JOYO Overdrive Distortion Pedal R Series High Gain OD Clean Boost to Dist for Electric Guitar Effect (Tauren R-01)

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JOYO Overdrive Distortion Pedal R Series High Gain OD Clean Boost to Dist for Electric Guitar Effect (Tauren R-01)

JOYO Overdrive Distortion Pedal R Series High Gain OD Clean Boost to Dist for Electric Guitar Effect (Tauren R-01)

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A pedal hand-built by a father-daughter small enterprise that replicates the sound of the Klon using an in-house designed circuit board with NOS D9E clipping diodes matched to the original specs.

No matter which way you use it, it sounds great and is built well. The main difference between the Klon Centaur and the Klon KTR is this is a PCB version of the original. An “as close as we can get” simulation of the Klone, it adds a lo-gain Pre Drive toggle with a mid-frequency bump and asymmetrical soft-clipping that widens the tonal options. A 3-way toggle labeled “Clipping” lets you also select between Germanium diodes, Schottky diodes or no diodes in the overdrive stage for extra dynamic and tonal flavors. Tumnus nails the original Klon tone with great accuracy. This is interesting, given that it employs surface-mount silicon diodes in lieu of germanium. Clearly, you could argue that it's a further refutation of claims that rare diodes are essential for Klon-like tones. Again, I refer you to the second part of the relevant clips in the Gain Control playlist, where diode color is most evident. Even here, the two sounds are almost indistinguishable.

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Admittedly, it sounds terminally wimpy to conclude with, “Gosh, they all sound great." But it just happens to be true. (Well, they are clones!) I'd use any of these onstage or in the studio without hesitation. Your choice may be more about price and pedal size than any minor tonal discrepancies. Used – Not liking to be considered just a “Klone,” the Illuminated Overdrive includes a nice added features: a 3 way toggle switch lets you select the type of clipping. Since all the pedals listed nail or come very close to the Klon sound, how does one go about choosing? I wish I could answer this question, but it's really about what pedals you already have and how you see a Klon clone integrating in this context. Is it simply a case of want or need, and do you believe one of the above pedals will drive you closer to the sound options you're after. These days a guitarist has so much choice when it comes to expanding their pedal board with stomp boxes. Pedals are rarely impulse buys and players spend time and research on choosing the next pedal to help them achieve the tone and effects they're after. Now we have some great budget, intermediate and boutique pedals, and a flood of brands to boggle the mind.

Inspired by the Klon Centaur, this pedal features a mahogany enclosure and several trim pots inside the case to control tone, OD bass, EQ and clipping. This is the best affordable USA Made pedal. If I had to recommend one boutique Klon on this list, it would be the Chellee Ponyboy. This takes the Klon effect in a slightly different direction. Nordvang offers three dual-channel overdrives in which at least one side is a Klon-style circuit. The Wingman has two of them, so it’s technically a dual Klone. The three classic knobs (Gain, Tone, Volume) are integrated by a Ratio toggle switch that adjusts the OD’s maximum gain range. Internally a set of dip switches for each side allows you to extend the bass response. V2 introduces a TRS split function to use with pedal looper systems enabled via three internal dip switches. If the pedal demos we linked to in the galleries above weren’t enough to sway you one way or another, there are a series of videos where the various Klon inspired pedals get compared directly through shootouts: we’ve embedded here some of them to better inform your choice.

We currently list 69 Joyo products 58 of them are available for immediate dispatch . Joyo has been a part of our range since 2016. The Pegasus does all the Klon-type things you would expect. The Caline Pegasus enclosure is slightly larger than a regular pedal and is about the same size as the Klon KTR. The range of pedals that the Pegasus is a part of is all this larger size. I much prefer having a regular or slightly oversized pedal on my board, but that is just me. 4. TONE KLONE Overdrive Golden Horse A re-engineered but authentic-sounding version of the now rare original, the Manticore V2 gives the Klon tone a fresh look, introducing an extra gain stage at the input level and a Savage knob that fattens up your guitar signal through a unique low pass filter. Apart from being a well-made, great sounding pedal, this is really simple to use. I don't usually get along with pedals with hyper digital banks and categories and millions of choices. To paraphrase Ron Swanson, “I'm a simple man. I like pretty, dark-haired women, and user-friendly pedals.” Like any real man, I figured this out without the use of a wimpy manual, which pretty much says all you need to know. A hand-built Klon that shares the simple 3-knob layout of the original, but allows for more flexibility thanks to two under-the-hood side sliders: one sets the circuit to True or Buffered Bypass, the other one provides a CENT mode tuned after the original and a higher gain and fatter bass mode labeled as MINO.

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