIRA: The real world may be difficult to live in right now thanks to COVID-19, but I hope that finding a hobby that you can immerse yourself in, such as an anime you like, can make the days a little more fun. Miyano, a first-year student at an all-boys high school, witnesses another student being beat up. As he is about to intercede, second-year student Sasaki steps in and breaks up the fight. A few days later, Miyano visits the classroom of his fellow disciplinary committee member Hirano, who is in the same class as Sasaki. Miyano thanks him for stopping the fight, though Hirano mistakes Sasaki's interest in him for harassment and warns him not to bother Miyano. The bullies Sasaki intercepted beat him up in retaliation. Afterwards, Miyano offers him a band-aid and Sasaki half-jokingly asks him out on a date. In the coming months, the two boys become friends and begin commuting to school together. Sasaki asks for manga recommendations and Miyano reveals his love for the yaoi genre, leading to him routinely lending him copies of his favorite manga which they privately discuss at school. Sasaki develops a crush on Miyano.Yen Press Licenses 9 Manga, Releases 2 Omnibus Editions". Anime News Network. August 11, 2018 . Retrieved November 21, 2020. RELATED | Top 22 Best Yaoi Anime of All Time !! 2023 World of Sasaki and Miyano: A Fascinating Overview of the Popular Manga Series Kagiura Akira is now heartbroken, angry, and frustrated. The love of his life just rubbed salt in a wound that's been open for years. How can anyone recover from that kind of betrayal? Their date begins, and it's revealed that Miyano had taken on a part-time job at the library during the summer to treat Sasaki for his birthday. Sasaki kisses Miyano in the aquarium they visit, and when he apologizes for it, Miyano asks him not to, as he is his boyfriend. They bump into Ogasawara, who Miyano enlists in helping distract Sasaki while Miyano discreetly buys a birthday present for him. Hanzawa, Kuresawa, Tashiro, and Shirahama were tailing the couple the whole time as well, now planning to find a way to lure Ogasawara away from them to give them some space. Once Sasaki and Miyano are alone again at the amusement park, they ride the ferris wheel, and Miyano finally gives his present to Sasaki: an ear cuff. Sasaki reveals that he also bought Miyano a present of matching bracelets, and Sasaki wonders if he should have bought a ring instead. EsmeRubiNoNoaz7 Fandoms: 佐々木と宮野 | Sasaki to Miyano (Manga), 佐々木と宮野 | Sasaki to Miyano (Anime), 平野と鍵浦 | Hirano to Kagiura (Manga)

An anime television series adaptation by Studio Deen aired from January to March 2022. An anime film, Sasaki and Miyano: Graduation, premiered in Japan in February 2023. Sasaki and Miyano Boys-Love Anime's Teaser Video Reveals January 2022 Premiere". Anime News Network. September 12, 2021 . Retrieved September 12, 2021. It's four twenty-somethings against the world on this road trip, and how many times they can steal each other away for a moment (or more) alone. Series Miyano struggles to define the nature of his attraction to Sasaki with certainty. Kuresawa takes notice of his troubles and invites him to go to the bookstore for him. Miyano later tells Sasaki he has decided to continue with the drag contest and they make plans to spend time together during the cultural festival. During class, Sasaki comes down with a cold and goes to the nurse's office to find to that she is absent. Outside he meets Miyano, who is there for a minor burn he received in his home economics class. They go inside and Miyano takes charge of caring for him, which Sasaki can't help but be captivated by. Miyano offers to walk him home and Sasaki questions why, but he's disappointed when Miyano claims to be motivated by obligation. The day of the cultural festival arrives and Miyano and Kuresawa visit Sasaki and Hirano's class, where they are hosting a delinquent-based cosplay café.Miyano begins to wonder whether Sasaki's intentions towards him are truly platonic. He overhears an upperclassman confronting Sasaki over his interest in yaoi manga, which Sasaki does not show any embarrassment over. On White Day, Miyano gifts Sasaki some candy, causing Sasaki to become flustered and run off after accepting the gift. The school year comes to a close and Miyano meets Ogasawara, the student who questioned Sasaki about yaoi because of his girlfriend's fandom over it. Later that day, Sasuki and Miyano ride the train home together. Miyano rests his head on Sasaki's shoulder and the latter, thinking he is asleep, whispers "I like you." This startles Miyano awake. Sasaki and Miyano | Watch on Funimation". Funimation. Archived from the original on January 9, 2022 . Retrieved January 9, 2022. An anime adaptation was announced on November 20, 2020. [41] The adaptation, later revealed to be a television series, is animated by Studio Deen and directed by Shinji Ishihira, with Yoshiko Nakamura handling series' composition, Maki Fujii designing the characters, and Kana Shibue composing the music. [2] The series aired from January 10 to March 28, 2022, on Tokyo MX and other networks. [42] [43] [b] The opening theme song is "Mabataki" (Blink) by Miracle Chimpanzee, while the ending theme song is "Ichigo Sunset" (Strawberry Sunset) by Yusuke Shirai and Soma Saito as their respective characters. [44] Funimation licensed the series outside of Asia, [45] which was later moved to Crunchyroll following Sony's acquisition of the company. Medialink licensed the series in Southeast Asia and South Asia; [46] and is available for fans to catch on the Ani-One Asia YouTube channel, [47] iQiyi, [48] bilibili, etc. An anime OVA episode was released with the ninth volume of the manga on July 27, 2022. [49] Just fleeting moments at first, especially in the first few months of their friendship. If he had to guess when he started to notice it, Sasaki would say around the time he and Mya-chan started getting more comfortable around each other. Some weeks before Sasaki and Miyano begin dating, the school disciplinary committee changes leadership. A student reports that a cow-shaped keychain given to him by his girlfriend has gone missing and Hanzawa takes it upon himself to locate it. As he and his friends search for it, Kuresawa questions Sasaki about whether he and Miyano are together. Sasaki says they are not but does not deny having feelings for him and Kuresawa promises to support them both no matter what. Miyano walks in on the conversation and Kuresawa, assuming that Sasaki has not confessed and not wanting to embarrass Miyano, lies and says Sasaki is helping him with his homework. However, Sasaki is uncomfortable with being dishonest with Miyano and later tells him the real reason they were talking. They encounter a cat carrying a key in its mouth which turns out to be the misplaced key to the student council room. The cow keychain is found inside soon after.

