Bee Oil Burner, Honeybee Design Hand Decorated Wax Warmer, Bumblebee Wax Melter, Burner, Includes FREE Wax Melt and Tealight

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Bee Oil Burner, Honeybee Design Hand Decorated Wax Warmer, Bumblebee Wax Melter, Burner, Includes FREE Wax Melt and Tealight

Bee Oil Burner, Honeybee Design Hand Decorated Wax Warmer, Bumblebee Wax Melter, Burner, Includes FREE Wax Melt and Tealight

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Put the solid pieces into the smaller bowl. Cut the beeswax into smaller pieces so it’s easier to melt it. There have been a lot of inventions on how to conveniently melt beeswaxes. The conventional method works, undeniably. But melting beeswaxes is a lot more convenient with a lot of inventions and variations of beeswax liquefiers and melting tanks to use. These tanks are digitally controlled and are using a stainless steel and highlights insulation for safe and eco-friendly heating processes. Is it really needed? Not really when you’re only needing a small amount of beeswax to melt. But if you’re into the business, it might save you time and energy to invest on a good Beeswax melting tank or machine. Beeswax is a common natural wax used to make these types of products. But, they can be made with other materials too such as soy wax. Most candles (except for hand rolled sheets of beeswax used mostly for decoration) are lit at some point. They are designed to be burned.

Only use a metal bowl for the smaller piece; don’t use plastic or glass, which might melt or shatter. It is a good idea to gather all of your materials before starting this project. Wax can be messy. Spreading newspaper or freezer paper on the counter to create an easy to clean work space is advised. Fill the smaller bowl with solid beeswax pieces. Cut the beeswax into smaller chunks to speed up the melting process. Make cubes of beeswax and throw it in the saucepan or them metal bowl. The smaller chunks, the faster it melts. If you do not have a scale – no worries. You can measure your ingredients and use a ratio. For example, in this recipe you want twice as much beeswax as coconut oil. Coconut Oil A wide range of essential oils and fragrance oils are used when making homemade wax melts. Color is sometimes added for a visual effect but the focus is always fragrance. Homemade Wax Melts are Safer for Some PeopleOnce the beeswax has completely melted, pour it into a mold. Prepare molds or containers so that once the beeswax is completely melted, you can immediately pour it into the mold where it can cool down. Can you use a wax melt without a burner? Sure you can. Place your melts in a wide mouth glass jar (mason jar) and sit in a pot with water. If you are using this process in a cooler season, find an indoor spot that receives direct sunlight.

This wonderful oil can be used in so many ways. It’s a great idea to keep a small tub on hand. In addition to this project, I use it in my beeswax lotion recipe and my natural beeswax lip balm too! You need clean beeswax to make melts. When buying commercial beeswax – it is usually clean and ready to use but you pay more for the convenience. Here are the primary materials you need to make your own beeswax melts. This recipe includes coconut oil too and I feel that combination makes the best product. Before we dig in any deeper, let’s make sure that you know exactly what beeswax are. Scientifically called cera alba, beeswax is a natural wax famously produced by honeybees. In the eight wax-producing glands in the abdomen area of the worker bees, these waxes are formed into scales and are discarded in or at the hive.Unbleached natural beeswax has a slight honey smell. If you want a different fragrance, choose a strong scent such as peppermint, pine needle or orange. How Much Fragrance Oil to Use in Your Beeswax Melts To achieve the goal of melting the beeswax in a way that it can still be useful, make sure that it is set on the right amount of temperature. Its melting point is at 62-64.5 °C. Beeswax becomes brittle once temperature drops down below 0°C. Take note that we have to avoid putting the wax on a higher temperature as heating it above the desired heat causes discoloration and boiling will eventually ruin the quality of the wax. Does melting beeswax need the use of any equipment? Not every spot is suitable for a candle with a live flame. Of course, this does not mean you should not take some precautions. Spilled wax can make a mess – even if you don’t get burned. When creating your diy beeswax melts, plan to experiment a bit until you find the best wax or combination that fits your needs. How Wax Melts Differ From Candles Although Beeswax is known for its wonderful uses, not knowing how to deal with it when it’s hot can pose a lot of danger. Beeswax may be a natural wax produced by worker bees, but it is still a wax, and we need to know how to carefully handle it when it’s hot.

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