Bath and Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom For Women 8 oz Fine Fragrance Mist

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Bath and Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom For Women 8 oz Fine Fragrance Mist

Bath and Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom For Women 8 oz Fine Fragrance Mist

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My JCB is an old bottle of the body spray that I hung onto. I used to wear it with the lotion but it got to be too strong and overbearing for me. If I had to describe this scent, I'd say it's floraly, fruity, musky, and woody. The cherry blossom note is the most dominant in the fragrance, which smells fresh, powdery, and subtly sweet. The fruity quality to the fragrance provides a watery feel, rather than a sugary sweet one. The musk adds heavyness and softness to the fragrance. The woody notes provide some subtle spice to it. It's beautifully blended, and it's very sophisticated by Bath & Body Works standards. When I wear it I pair it with Bodycology Japanese Cherry Blossom body cream and it's really pretty. I enjoy wearing this again and I should go test the new formula to compare. My old body spray has really stayed in tact and still smells wonderful. I found that more often than not the body spray is definitely very floral at first, it does mellow quite nicely within the first 10-15 min. However, after an hour or so of wear, I think it often smells strange on me - almost like the notes are clashing. It might be the way the cinnamon note mixes with the florals? It's almost ironic that I hadn't tried this perfume, as one of the icons of the house and I'm not a BBW hater! but better late than never.

Once the spice recedes, the fruits and florals come through nice and strong. Then on the dry down, you're left with an absolutely gorgeous pear, cherry blossom, slightly powdery, vanilla-amber scent. Maybe a little sandalwood in there too. This final stage is what most people would imagine when they think of JCB. But this is the real deal, not the ghost that people have become accustomed to. It's so comforting and beautiful. The sillage and longevity are pretty darn good as well, I have to say. It’s been really interesting revisiting the fragrances that resonated with me when I was younger now that I’ve had a few years away, and have moved into different scents. I remember never really being able to say what this smelled like, which I’m sure is part of why I liked it. It was maybe the first fascinating (to me, at least) scent I owned. It was stronger and felt darker, sultrier than the other things I’d worn up to that point; Strawberries and Champagne by Victoria’s Secret, Dolly Girl by Anna Sui, Hula by Roxy, Chanel Chance. I started wearing it in college, and it seemed appropriate. It was a break from my girlhood; it felt sophisticated, maybe how I imagined the woman I wanted to become would smell. I've browsed the alleged basenotes, and they're all things I adore as well. Truly, I have no idea what bothers me about this. I love many strange and wonderful frags too, so for me to dislike a "weird" and creative one like this is highly irregular, I have even enjoyed all of the Mugler edps that I have tried! 🤔

Japanese Cherry Blossom from Bath & Body Works

As I said the scent is simple yet paradoxal because while it is a bubbly sort of scent it also, on me at least, has some warmth and a good bit of muskiness and that makes it extremely comforting. Also it is to be noticed that you won't smell anything like cherry here, but cherry blossom, which only remotely reminds you of cherry. when i use the roomspray in our appartement i feel like in a japanese garden in spring full of cherry blossoms in bloom! I'd been known to enjoy BBW's Japanese Cherry Blossom scent, but a friend bought me a set of Cherry Blossom bath products for Christmas (by happy mistake?!), and it wasn't until I breathed in the delicate, powdery-light gentle sweetness of the body wash and shampoo/conditioner in the shower that I grabbed the bottles for a second look! OH, "plain" Cherry Blossom! Lovely! The whole house smelled beautiful after that shower! In Stores & Online – 40% Off Entire Store on November 27, 2023 at 6:00 AM ET to November 29, 2023 at 5:59 AM ET.