UrsaMajorStories Fandoms: 佐々木と宮野 | Sasaki to Miyano (Manga), 佐々木と宮野 | Sasaki to Miyano (Anime), 平野と鍵浦 | Hirano to Kagiura (Manga) Shō Harusono: The reason I use BL as an abbreviation for “Boy's Life” when talking about Sasaki and Miyano is because of a suggestion by my first editor. I thought it was a great way of expressing how it's both a story about everyday life as well as a love story between boys. I hope it can be a useful word for people searching for what they want to read. Much of the volume is also devoted to publishing extra chapters that were formerly only available on Pixiv, such as the 2020 Pixiv Web Manga Awards incentive comics and collaboration comics with other manga series. Miyano Yoshikazu is absolutely going insane from his boyfriend Sasaki Shuumei spreading his legs and touching the insides of his thighs every time they're alone together. But, when Miyano's parents leave for a weekend, he has plans for his tease of a boyfriend. How will Sasaki handle the heat? Language: English Words: 8,452 Chapters: 1/1 Comments: 14 Kudos: 109 Bookmarks: 18 Hits: 1,153

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After Sasaki's confession, he and Miyano continue to spend time together as friends. As midterm exams approach, Miyano considers the best way to celebrate Sasaki's upcoming birthday given their current uncertain relationship. When the day arrives he ends up giving him a lollipop Tashiro offered him. One day while walking to school together, they note that a year has passed since they first met. On the last day of exams, Sasaki and Miyano share an umbrella while walking home. Miyano takes the opportunity to ask him outright if he is gay, and Sasaki responds that he was never attracted to other men before he met him. Miyano admits that he has never considered the possibility that he likes boys and still is unsure of his feelings, also suggesting that Sasaki's feelings may change as he does. However, Sasaki says he is happy that Miyano is giving his confession serious thought and declares that his feelings for him are unconditional. They agree to remain friends until Miyano is able give him a certain answer. Sasaki to Miyano flufftober oneshots! It's my first time participating so bear with me while I figure this out. The series was released on DVD and Blu-ray in Japan across 4 volumes, each volume containing 3 episodes. [50] In North America, Crunchyroll released the complete season on Blu-ray on January 3, 2023. [51] Loo, Egan (December 24, 2021). "9th Sasaki and Miyano Manga Volume to Bundle Original Anime DVD". Anime News Network . Retrieved December 24, 2021. RELATED | Love Between Guys? These 15 Best BL Manhwa Have Got You Covered! Discovering the Story Behind Hirano and Kagiura: Who Are They?

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