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Where the River Runs Gold

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I feel like by the end, it might be easy for some young readers to misunderstand the full extent of the crimes committed by the Freedom Fields organisation. It would be easy to miss that they lied to the population to make the natural world a commodity and that they restricted access to nature to control people and to break moral. The society has been divided into three classes with the Paragons ruthlessly reigning at the top and the Outlanders left out to scavenge for themselves in the outskirts. The Freedoms are the most oppressed in the name of development necessities. The social hierarchy mirrors our modern day turmoils where the privileged always dominates the needy and a dystopian outlook only heightens the matter. When the river runs gold is a book that facsimiles a dystopian world that could be possible in the near future if we don't put enough efforts to save our present thriving world. A tale that underlines the love of family and emerging out with valor. Recommending it for an adventurous read.

This is an engrossing story of family, friendship and hope, set in deeply rooted themes of the effects of climatic change, societal injustice and an exploration of freedom, which captured me entirely. This story has incredible potential for classroom discussion. As a teacher, I can definitely see me using it with children of 9+.The farm Shifa and Themba are sent to is hard and cruel. Themba won't survive there and Shifa comes up with a plan to break them out. But they have no idea where they are - their only guide is a map drawn from the ramblings of a stranger. I want to rate this higher, as it's fabulously written, looks at a very possible future for our planet, and covers a lot of good topics. However, two small things prevented me. Even after reading it, I'm not sure how the divisions came into play or how they're enforced. I think Shifa and Themba are Freedoms with a carer, so they don't have Freedom as a surname, but I'm not sure, and I don't know what Lottie is. Upon finishing this book, I was speechless and completely emotional. I had just finished my favourite book of all time and I didn't want it to be over.

Trigger warnings: bullying, near death experience in a river, child labour, death of a child, death of a friend in a river The story is set in a dystopian aftermath where society has been firmly divided into three social groups: the Paragons, the Freedoms and the Outlanders. The inequality between these groups in terms of social status, power and wealth is evident. The Paragons rule ruthlessly through the ARK government, and control, not only the food supplies and wealth within Kairos City, but also the right to knowledge and perceptions of the landscape outside the City. The Outlanders refuse to conform to the expectations of the Paragons and live outside society, displaced and suffering social deprivation and hardship. Paradoxically, the group which is least free are the Freedoms, and it is to this group that the main protagonists, Shifa and Themba, belong.

The Last Wild

Two children must risk everything to escape their fate and find the impossible . . . bold adventure, timely climate change themes and breathtaking writing, from award-winning author Sita Brahmachari. Make time to take your class outside to any wilder areas in your school grounds, or visit local green spaces.

Finally, there were some loose ends which I really wanted tying up - like did she get to see Yara, Themba and Luca again, did she ever find out who her real mum was, and why wasn't she arrested after being spotted on the roof of the train. Where the River Runs Gold is a passionate book about the need to protect nature and save the environment, lest we fall into a state of dystopia like the characters in the book. Hurricane Chronos has destroyed the Kairos lands, bees are extinct and children are recruited by the Freedom Fields Family to pollinate crops so that the nation does not starve. However, in an unequal society where the Paragons live a life of luxury while the rest of the population struggle to survive, the situation is much more complex than it appears. As 11-year-old Shifa and her twin brother Themba are sent into the heart of their homeland, secrets and mysteries become harsh realities and they must risk a dangerous escape to get home, to safety and truth. Therefore, I feel this book doesn't reach its full potential though it is a wonderful initial idea.

Artichoke Hearts

There were lots of little things that irritated me. The Freedom Fields are advertised as something great, but in reality are not (what a surprise). But as the kids only go there for 5 years, surely word will get around from the returning kids as to exactly what it is like there?

A ‘climate-fiction’ story provides an intriguing setting and a ready-made goal (finding clean water / air / land / food / justice). Pupils can write survival stories, journeys and revolutions. 2. Get gardeningDuring her visit, Chelsea and her Dad are forced to sit down and work through their issues. This is especially pitaval, as Tom is starting to suffer with memory loss. A Christmas night accident really makes Chelsea realise how much she needs her father in her and her daughter's lives. My biggest issue with the book was the number of unanswered questions about the world building. How did the so called caste system of Paragons, Freedoms and Foragers come to be? Why at the Freedom Fields there's no mention of food crops but rather of pretty flowering plants? (Considering the Freedom Fields were established to provide food to the people) And also the latter world building. The jump between the final chapter and the epilogue was so immense and we see there have been changes with the world but have no idea of how. Shifa and Themba are just wonderful children who have made a lasting impression on me. They have an incredibly close bond and clearly adore each other: it is their love for each other that helps them survive. Shifa is kind-hearted, resilient and loving, but she also questions the society into which she has been born. Themba is artistic, impulsive and trusting, but also vulnerable. It is this vulnerability which gives his fiercely protective sister the strength, courage and determination to make an impossibly difficult decision. A decision which leads them on a terrifying journey, but also one of new discoveries, new friendships and perhaps towards hope of a new way of life.

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