When the War Came Home

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When the War Came Home

When the War Came Home

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Bestselling author Alexandra Christo, author of TikTok sensation To Kill a Kingdom, introduces her new book, The Night Hunt (Hot Key Books), a dark... Natty lives alone with her mother, whose militancy over factory working conditions is the reason they lose their home and have to move in with kindly relatives. Her new school has a vicious headmaster, universally known as Mad Dog. While some nearby Educational Boards provide free meals, this one does not, and Natty has to witness pupils too hungry to concentrate getting caned across the palm of the hand. Her recourse is a nearby convalescent home for injured soldiers, and she makes particular friends with one who has lost all memory. At school, meanwhile, pupils pushed too far finally organise a strike, with Natty who up to now has been embarrassed by any show of militancy happy to join in.

When they are forced out of their home, young Natty has to pay the price for her mother's revolutionary spirit.She just can't understand why her mother has to get involved in problems not her own -- but in their new village, she is challenged to stand up against injustice herself.As Natty tries to keep a secret and unravel a mystery, she finds her own way to fight for what she believes in - and learns that some things should never be forgotten ... This mesmerising historical mystery includes an interactive clue so readers can unravel the mystery alongside the characters. About This Edition ISBN:

When the War Came Home reveals the catastrophic impact of this global conflict on ordinary Ottomans. Drawing on a wide range of sources—from petitions, diaries, and newspapers to folk songs and religious texts—Yiğit Akın examines how Ottoman men and women experienced war on the home front as government authorities intervened ever more ruthlessly in their lives. The horrors of war brought home, paired with the empire's growing demands on its people, fundamentally reshaped interactions between Ottoman civilians, the military, and the state writ broadly. Ultimately, Akın argues that even as the empire lost the war on the battlefield, it was the destructiveness of the Ottoman state's wartime policies on the home front that led to the empire's disintegration. In the final chapter Akin discusses the refugee and deportee question together. He draws attention to the great number of Muslim refugees who fled the eastern Anatolia region from Russian advances. He also shows how they were treated differently than the Armenian population. While the state struggled to manage the influx of several hundred thousand Muslim refugees, it sought to provide them with food, shelter, and transportation. In contrast, the Armenian population was uprooted permanently in a bloody deportation campaign, with no hope for return. Just as Lesley Parr's first book, 'The Valley of Lost Secrets', showed us Wales through the eyes of a WW2 evacuee, her second book is also a warm evocation of that country, with fascinating glimpses of the language and culture. The years following World War I were those of change in Britain. We hear about the suffragettes and also lawful strikes as ways to bring about change. There is a lot to recommend this book for upper KS2 and lower KS3 readers. The characters have depth, with both strengths and flaws, which makes for very realistic storytelling. We see this in the relationship between Natty and her mam. Natty is frustrated by the way her mam stands up for workers’ rights and puts their livelihood in jeopardy and it isn’t until the free school meal battle that Natty starts to understand the importance of standing up for what you believe in and the strength of working together as a community and group to bring about change. This is a powerful, well-written theme throughout the story, which opens up the opportunity to discuss a range of topics, such as the education system, workers’ rights, unions and the suffrage movement.

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Yiğit Akın has written a pioneering study, examining the long-neglected Ottoman home front during World War I. When the War Came Home illuminates the war's deep social and economic impact on the empire's civilian population." If my heart broke for Huw, then my heart hurt for Johnny. Johnny, that young soldier that Natty befriends at the side of the river, a soldier that suffers from 'memory loss with no obvious damage to the brain.'. 💔💔 A solider that Natty is so desperate to try and find a way to have his memory returned, who can't bear the thought that he could live a life without knowing who he is. As young as she was, she tries so very hard to help him from the way she learns how Huw copes with his own grief. And somehow, along the way, one boy's pain becomes the other's, as well, and in that heart-wrenching moment, my heart seized with what was about to happen. 🥺🥺 Set shortly after the First World War, this historical mystery is a compelling read. Natty is cross when Mam loses her job for speaking out against unfair working conditions, as without an income, they cannot pay their rent so are forced to move. They go to stay with Aunty Mary and Uncle Dewi, who run a small farm in the Welsh countryside, but Natty finds it challenging to share a room with her cousin Nerys, who has bags of enthusiasm and never stops talking.

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