The Dark Beneath: the gripping debut thriller (Lieutenant Dani Lewis series book 1)

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The Dark Beneath: the gripping debut thriller (Lieutenant Dani Lewis series book 1)

The Dark Beneath: the gripping debut thriller (Lieutenant Dani Lewis series book 1)

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Overall I think that if you’re a fan of YA psychological/paranormal horror with an unreliable narrator, then you may like this one! And it would be perfect to read in October!

Infraorbital dark circles: A review of the pathogenesis, evaluation and treatment. Journal of cutaneous and Aesthetic Surgery. June 2016. Marianne, the MC, was just sort of okay, I didn’t love her and I didn’t hate her. She was just there. I felt that Marianne was pretty judgemental of others though, she wasn’t always the nicest person. However, I did really like Ron (Rhiannon) though she was a great character with a devil may care attitude and (in my opinion) great fashion sense. Ron was just a good person too, she was misunderstood and judged for her appearance but really has a heart of gold. However, I felt that everyone could have used a lot more development. Once it is clear that Ron's mom won't be as much help as they thought, the girls strike out on their own to try to banish the spirit. You will be afflicted with Potion Indigestion; all Potions will have a 30-second cooldown after use.First up, there was a point when I almost dropped the book. It 8% in there is a part where Marianne is talking about how since she is invisible, people talk around her without worry-- but there is a point where I can't tell anymore if she is repeating what people have said or sharing her own thoughts. It is about a gay classmate that this line comes up: Marianne's world is falling apart. She has quit dance, which was once her greatest passion, her parents are separated, again, and her best friend has moved away and ghosted her.

This had so much potential to be a creepy YA horror, it’s about an unknown entity haunting a girl. How do you make this boring and un-creepy? One of the biggest reasons I get scared in movies/books is when creepy things happen and it’s “unknown”! However, I feel the author really dropped the ball here as I found it to be very un-horror like. Sure things would move or make noise but it never felt urgent or scary. This ended up feeling more like a psychological thriller than a horror, which was even more disappointing, especially since I found it to be predictable on top of that. But as I read through, everything changes. Or at least how I see the story is not as eerie as it was at the beginning. I found myself just reading not really hundred percent interested on what's happening rather just reading to know the ending. It's not really uninteresting, it was just slightly mediocre. Everything was mediocre. The writing became less poetic and mysterious. The plot became a little obvious. The drowning-and-dark thing she experiences became less interesting.The story follows local police officer Jon Pearce following a trail of mysterious events that is shaking a small island community outside the British coast. It starts at the local museum, where the owner is found with severe head injuries but against all odds alive. Chilling, unsettling, and tense, Amelinda Bérubé’s debut novel The Dark Beneath The Ice relentlessly submerges the reader into the broken, detached world of former dancer Marianne. The lines between crushing mental illness and supernatural possession are blurred, and Marianne’s own attempts to distinguish between the two are in equal parts exasperating and intriguing. Witness to one of Marianne’s peculiar, completely uncontrolled, outburst an unlikely classmate steps into Marianne’s world. Ron is the tough goth girl of the school with a somewhat sketch past and daughter of a psychic mom. She, until now, keeps to herself in class, does what she does and lets no one tempt her to lose her footing. Well aware of this of Ron, Marianne reaches out in a solemn attempt for help which, surprisingly, Ron willingly yields. Thank you to Sourcebooks Fire for providing me with a copy via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review **** This book wasn’t scary to me because my reaction to almost everything the main character did or thought was, basically, “been there, done that”. And that’s also the main reason I loved it.

Dialogue will also change depending on the ending you chose to Gillach's tale of the Moon and the Primrose. Thank you for the chance to read this book with my local book club (Houghton Regis Reading friends) This was a very interesting and enjoyable read that had me hooked from the beginning. I'm not really a lover of horror so this book wasn't quite for me but I can see someone who enjoys that genre will get a lot from this book.It all felt very chilly and haunting, but not enough to scare me away, just enough to put me on edge (which I very much appreciated). I was intrigued by the paranormal activity and wanted to find out why and how and the omg askdjfl. Also as a heads up, there is a bit of LGBT moments that happen in this story. They are very tame and mild, so if this is your thing or isn't, just a warning in advance. And that ending. The ending was the most disappointing part of this book because it was predictable, not creepy in the least bit, and overall just felt really unsatisfying. Are genetically predisposed – Studies have shown that a person is more likely to develop dark circles under their eyes if people in their immediate family also have them. It also just felt like the story didn’t make much sense and I felt myself asking “why?” a lot. Things would happen but, why? Nothing made sense and not in a “this is a ghost story” kind of way. Fortunately the pacing was relatively fast otherwise I definitely would have ended up DNFing this one.

My only criticism of this book is that it needs a tidy-up edit. Throughout it is sprinkled with typing errors and in a couple of places the story doesn’t flow as well as it could.

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There are parts of this book that feel creepy, especially once we know there is something "possessing" Marianne. Ghost stories and possession just creep me out, but in a good way when I'm looking for them! So, there parts that really interested me. I'm not going to deal with the plot. It's too painful. Let's talk characters instead. Every character in this book suffers a truly massive case of HCSS (Horror Character Stupid Syndrome); the book is a textbook example of Roger Ebert’s "Idiot Plot" (defined as any plot containing problems which would be solved instantly if all of the characters were not idiots). I really enjoyed the majority of this book. At first, the writing style threw me off, but I came to really enjoy it.

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