Through the Moon: A Graphic Novel (the Dragon Prince Graphic Novel #1)

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Through the Moon: A Graphic Novel (the Dragon Prince Graphic Novel #1)

Through the Moon: A Graphic Novel (the Dragon Prince Graphic Novel #1)

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WARNING!!! ---This story takes place fairly soon after the end of the 3rd season and MAY reveal spoilers for the 4th. Proceed at your own risk. After leaving Lujanne's meditation place, Callum stands at the Moonhenge and crushes his Moon Opal to cast "Historia Viventem", which reveals the spell "Mors Aperta" to him through an image of the past. Lost Oasis is a cortex playtest campaign for Tales of Xadia. The story takes place after the battle at the Storm Spire and revolves around the Moonshadow Elf Feathershawl hiring Player Characters to retrieve the Primal Well from the floating city Innean, before it collides with a mountain. However, the supposedly abandoned city is still inhabited, and players have to find a solution to save the inhabitants before the collision. and Rayla's position in the world has become a nightmare as each day brings reoccurring dreams and terrors that plague her every moment. Kain, Eric (February 14, 2019). " 'The Dragon Prince' Creators Talk Magic Systems, The Video Game And What To Expect From Season 2". Forbes. Integrated Whale Media. Archived from the original on February 14, 2019 . Retrieved June 16, 2019.

Exactly, and that's why we're going to visit an old friend of mine" Rayla caught the attention of the three boys. Language: English Words: 2,848 Chapters: 2/3 Comments: 9 Kudos: 65 Bookmarks: 4 Hits: 864 It's incredibly disrespectful to come into a space you know a creator is frequenting and ask for help to STEAL the work that took them 9-12 months. The creators just told us that Through the Moon "took about 9 months to a year from conception to completion of the comic" but some people want to steal it anyway. Some humor, embarrassment, found family, plus teenage angst with a happy ending compatible with TTM.


Rayla worries about Callum. That's it that's the fic. Oh yes also they love each other ! Language: English Words: 4,684 Chapters: 1/1 Comments: 5 Kudos: 81 Bookmarks: 10 Hits: 1,100 Director: Villads Spangsberg; Writer: Neil Mukhopadbyay (November 22, 2019). "Dragonguard". The Dragon Prince. Season 3. Episode 8. Netflix. Rayla subsequently spends the next two years searching for Viren, but failed to find any trace of him. During her search, Rayla finds and adopts an orphan cuddlemonkey who she names Stella. We even almost lost Soren because of you," he told her as he approached her. “Because of you, you became homeless. It's always your fault Rayla" Dreamer's Nightmare is the fourth graphic novel of The Dragon Prince. It focuses on Callum and Ezran quelling the brewing storm in the quiet Katolis town of Noct. [5] The Dragon Prince - First Saga [ ] Book One: Moon / Book One: Moon (Novel) [ ]

The Dragon Prince - Learn about the World, Primal Stones, Dark Magic,..." Wonderstorm. Archived from the original on June 25, 2019 . Retrieved June 25, 2019. Rayla is a master sword-fighter, especially with dual-blades, and is believed to be the fastest and strongest of her fellow assassins despite her young age. [30] Rayla's weapon(s) of choice are a pair of twin blades that reflect her fighting style. These weapons were forged by her foster guardian Ethari, and are capable of switching between lethal blades and curved hooks even in mid-air, allowing her to catch an enemy off-guard. They are based on real-life balisongs or butterfly knives in their way to function. [34] A canon compliant speculative look at what happened between the end of S3 and their return to Katolis before TTM including a rationale for why Rayla didn’t stay at the Storm Spire to be a Dragon Guard and why Callum didn’t stay to study magic with Ibis.Day 11: Stars. Aaravos was caught off from the stars in that cursed mirror, but he knew that soon he'd walk under them again. Dreamwhisper Drakes are rare wingless dragons that are incredibly small. They hover in the air asleep or half-asleep, rumored to consume dreams. They cannot be touched, however, as a strange force prohibits any collision with other objects or living beings. [1] Dusk Dragons [ ] Our heroes have finally arrived home to Katolis Castle. Only for Rayla it's not exactly a home yet. Director: Giancarlo Volpe; Writers: Devon Giehl & Iain Hendry (September 14, 2018). "Moonrise". The Dragon Prince. Season 1. Episode 3. Netflix. If anything, the book is a little lopsided; the blurb tells us a lot about the final quarter of the book, so the first three quarters feel a tad drawn out. There's also a kind-of-cliffhanger ending, but I'm not sure if there are further graphic novels planned to resolve it, or if this is where season 4 of the show starts off, so we'll see. Peter Wartman captures the characters' voices easily, and I'm glad he didn't try and add Rayla's accent to her speech since that would have been a nightmare to read.

