Games Workshop - Warhammer 40,000 - COMBAT PATROL: Space Marines

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Games Workshop - Warhammer 40,000 - COMBAT PATROL: Space Marines

Games Workshop - Warhammer 40,000 - COMBAT PATROL: Space Marines

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It has taken many long years – and countless sacrifices – but finally Ahriman, once the Chief Librarian of the Thousand Sons and now a sorcerer in exile, is ready to attempt the most audacious and daring feat of his long life. His quest for knowledge and power has all been for one purpose, and he would now see that purpose fulfilled. His goal? Nothing less than undoing his greatest failure and reversing the Rubric that damned his Legion… The result? Tense, involved, but straightforward games that can be played in less than an hour.* There’s still plenty of nuance for Warhammer 40,000 experts to enjoy – swapping out Enhancements and Secondary Objectives to mix up their playstyle, and mastering each faction’s Combat Patrol in turn, without having to build up a full Incursion or Strike Force-sized army.

If you prefer hunting Daemons rather than making pacts with them, the Grey Knights Combat Patrol features a Librarian in Terminator Armour , five Grey Knights in Terminator Armour , five Grey Knights (which you can build as a Strike Squad, an Interceptor Squad, a Purifier Squad, or a Purgation Squad), and a mighty Nemesis Dreadknight . The Terminators provide a sturdy core to your army, while the Dreadknight strolls across the battlefield slicing things up with a Nemesis greatsword or smashing them with a Nemesis daemon hammer. Castellan Crowe Overall, unless you need these models because you missed out on that box release, it’s not worth buying this box as the value is far lower than the cost of this box on the secondary market. Of the 25 miniatures in the Orks Combat Patrol, 24 were brand new on the set’s release, including 20 new Ork Boyz, three Deffkoptas, and a Warboss in mega-armour. The Deff Dread isn’t a new sculpt, but is as shooty and stompy as ever.The majority of datasheets have been modified, both to adapt units that would be overpowered in this format, but also to slim down more complex units to one defining rule and ensure players can master the key abilities of their units before discovering their full potential in larger games. With flat three damage which also has -2 AP, this guy can bring the pain. Plus if you give him Speed of the Primarch he’ll always fight first in the fight phase. By giving him Angel Exemplar for 1cp you’ll be able have an additional Warlord Trait as well, so why not give him Gift of Foresight to allow him to re-roll one hit roll, wound roll and save roll each turn? Brave, honest and true, they only very occasionally indulge in macabre vampiric rituals with goblets of suspiciously viscous red ‘wine’– and it really is only once in a blue moon that one of them slips into an insane, suicidal killing frenzy fuelled by the overwhelming psychic grief imprinted in his DNA. Doom has come upon the Thousand Sons. Born from the Rubric, a curse of fire and dust stalks them across time and space. The spirits of the Rubricae are vanishing from the prisons of their armour in the fourth novel in John French’s Ahriman series. This doesn’t have the highest value we’ve seen, but pretty close to a lot of the boxes and still decent for the price. If you need the models inside, it saves you a decent amount of cash and will get you a lot of minis fairly cheaply. Thousand Sons Combat Patrol:

