Soudal PUFR PU Expanding Foam Remover

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Soudal PUFR PU Expanding Foam Remover

Soudal PUFR PU Expanding Foam Remover

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Economic and Easy to Apply: Soudal Cured PU Expanding Foam Remover is economic and easy to apply. Its gel-based formula enables precise application, reducing waste and maximizing efficiency. The economic and easy-to-apply characteristics of this foam remover make it highly favourable. The gel-based formula allows for precise application, ensuring that only the targeted areas are treated. This helps to minimize waste and prolong the lifespan of the product. With its user-friendly design, both professionals and DIY enthusiasts can easily and effectively use this foam remover.

Soudal Cured PU Expanding Foam Remover is suitable for use on all non-porous surfaces. It should not be used on untreated copper, brass, zinc, acrylic paint, or PMMA (Plexiglass) as it may cause staining.Importantly, Soudal Cured PU Expanding Foam Remover is free of (aromatic) hydrocarbons. This means it does not contain any harmful chemicals that pose a risk to health or the environment. Its eco-friendly composition ensures it is easily biodegradable, making it a responsible choice for those concerned about their ecological footprint.

By using two materials – isocyanate and polyol resin – spray form can be created. When the two materials mix with one another they create a reaction that causes an expansion of between 30-60 times the liquid volume once it has been sprayed. Expanding foam is a very useful tool to have in your home as it can help resolve a number of structural issues due to its adhesive nature. A specific expanding foam gun is often required to effectively use the spray. Where should you use expanding foam? Removing Cured PU Foam Residues: Soudal Cured PU Expanding Foam Remover is specifically designed for the complete removal of all cured PU foam residues. It can effectively eliminate remnants from PVC and aluminium frameworks or other smooth surfaces.

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This PU foam remover offers several key benefits that set it apart from other products on the market. First and foremost, its high activity level ensures optimal performance, allowing for efficient removal of cured foam residues. It effectively breaks down the foam, making it easier to eliminate completely. Soudal Cured PU Expanding Foam Remover is an innovative and efficient solution for removing cured PU foam residues. This solvent-free cleaner kit is gel-based, ensuring easy application and effective removal of stubborn foam remnants. It is specifically formulated to provide a comprehensive cleaning experience, leaving no traces of cured PU foam behind. Foam Removal: After the dwell time has elapsed, use the enclosed spatula to carefully remove the dissolved foam. Take care not to scratch the surface.

Wiping: Wipe off any residue or excess remover with a dry cloth. If necessary, repeat the treatment by reapplying the PU Remover to ensure complete removal. Cured foam can often present more difficult problems than uncured. If you have cured foam on a surface that has hardened then you may need some tools to remove it. Application: Using the enclosed brush, apply the PU Remover onto the cured PU foam. Ensure that the foam is completely covered with the remover. One of the standout features of Soudal Cured PU Expanding Foam Remover is its odourless formulation. Unlike other cleaners, this foam remover does not emit strong or unpleasant odours, providing a more pleasant working environment. This is particularly beneficial in tight spaces or poorly ventilated areas.

Polyurethane foam on skin for example can be removed with a paper towel and any residue can be taken off with baby oil or even petroleum jelly. If this type of foam has overexpanded on solid surfaces then there are solvents such as nail polish or acetone that can be used. It is worth looking at the expanding foam’s instruction manual as there may be some guidance in there. Alternatively, the latex-based foam may require soap and water for its removal. How can I remove ‘cured’ expanding foam? Mechanical Removal: Before applying the PU Remover, mechanically remove as much cured foam as possible. This can be done by cutting away the foam carefully or using a suitable tool to scrape it off. Odourless: This foam remover is odourless, offering a more pleasant and comfortable user experience. It is ideal for use in confined or poorly ventilated spaces. Free of (Aromatic) Hydrocarbons: Soudal Cured PU Expanding Foam Remover does not contain any (aromatic) hydrocarbons, making it safe and environmentally friendly. It is free from harmful chemicals that can pose health risks.

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