Director: Villads Spangsberg; Writer: Aaron Ehasz& Justin Richmond (February 15, 2019). "Breathe". The Dragon Prince. Season 2. Episode 9. Netflix. The boys are ready to help Rayla adjust to life in Katolis, and Rayla is hopeful that she might find somewhere she belongs with them in the castle. It doesn’t take Callum long, though, to remember all of the ways he feels like he doesn’t quite belong in his role as prince. Bloodmoon Huntress is the second graphic novel of The Dragon Prince. The story is set years before the events of Book One and revolves around young Rayla, who wants to find out about Runaan's profession. After running into the Skywing Elf boy Suroh, she finds herself involved with the Bloodmoon Huntress, Kim'dael. Rayla reveals that Sol Regem is the former King of the Dragons, left a bitter and hostile shadow of his former self after being left blind during the wars between humans and magical creatures but not before putting an end to the first dark mage Ziard. The trio attempt to sneak past the ancient dragon, but Zym's fearful whimpers expose their presence. Rayla reluctantly attempts to convince Sol Regem to let them pass, but the attempt fails when the dragon detects dark magic on Callum. The trio manage to outwit Sol Regem and finally make it into Xadia. [20] two years later on the way to Lux Aurea, she comes across the same field, only this time the flowers have freshly bloomed. Language: English Words: 2,239 Chapters: 1/1 Comments: 9 Kudos: 48 Hits: 592

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Phase Moon Dragons, also known as Moon Dust Dragons, are only corporeal and fully tangible when their phase of the moon is occurring. The lunar phase of a Phase Moon Dragon is the one that occurred during their birth. Even then, they can only spend one night walking, communicate with others, and fly a short height off the ground. They can use the spell " Manifestum Corpus" to manifest their bodies. They can also use the spell " Fit Invisibilia" that allows them to fade from sight after using bright moonlight to shimmer. [2] a b c d Director: Villads Spangsberg; Writers: Aaron Ehasz& Justin Richmond (September 14, 2018). "An Empty Throne". The Dragon Prince. Season 1. Episode 5. Netflix.

These soldiers were part of the Inquisition, a group formed by humans and elves 4 years ago with 2 main objectives, to fight to keep the peace between elves and humans and hunt the Dark Mages, Rayla decided to follow them to their base to know their location and learn a little about them along the way, maybe, after patching up her relationship with Callum, they could both come here and join the Inquisition? Who knows…. Language: English Words: 2,393 Chapters: 1/? Kudos: 18 Bookmarks: 2 Hits: 377 Bouma's art is a faithful recreation of the look of the CG animated series, though it leans more into a visible anime influence with its character work and facial expressions. Just as Wartman's scripting is especially strong in the graphic novel's more emotional moments, Bouma's art soars both in bringing the characters' emotions to visual life and the more magical elements of the story. Given the underlying premise, there is a more surreal nature to this graphic novel, and the artwork elevates the source material whenever it leans more into that potential. However, there are some transition panels that are overly minimalist in their presentation.


Rayla, Callum and Zym finally reach the Storm Spire, the mountain home of the Queen Zubeia, where they reunite with Ezran and Bait. [24] When the group reaches the top, however, they discover Zubeia has gone comatose in her grief over losing her mate and her egg. When a repentant Soren arrives and warns them about Viren's invasion, Rayla decides to stay and protect the Dragon Queen as an act of redemption for her parents. Using moon magic, Callum learns that Rayla's parents actually stayed and fought until overpowered, and convinced Viren not to destroy Zym's egg, thus saving him. Joined by Amaya, Janai and the remnants of the Sunfire Elves' army, Rayla and her friends prepare to make their stand against Viren and his army of magically enhanced soldiers. [25] a b Director: Villads Spangsberg; Writer: Devon Giehl & Iain Hendry (February 15, 2019). "Fire and Fury". The Dragon Prince. Season 2. Episode 7. Netflix.

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