A Dark Apostle leads the combat patrol while reciting passages from a book… that’s on fire. He’s flanked by two dark disciples who are excellent in close quarters combat. Five Havocs are ready to bring the pain with heavy weapons, including an intimidating chaingun. Ten Chaos Space Marines bring a good mix of mid to close range weapons and the patrol is finished with heavy support in the form of a Helbrute that can dish out and take punishment as needed. The Death Guard box does have a ton of value, but it comes mainly in the form of Poxwalkers, so that is hard to gauge. It is the box for you if you want a lot of Poxwalkers. The Deathwatch and Grey Knights Combat Patrol boxes are the clear loser on pricing and value. That’s because if you don’t need the characters, you basically get no real value.The daemonic onslaught intensifies, with a Combat Patrol set focused on Khorne. Get the blood flowing with this hefty collection of 34 miniatures, which can be built to reach a Power Level of up to 33 and get you gaming straight away. This Combat Patrol-sized force is led by a fearsome Bloodmaster, ably supported by three Bloodcrushers mounted on Juggernauts, 10 slavering Flesh Hounds, and 20 Bloodletters – making a spectacular basis for a Khornate horde. On paper I think this army could surprise people just because it’s not a build you’d expect to see. Vanguard Space Marine forces aren’t exactly tearing-up the meta though…so this is more of a fun challenge project than the next big GT winner. You have been warned. From here you’ve got a little over 800 points left to work with and we still need to budget for Wargear. You’ve got a couple of Troops to grab objectives, you’ve got some Elites to offer up some support, and a few heavy lifters. It’s a solid core to build from. This is really where you’re own personal preferences would take over. Overall, of all the Combat Patrol Boxes, the new Genestealer Cults is a pretty good value in terms of both pricing and selection of models. Unfortunately, The value in this combat patrol is really just based on a little less than half the contents of the Leviathan Starter Set, minus the Screamer Killer and the Neurotyrant. Overall, unless you need these models because you missed out on that box release, it’s not worth buying this box as the value is far lower than the cost of this box on the secondary market.

As I mentioned earlier I would probably look to be including more Incursors in the larger builds of this list alongside some of the other more well known Blood Angel units for flavour such as Mephiston and Death Company. The core principle is simple – each Combat Patrol has been given a full set of self-contained rules that define it on the table. This includes datasheets, but also secondary objectives, faction rules, Enhancements, and Stratagems, all flavoured to match that force’s narrative – and balanced against every other Combat Patrol.*

Updated Warhammer 40k Combat Patrol boxes Pricing & Values

To keep things balanced, the weapons options for the units have been fixed for all the Combat Patrol datasheets, so there’s no need to fret about your character and unit equipment prior to a game. You don’t need to worry about which guns to give your Chaos Space Marine Havocs, for example. But really, you’re looking at adding another Troop, Elite, Heavy Support, and an HQ option. Another Squad of Chaos Marines starts at 180 points for 10. And having more of them is always useful. Combat Patrol uses simpler, one-side versions of the datasheet. You’ll also notice the red flash at the top of the Combat Patrol sheets – so you know you’re using the right one

Here’s all the Warhammer 40k Combat Patrol box values and pricing in our savings breakdown, updated with the latest price increases. In addition to your mission’s shared primary objective, every Combat Patrol can also choose between a pair of secondary objectives that let you define how you play. Wrath of the Emperor has you send your juggernaut Captain right into the fray, spraying guts and ichor with storm bolter and power sword, scoring 2VP for each phase in which he kills any models. Also remember that you can use the Space Marine codex stratagem Unyielding in the Face of the Foe which, for 1 cp allows them to add +1 to their armour saves against weapons with damage 1. SANGUINARY ANCIENT A Sanguinary Ancient with Sanguinary GuardPraetors of the Space Wolves Legion are some of the brawniest fighters in the galaxy, and as befits their station they march to war in highly ornamented battle plate. This resin Praetor also mounts the pelt of a Fenrisian wolf – that he no doubt slew himself – on his shoulder, and carries a heavy Fenrisian axe whose AP2 strikes will have no trouble slicing through Terminator armour. He comes with two head options: helmet or glorious, flowing beard. Space Wolves MkVI Heads First off, the Chaos Space Marines look great, their overall aesthetic hasn’t changed much over the years and it hasn’t needed to. They’re an imposing force to deal with, much like their Space Marine kin, but with some extra cruelty mixed in for good measure. This is an excellent starter box for those that want to turn worship the Chaos gods. The mix of troops allows for players to try different tactics and play styles to see what they prefer. And, like many of the other Combat Patrol boxes, each unit will become mainstays in your army even as it grows. Are They Difficult To Paint?

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