Bestway Flowclear Filter Pump for 17,400 Litre Pools, 3028 Litre/Hour Flow Rate

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Bestway Flowclear Filter Pump for 17,400 Litre Pools, 3028 Litre/Hour Flow Rate

Bestway Flowclear Filter Pump for 17,400 Litre Pools, 3028 Litre/Hour Flow Rate

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Seventh step: fill the bottom part with the new sand until it reaches the mark between low and high marked on the hub. Whatever the size of your above ground pool, this Bestway Flowclear Sand Filter System with the ChemConnect keeps it clean and healthy. While the pre-screen takes out the large debris, the sand or filter balls deal with the rest of the physical impurities, and the chlorine tables you have in the ChemConnect handle bacteria. A rough rule is to cycle all the water in your pool through the filter once a day. This could take four to eight hours but you don’t have to do that all at once. You can break the filtering up into different sessions through the day. You may want to avoid doing this at nighttime if your pump is somewhat loud. Now a feature I do like is the auto timer lets you set an automatic schedule for the length of time the filter pump comes on from between two hours and 12 hours. This saves you from remembering to switch the pump on and off yourself. Pros

Fifth step: open the metal ring in the middle of the tank body and open the upper part of the tank. Sixth step: take out all old sand from the tank and rinse the bottom part with a garden hose to be sure it is clean. Nearly forgot, it also includes attachments to ensure it fits on different pools if they have different size inlet and outlet pipes. Pros This Bestway Flowclea 1500gal Filter Pump is the filter pump to choose if you have one of the large Bestway or similar type above group pools. I’m talking up to 31,700L of water so pools over 18ft but I’d recommend it for smaller pools too.Given all this advice, the best answer I can offer is to start off running your filter pump for about eight hours a day and adjust that time according to the results that you get. Bacteria Discount Leisure Products offers everything you need to maintain your pool or spa and keep it in excellent condition. Whether you require cleaning or maintenance supplies, our extensive collection has various options to suit your needs. Keeping your water clean is an important part of owning a pool or spa; our products are designed to make it easy. EXPLORE OUR RANGE OF POOL FILTERS

Filter: This function is used to filter pool water and should be positioned here 99% of the time. Water is pumped through the sand filter, where it is cleaned and returned to the pool. IMPORTANT: cover the hole on the top of the hub to avoid the sand going inside, and add the sand gently to avoid damaging the debris screen at the bottom of the tank. The silica sand is so compact that it traps dirt and debris in the water that passes through. Filtered water is then pumped down a separate hose and into the swimming pool inlet. The addition of a built-in timer lets you set an automated working period and the pre-filter strainer basket is an added mechanism that filters to catch larger particles such as leaves, hairs and dirt. You can work out the number of hours (hr) it takes to clean all the water in your pool by dividing its capacity in litres (L) by the flow rate of your filter pump (in L/hr). ProsJust like the smaller version, installation is easy. You just attach the hoses to the pump and into the inlet and outlet on your pool. You can also connect the outflow from the pump to a pool heater as well. It has plenty of power to do this no problem, you could even connect it to a pool skimmer too. The pump is also double-insulated to keep it safe and stable. In the sand model we review, a pre-screen collects the bigger pieces of unwanted material and you should wash this out daily. However, you only need to replace the sand every few years. So if you have a pool that is larger than 12ft, I recommend upgrading to something a little more efficient that can filter the water at a decent rate. As good as the standard filter pumps are for smaller garden pools with their paper filters, nothing beats adding a sand filter to your setup. This Bestway Flowclear Sand Filter System with ChemConnect is undoubtedly one of the best above group swimming pool filters I’ve seen. Now they sell several sizes of this pump, including this 5678 l/h version which is great for pools bwteen 1,100L to large ones at 42,300L, so most people can’t go wrong with this model. The larger 7571 l/h and 9848 l/h models are perfect for very large pools. Third step: disconnect the hoses that connect the sand filter to the pool. This will make it easier to remove the sand. Fourth step: open the drain valve on the bottom of the sand filter to drain all residual water into the sand filter body. To speed up the operation, position the control valve between two functions.

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