The Fine Print (Dreamland Billionaires Book 1)

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The Fine Print (Dreamland Billionaires Book 1)

The Fine Print (Dreamland Billionaires Book 1)

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Also Zahra purposely messing up the bowling swing he was teaching her just so he could keep touching her... don't get me started on rowan or should i say the most boring man to ever live . i can't believe i'm saying this but alex from twisted love is 10x better than daddy issues rowan. i hope i make sense bcos at this point, i feel like im rambling since trying to articulate my thoughts is a struggle😭 ROWAN This man had one genuine personality trait and that was his passion for drawing. It was so cool to see someone who acts all tough have a creative side (i know the bar is in hell). However, he was straight up rude on so many occasions... IMMA PASS.

Honestly, this was spicier than the love hypothesis and the hating game combined, we get 3-4 amazing sex scenes, they are pretty explicit as well. The dirty talk was awesome and not cringy at all. Rowan exudes BDE and I liked the way he talked to her. It had very typical romance tropes but again it was so bad. I really needed some romance as I'm currently reading a lot for school at the moment. As to why I subtracted .75 star? I don't know, I guess it was sort of predictable and I wish the banter and angst lasted longer. For example, Rowan is super insecure by the fact that he's a good artist so he hides that fact from Zahra. When Zahra needs to find someone to illustrate her ideas, Rowan gave Zahra the number of a guy he made up, Scott, and pretended to be him for a while, like at least a month. My life went full-blown Dreamland princess in less than an hour. But instead of a prince on a horse, I ended up with Rowan–the perfect kind of morally gray hero I love reading about.


and it annoys me so much bcos this had potential for me to be really good! you best believe i am reading Declan and Cal’s books... Cal, sir👀 if you’re looking for a heroine for your book look no further baby😘 One of the things that I liked, except Ani, was the texting interactions between the two main characters. That shined on Rowan's character more. It did bring more colors to the mundane romance. the drama ? Idk this book just annoyed me . I could tell which moments I was supposed to swoon and go “awwww” but that’s not what happened . It felt immature for some reason and the writing style was so off . I don’t know if it was just too formal but it was evidently bad .There was a whole lot of cringe and eye roll moments

and hands down, Rowan and Ani���s interactions were the superior parts of this book. i will die on this hill!! that being said. i liked the moments i liked... if that makes sense. if i could cut all the useless shit out of this book, the way this would be soooo good. it had the bones of a good book, just Lauren Asher needed to decide what she wanted this book to be. slowburn or insta-lust? then the grumpy-sunshine, the workplace aspect with forced proximity and the boss and employee dynamic, the talking online but not knowing you know each other in real life... The dialogues are so typical. Expect to see sentences like- I let go of the breath I didn't realise I was holding in. Or How do I do that? You're a smart guy, figure it out. Like dude for once, give the man an idea on what to do. But yeah you get the gist.This is the most artificial love story I've ever read. The forced connection between the main characters is despicable, literally what is going on. It's giving Wattpad, and that is not a compliment. that being said. i liked the moments i liked... if that makes sense. if i could cut all the useless shit out of this book y’all need to look up the definition of casual in the dictionary bcos i think you’ve got the wrong idea. but when he apologises, Rowan basically declares how obsessed and infatuated he is with Zahra, how he can’t think of anyone else but her. how she’s makes him a better person. blah blah blahhhh... then when they have sex right after, Rowan tells her this can’t be anything more than causual between them?

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