TOOOY Mommy Long Legs Plush, 43cm Kissy Missy Plush, Mommy Toy, Gift for child

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TOOOY Mommy Long Legs Plush, 43cm Kissy Missy Plush, Mommy Toy, Gift for child

TOOOY Mommy Long Legs Plush, 43cm Kissy Missy Plush, Mommy Toy, Gift for child

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We also empower and encourage parents to determine what is appropriate for their children by providing a suite of Parental Control settings that can be used to restrict who children can interact with, what experiences they can access, and how much they can spend. Smug Snake: His interview has him brag about how good he is at his job and trying to prove this by guessing that the interviewer's favorite color is blue, because (according to him) blue is most people's favorite color. When the interviewer bluntly tells him that his favorite color is green, Jimmy dismisses him as "an outlier". Killed Off for Real: After being trapped in a pit for what is implied to be at least 30 days, Bunzo dies.

Animate Inanimate Object: Maybe. While he's modeled after a doll, we don't know if he's a toy brought to life or something else entirely. Playtime Co. would also use cute propaganda to encourage employees to follow their rules at all costs such as the Adopt an Orphan initiative. Punny Name: His second name is a play on "caterpillar", using "pug" (PJ is a dog) and "pillar" (which sounds like "pillow" (PJ is made to be soft and huggable). For starters, Playtime Co. would regularly mistreat employees by forcing them to work in dangerous work environments for long periods of time. Playtime Co. wasn't above killing their employees either to keep the company's secrets hidden from the outside world. Featureless Protagonist: We don't even get a name for them. While they do appear in merchandise, they're only portrayed by the yellow dummy-like figure seen in the training tapes and just simply called "Player". note Project: Playtime also uses this idea and several alternate colors of the model.

Bron the Dinosaur

Ambushing Enemy: Being a spider that can crawl on walls and ceilings, Mommy Long Legs is described as striking and killing her victims before she can even be spotted. Gentle Giant: What the character of Huggy Wuggy is supposed to embody: a tall, friendly pal who likes hugs. The Huggy Wuggy preying on you, though? Doesn't apply here. Shout-Out: She has a lot of similarities to Spinel from Steven Universe: The Movie— a friendly, pink, long-limbed rubbery and stretchy Living Toy that was created to love another person, went insane after being discarded and left in isolation for a long time, enjoys playing deadly "games" and gets homicidal when she feels betrayed. Even her voice sounds vaguely similar to Spinel's.

Shout-Out: A screen-faced monochromatic robot toy that dances and talks, similar to Robosapien, a real-life toy from the 2000s whose features were the same. Blue Is Heroic: A cyan cat whose worst flaw is being hungry all the time. Otherwise, she's cute as a button. Prehensile Hair: Downplayed. Mommy Long Legs can manipulate her hair, as shown when she turns aggressive and her hair fans out after she fully stretches out her arms, fingers, and legs. However, she's never seen using her hair to grab onto objects. Faction Motto: Can also be interpreted as Arc Words. Their motto is "What's the time? Playtime!", and it is used in almost every tape that is about instructing the player. Her human identity's last name is "Payne". Not only is she looking for ways to hurt you, her distorted screams as she chases the player indicate she is in a lot of pain.

Determinator: No matter what happens, even if they die, they keep going. This is a trait Poppy finds instrumental in setting the wrongs in the factory right. Friendly Neighborhood Spider: Subverted. Mommy's toy design is based on this idea, and she acted this way around children. Around adults (like the player) however, she's as far from friendly as you can get. Mommy Long Legs appears to be inspired by toys out of the 90s to 2000s', specifically the famous Betty Spaghetty doll. Eye Scream: For whatever reason, Bron loses his eyes in his monster form. This might just be the statues seen in the rejected toys section, though. Nobody Here but Us Statues: He initially pretends to be part of a display in one of the first rooms you enter. But leave the room to solve a puzzle, and you'll find that he's suddenly disappeared.

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