I smelled this in a BBW store when it first came out. They were scenting the whole front store area with the oil warmer or something like that. It smelled so glorious that I ended up choosing all the layering products. That was around 2007 maybe. I wore it a lot and then stopped. Life changed and I moved and it became part of a closed chapter of my life. So, I stand behind this as the masterpiece that it is...but I suppose even some of the best art doesn't hit everyone in a positive way... Oh man, when I was in my late teens and really early 20s, this was my end all, be all fragrance. I wore this scent to death for almost three years straight (and I wore nothing else, aside from Tommy Girl once in a while). After that, I developed an aversion to it, to the point of hating it for over five years. I wore out my love for Japanese Cherry Blossom for a long time. Another best thing happened when i layer the body mist along with the body butter. The body butter has strong japanese cherry blossom scent too which helps extending the longevity of the body mist.Bodycology's version isn't quite as nice and rich smelling in the body spray so I wasn't tempted to get that as a replacement but the body cream works as a layering and moisturizing element. I have the Bath & Body Works set of the perfume, the fragrance mist, and the body lotion. When you put on the lotion and then the perfume it smells amazing. Wish it lasted longer though. This has been reissued in a different bottle with a reddish color. The EDT is absolutely AMAZING. I bought it brand new I believe, if not close to it. I know that after 10-15 years it has probably steeped a bit, and is a little more concentrated than it was when it was released. But I was surprised by how complex it was! As you can see from the notes, it had far more personality than the current retail offering. And it really does not disappoint. Being that Japanese Cherry Blossom is such a popular scent, I have tried it numerous times. It is strange, but every time I try it I have a different reaction to it. I don't know if that has to do with the way the scent responds to my body chemistry or if it has to do with my mood, but there are days when I love it and days when I can't stand it.

Instead, Japanese Cherry Blossom is warm and soothing, a comforting floral that blends woodiness, musk and vanilla in the dry down. This scent reminds me a bit of Kenzo's Amour, but it's far less heavy than Amour, and is much more wearable, in my humble opinion. In fact, I far prefer the combination of notes in Japanese Cherry Blossom- it's warm but not too heavy, never overpoweringly floral or spicy, and just the right hint of sweetness without being cloying; it's very well blended, and I find it suitable for both day and night time wear. It makes me feel quite feminine, delicate and pretty when I'm wearing it. I ended up using all my lotion but kept the spray. It is as strong and long lasting as an EDT and now I really love wearing it. I even poured some into a little atomizer spray bottle. Apply the body butter first than spritz the body mist on top is totally perfect match. The only downturn is the body mist liquid is red color and the body butter color content is pastel pink which can leave stain on white clothes. Yes I know its marketed to a younger crowd and probably a bit of an immature scent for the true perfume snobs but what can I say? I like what I like and I this is a lovely scent for any woman whose chemistry meshes well with it.I was gifted with a powerful lotion of this. Upon application I was hit with the memory of that blossom, wrapped around something like berries and a brown sugar cube. Not 100% my style of scent as it reminds me of too many other faceless women who leaped for this kind of "musky floral" as their constant signature over the years. However, I don't hate it because of its versatility. Anyone can wear this if they can *own* it. I do not find this scent terribly sweet, as the listed top notes of plum, pear, and apple might lead one to expect. It seems clean and neutral in a unique way. I know of no fragrance to which this one compares, aside from the one used to scent the BBW body product line "self-meditation," which claims to be rice-laden, and which I also like, but I believe has been discontinued. There are many superb Orientals like Shalimar, Emeraude, Samsara and Mitsuoko that are timeless and beloved perfumes. While Japanese Cherry Blossom by Bath and Body Works are nowhere near the level of sophistication of Shalimar, this is no less an Oriental. The fragrance might not last very long, and the projection and sillage is poor, but it's like a little breeze when you spray it, a light gust of wind from the Orient, blowing cooly on cherry blossom. In Japan, the cherry blossom is the equivalent to the rose in England; it's their signature flower. These fragrant flowers grow on trees caressed by winds and are found even in the gardens of the Imperial Palace. Everywhere in Japan you see the pink and white cherry blossoms remindng you where you are: in the Far East. This fragrance is subtle but it takes you to Japan for at least a couple of minutes. I found it sweet and comfortng, like drinking green tea under a cherry blossom and under a delicious breeze. You can wear this to work, the office, school, University, a date, an outing with friends, the beach and so forth. Smells like it is best worn in spring and summer.

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