Masterpart Mini Motorized Cleaner Head Tool For Dyson DC58 DC59 V6 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaners

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Masterpart Mini Motorized Cleaner Head Tool For Dyson DC58 DC59 V6 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaners

Masterpart Mini Motorized Cleaner Head Tool For Dyson DC58 DC59 V6 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaners

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A button under the V12's display allows you to manually choose between three cleaning modes: auto, medium, eco, or boost. Auto makes the decision for you by constantly scanning the floor and adjusting suction power accordingly. The cyclonic boost in heavy-debris areas, like the soiled floor surrounding plants that my cat insists on digging in, is audible — and comforting, because you know it's working.

If anything, large homes (more than 2,000 square feet, maybe) with multiple pets that shed heavily might consider bumping up to a Dyson with a larger dustbin and longer battery life. You can squeeze just under an hour out of the V12 Detect Slim on one charge if it's on low power mode, but that's hard to achieve when the vac automatically works harder on areas it senses to be dirtier. Weight and maneuverability: As a one-handed task, the tedious-ness of vacuuming is directly impacted by the clunkiness of the vacuum. Its overall compactness also determines how easy it is to store. Note that the V12 Detect Slim is kept slim by using a smaller dustbin than its siblings. Who, me? Credit: Leah Stodart / Mashable The Motorbar is great for heavy debris, but sometimes too strong for its own goodThe V12 Detect Slim takes advantage of Dyson's best features, like the laser, digital display and automatic boost, and powerful, precise attachments. The bullet points that it sacrifices to keep the cost down aren't major hits. As you reminisce on all the times you've had to cut jumbles of long hair out of the bottom of a vacuum with scissors, you'd be right to be skeptical about how anti-wrap any cleaning head could possibly be. It's probably inevitable eventually, but I haven't had to give the V12 Detect Slim a trim yet — and I vacuum daily in an apartment that's home to three long-haired 20-somethings who shed. The laser fluffy head ditches the tennis ball-sized ball that the motorized head uses to swerve around (it's like the mini version of the Big Ball that corded Dysons have). Instead, it takes on a bendy straw design. This keeps its profile low and allows the whole vacuum to lay almost parallel to the floor, depending on how close to the ground you feel like getting. I was able to push it under furniture where even a slim robot vacuum definitely couldn't fit. Its soft bristly approach laps up specs of dust similarly to how a cloth or Swiffer pad would, rather than relying on sheer suction to pull them up. After going over a particularly dirty spot, you can take a second look with the laser to ensure the pieces you saw before are gone.

Battery life: Few things are more frustrating than your vacuum dying halfway through its job. (It’s the downside of not being tethered to the wall.) The V12 Detect Slim’s alleged 60-minute runtime (on eco, the lowest power setting) is shorter than other Dysons, which offer up to 120 minutes, but beats the common 40-minute limit of more basic models. FWIW, the downsizing is what keeps the V12 Detect Slim so slim and lightweight. Weighing in at 5.2 pounds, it's nearly three pounds lighter than the Dyson Outsize Absolute+, and a breeze to whip around with one hand. I like the idea of not actively holding a trigger to keep the vacuum on, which is what I had to do with my Dyson V10. But the on/off button on the V12 Detect Slim is positioned just far away enough from the handle that you can't hit it with your thumb on the hand that's vacuuming. It's not a striking inconvenience, but did get annoying if my other hand was busy moving an obstacle out of the way. Both the Laser Fluffy head and Motorbar head were tested on hard and soft floors to determine how often swapping them is necessary. The attachments were tested on furniture covered in both crumbs and pet hair, a super furry cat tree, dusty baseboards, and the interior of a car. My mother is the one person I know whose reaction to what's hiding on the floor would be even more visceral than mine. I brought the V12 Slim along on a visit to my parents' house and told her to let the laser rip on her textured tile kitchen floor. "This is the most depressing thing I've ever seen," I heard her say as she witnessed so many more pieces of dander and tufts of cat fur than you'd ever notice with a casual glance.I SWEAR our hardwood floors look spotless when not under the laser. Credit: Leah Stodart / Mashable The Motorbar is tough on dense piles of dirt. Credit: Leah Stodart / Mashable With these attachments, a dedicated hand vacuum is obsolete The V12 Detect Slim was put to the test for two months in two different environments: an all-hardwood apartment home to three 20-somethings with long hair and a cat, and a mostly-carpeted house (with scattered tile) home to my parents and two cats. Aside from actual cleaning performance, the size of these homes also gave insight into the V12 Detect Slim’s battery life, which isn’t the longest — but given how hard it’s working, that’s understandable.

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