SIS Go Isotonic Energy Gel 60ml Tube Sachet

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SIS Go Isotonic Energy Gel 60ml Tube Sachet

SIS Go Isotonic Energy Gel 60ml Tube Sachet

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As well as delivering just over 20 grams of carbs per servings OTE's gels also contain electrolytes to help replace the salts you've lost while sweating. Combined with the thinner consistency this points to OTE gels being a good match for hot weather cycling. A ratio of 1:0.8 enhances exogenous CHO oxidation compared with 2:1 ratio by 17% (O’Brien et al) and 10% (O’Brien et al) Beta Fuel gels can be used in combination with other products within the Beta Fuel range to allow you to devise the best fuelling solution for you A 1:0.8 ratio of maltodextrin to fructose increases the percentage of ingested carbohydrate that is oxidized (known as efficiency) from 62% to 74% when compared with a ratio of 2:1 The format is also more compact than a gel, while delivering more energy, making it easier to carry fuel for longer rides. There's a range of five flavors available, two with caffeine when you need that extra stimulation to get you to the finish line. Buyer's guide to the best energy gels

SiS gels are highly beneficial as part of your fuelling strategy without the liquid volume that can leave you feeling bloated and sluggish. Our complete product range has been developed using a world-class approach to banned substance testing, providing assurance for athletes. It takes around 500g of carbohydrate to fill your glycogen stores and, at most, this will last you for 60-90 minutes of running at 55-75 percent of your maximal heart rate,' explains leading sports dietician Renee McGregor. 'The faster you go, the sooner your stores will deplete.'Just like the Beta Fuel Energy Gel, our Nootropics Gel contains 40 grams of carbohydrate, with added nootropic substances that can enhance cognitive performance, giving you that mental lift you might need, especially at the latter phases of exercise. Through our Performance Solutions team, we have worked closely with elite athletes in the research and development of the new Beta Fuel range to bring you a scientifically superior fuel in a range of formats that allow you to use +17% more carbohydrate (O’Brien et al, 2013).

High quality blend of carbohydrate (22g), protein (20g) and electrolytes with vitamins and minerals Some products also contain caffeine, which can help to give a mental and physical boost during the last hours of a race, while others contain electrolytes which help the body to stay hydrated. Runner's World Lab Approved Some gels come with additives such as caffeine. Studies have shown that caffeine can boost performance when administered in the correct dosage - but the milligrams per average cup of coffee can vary wildly. The amount in a gel will always be uniform and thus dosage can be properly tailored to requirement. Use REGO Rapid Recovery Powder within 30-minutes after exercise to achieve maximum recovery benefits. Simply add 50g of powder (approximately three full scoops) to 500ml of water in a shaker bottle and shake well to achieve a smooth consistency. Avoid mixing with milk as it will slow down the rate of absorption.The Beta Fuel Gel with Nootropics contains 1 gram of the amino acid L-taurine, 250 milligrams of Cognizin® to enhance information processing and 200 milligrams of caffeine with 200 milligrams of L-theanine, the amino acid which has been shown to increase subjective feelings of alertness, while reducing feelings of ‘jitters’ that you get with caffeine alone. USAGE: Our GO Isotonic Energy Gel is simply 22g of carbohydrate from our selected source of maltodextrin. This creates an isotonic formula, which causes minimal stomach discomfort during exercise, but with maximum energy absorption. USAGE: Here's all you need to know about how to use energy gels and where they fit into your on-bike nutrition strategy. How many energy gels should I consume? We’ll concede that we’re stretching the term tablet here beyond acceptable limits, since this is a powder. However, since that powder comes in a single-serving sachet and provides electrolytes in the same way as a tablet, we thought you may want to know about it, especially as Veloforte brings some unique flavours to the table. The unique 1:0.8 ratio of maltodextrin to fructose increases the percentage of ingested carbohydrate that is oxidised from 62% to 74% when compared to a more standard ratio of 2:1. This, specially formulated, ratio also reduces the self-reported symptoms of stomach fullness, especially when compared to a 2:1 ratio.

Everybody has an individual tolerance to caffeine. Consume too much caffeine and this could negatively affect performance, depending on the individual. We recommend not consuming over 300mg of caffeine during an event, although some individuals can tolerate more. It’s best to try-out your response to SiS GO Energy + Caffeine Gels in training; as best practice use SiS GO Isotonic Energy Gels as your base and only take our caffeine based energy gels when you need a mental boost. There are 12 flavors to choose from, the majority of which are free from caffeine, but four contain 89mg of caffeine, delivered via the plant guarana. The caramel latte supplements the guarana with real coffee. Energy requirements vary between individuals, increasing with intensity. The general rule of thumb is to feed yourself with one gram of carbohydrate per kilo of body weight, each hour – so a 60 kilogram individual should aim for 60 grams an hour, while an 80kg rider would need around 80g. But apart from delivering flavors straight from a desert menu, what are the other potential benefits of this particular gel?The consistency or texture is listed by Torq as 'wet'. Even still it recommends that the gels are used in conjunction with its energy drinks. If you prefer a gel that can be used in isolation then the SIS GO product could well be a better option. However, with regards to a carbs-to-weight ratio, the Torq gel does deliver a pretty big punch. The flip side is that they're harder to ingest, as you need to chew them as you ride. They're a lot easier to chew than an energy bar though in our experience and can be consumed "on the side" more easily as you ride, although as with a bar you probably need some water to wash them down. As a product, the High5 gel should appeal to those who want their gels to contain natural flavorings while at the same time avoiding colorings and artificial sweeteners. They're also suitable for both vegetarians and vegans.

While gels are easy to carry, some runners prefer to consume carbohydrate drinks, which help to maintain hydration, preventing the need to carry/consume additional drinks, and are often easier on the stomach.Consuming too much carbohydrate means it'll be surplus and go to waste – however, some manufacturers mix their glucose with fructose (fruit sugar) – and research has shown that this can increase absorption to 90g an hour. The 150mg caffeine energy gel is designed for individuals who want to see the performance benefit from caffeine in a ‘double strength’ format. Unlike the 75mg gel, the 150mg provides a larger dose of caffeine and should be used when the individual needs a mental boost. It is recommended that this gel is taken towards the end of endurance exercise, with the caffeine effect lasting until the end. When exercising, you need to replace electrolytes lost in sweat. If you’ve only been working out for an hour or so, you won’t need tabs because you can do this at your next meal. However, if you’re exercising for more than 90 minutes, you’ll want to hydrate on the go, and electrolyte tabs help with this. Either pre-mix a drink or carry the tab with you and drop it in water at an opportune moment. In big events like the London Marathon water will be handed out on the course of your race, and during training runs you can buy water and drop the tab in when the need arises – it’s better than carrying a bottle the whole way. The Best Hydration Tabs For Running These have the advantage that you're not left with messy wrappers to carry and we also find that they're easier to open without getting goo all over you. You can also regulate your dose, with each Blok providing 30kcal of energy, helping to avoid the single dose sugar rush that a gel can deliver.

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