IELLO | Animals of Baker Street | Board Game | Ages 10+ | 1 to 4 Players | 45 mins Minutes Playing Time

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IELLO | Animals of Baker Street | Board Game | Ages 10+ | 1 to 4 Players | 45 mins Minutes Playing Time

IELLO | Animals of Baker Street | Board Game | Ages 10+ | 1 to 4 Players | 45 mins Minutes Playing Time

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While discussing difficulty level, I'll say a few words on "losing". It can be tough to design loss conditions into narrative games because if the loss condition is that the players fail to solve the case or don't get to the end of the story, it can be very unsatisfying. To avoid that, we essentially adopted an "escape room" approach to winning and losing. You spend time tokens to visit locations, and if you run out of time before solving the case, you have technically "lost" and must read the negative event, but you then continue to play to finish the story. In the world of the game, something bad has happened because you weren't fast enough, but players will still get the satisfaction of solving the mystery and there will be a resolution. Gameplay is designed to be light, driving six narrative scenarios (plus a tutorial) written in collaboration with children’s author Clémentine Beauvais, whose book Piglettes won French young adult fiction prize, the Prix Sorcières. Each standalone scenario will last around 45 minutes with between one and four players.

Upon first reading how to play, I thought the magnifying class clue system wouldn’t be good … but in practice of works very well and doesn’t succumb to my expected flaw (too easy to remember how things will match up) Iello described The Animals of Baker Street as “very narrative”, with a family-friendly tone versus the more mature content of other mystery games, including various Holmes-inspired titles. The game is recommended for ages 10 and up.That is the question Clémentine Beauvais and I kept returning to in the initial stages of development for The Animals of Baker Street. It felt like once we left the human world, with its elaborate systems of law and government and ownership, the scope for detective mysteries suddenly narrowed. What crimes could an animal investigate? Were there "crimes" at all in such a world? Many fictional worlds with animal characters avoid these kind of questions by having fully anthropomorphic animals, i.e., animals that wear clothes and have jobs, and whose society is essentially human society with fur and feathers. Clémentine and I would spend a lot time wandering the city, walking, talking and devising mysteries Animals of Baker Street is a great narrative experience. It’s one of those games where once you’ve played it you might feel just a little bit sad that you can’t play it again, and then keep it on your shelf because maybe in several years you’ll have forgotten the details and can enjoy it again. It’s clear that it was designed to satisfy a broad target audience. Personally, I’m going to hang on to it so that I can play it with my son (now 3) in a couple of years, I think he will love it! I like the game system, it works really well for this highly story driven game. The narrative, while clearly aimed at children is interesting and engaging for all ages, and not predictable or formulaic either. We had animals on the mind while designing this game — two photos we sent each other during the process

And those recurring characters are, of course, crucial because our detectives care about the animals and humans they know, in addition to having a general fascination for puzzles and mysteries. Suddenly, we were presented with a host of possibilities for investigation, including obvious things like disappearances and poisonings and unexplained deaths, but also lost hats, why humans do what they do, or figuring out why someone is sad. It turned out that focusing on the animal world, free of human laws and social structures, hadn't narrowed the scope for mysteries in the way I thought it might; rather, it had expanded it to cover ideas we could not have covered in another setting. Good evening, friends of Toby." We look around to see Mylus alight gracefully on the Roof, having just flown in from the Beyond. But this approach didn't feel interesting to us. If our characters were animals, we wanted to explore what it meant to be an animal rather than a human and how animals might perceive humans. We thought about prior examples of this approach in fiction, such as Watership Down and The Animals of Farthing Wood, and couldn’t think of any board games that adopted a similar view.

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The Animals of Baker Street is a family-friendly investigation game from King of Tokyo and Bunny Kingdom publisher Iello, which revealed the upcoming board game at this year’s Essen Spiel 2021 convention in Germany. I had some ideas for the overall story arc and told Clémentine the broad outline. As she was in York and I was in Cambridge, we discussed it on a call and fleshed out the details. We were both happy with the result — but that was when we realized, we had no idea exactly how we were going to work together... The trade-offs you make when you come to the decision points in the game feel intuitive. A big complaint I have in other similar style games is that you might do something that feels correct with your understanding and the context, but the game takes your choice and something totally unexpected happens. I don’t feel like that ever happened to me in this game. Opening the box I was impressed with the simple cardboard insert – it gives a nice presentation to the game and leads you into the simple and functional design of all the other components. At each location, players attempt to match lines at the top of their character’s card and any relevant items they have collected with those on the location card. If the lines match up, the player successfully collects a clue and reads the narrative text on the card. Players spend time to move between locations, and may lose time for pursuing incorrect leads.

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