Ruthless Games: The Complete Series

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Ruthless Games: The Complete Series

Ruthless Games: The Complete Series

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I kind of love the idea. Fantasizing about book stalkers is weird but fortunately, nobody judges me to my face when I read about those. But the thing that goes with my fantasy is the toxic power balance I believe there should be between the stalker and the stalkee. eu estou escrevendo isso aqui sem nem saber porque eu dei estrelas. eu devo ter gostado de algo, mas nem lembro mais por motivos de ✨esse livro é totalmente ESQUECÍVEL✨ (depois de um tempo lembrei: literalmente a última cena do livro tem um super plot twist que eu fiquei OMGGGGGGG, but that was it) The run for there lives with he help of Dominic, who turns out to be Ayla brother Caleb. They all banned together to kill Luca and save themselves from the other gangs chasing them. When Luca is dead they team up together and form a sort of truce gang for the city and each control a section. Maybe these details don’t bother other people as much, but these situations definitely contributed to my inability to get into or stay in that trance-like reading state during those steamy scenes. Ahhh! Just what I needed! It’s been awhile since I’ve had a chance to read Callie Rose and I’m glad I didn’t miss this one!

This poor cover model probably didn't drink water for an entire day just to get this massively cut photo. Ayla was raised in the foster care system and was raped by her foster father at the age of 15. This isn't really discussed in detail, but we know she tried to take her own life after that. Also, she may or may not have a younger brother. Ayla was 17 when she lost part of her right arm when she jumps in front of bullets meant for a stranger (at the time) named Marcus. Ayla is realistic compared to other mafia FMCs in the sense that once she entered this world she didn't remain completely innocent or turn into a complete badass. Don't get me wrong, she is awesome, it's just she's her own brand of awesome. She is trying to get tougher but isn't automatically amazing at shooting guns and fighting people.While she has found new friends, Harlow is stressed out given that her mother is in jail. Because of her stress, she often misses school as she does not have the motivation to do her school work while she is working on trying to get her mother out. Ayla goes to a club one night and for a brief moment she saw who we later learn is Marcus, she later goes outside and sees the beginning of a drive by shooting. Ayla steps in front of the shooter who was aiming at Marcus and his friends thereby saving his life. 2 years later that night has devastating consequences as Ayla lost part of her limb from the three bullets, she's working in a bar trying to save money for college.....until an attempted mugging up ends her world once again. Now Marcus and the guys step out of the shadows into Ayla's life...... But these men are not living ordinary lives and getting involved with them puts her in grave danger

Loved this book from the beginning but unfortunately had to stop halfway through the series once it was clear there was no commitment. Here’s the thing, I’ve read well over 200 books this year, not all of them were great, but I was HIGHLY anticipating the final book of this series for SO long and it fell ridiculously flat for me. I’m not writing this review to discourage anyone from reading this book because, let’s face it, if you’ve read the first two and don’t read the third.. you’re a monster. This review is honestly kind of me trying to sort out how/why I feel disappointed in the conclusion of this series. Also, maybe if I temper your expectations a little.. the book will turn out really great for you. This book was a lot steamier then the first. We finally get a few MMF,MMMF chapters…. Hot dam! Bring some swimmers its getting a bit wet in here! Some of the problems I've had with other RH stories is the other female characters. They're either a best friend who's only interested in the FMC and her love life or a jealous bitch who hates the FMC for being with their former partner.marcus is the one who most appears on this book, and i accepted that since there is three books (and i imagine the author intends to develop each one in her own timing). he's clearly the boss on the trio, the possessive one.

The second book does end with a cliffhanger, be warned! Hard to believe the next book will be the last. There's something rotten in Halston: there's a lot of twists and conflict going on in Sweet Retribution, and I can't wait to see if any of my predictions will come true or not. Umm, I seriously hope Marcus and Ayla aren't related. 😲 As in, hopefully Marcus doesn't turn out to be Ayla's missing brother. I mean, it seems unlikely, since Ayla's brother is supposedly younger than her, and Marcus is obviously older than her (and also the fact that Marcus's sister already died when she was just a young girl), but there's that certain passage (or two) that worries me and makes me think too much into it. LOL. RH though she's involved with only Marcus here I believe, the connection with the other 2 exists however The relationship between the FMC and the MMCs also seems more genuine (or as genuine as it can be). It seems that the odds are in favor of Marcus (or even Theo or Ryland) winning the ruthless game, but what if...what if they concede to their queen, Ayla? What if they want to follow under her rule?! And there's also Ayla's mysterious origins, too. Call it a hunch, but I won't be surprised if she ends up being Luca D’Addario's daughter or something. I remember Theo saying Luca has no children, but Ayla's age and the time of Luca's wife's death match up! after the accident, the guy becomes obsessed with the girl who was capable of saving him without knowing who he was. that's why he involves his best friends almost brothers, ryland and theo to help him protecting ayla.

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They're not together for 2 years in the beginning as the guys secretly watch out for her but I don't believe there were any others during that time for the guys Marcus, Ryland, and Theo are the H. They are very wealthy, but we never hear about them actually working. They live in a huge mansion, have nice clothes, and garage filled with expensive cars, etc. Callie Rose is a bestselling romance author who has made a name for herself writing some explosive romance. Her novels are known for having redemption stories, strong FMCs, tortured bad boys and twisty plots. I was wanting to know why Marcus and Co wanted to stalk Ayla and the only reason we got for the whole time is that he wanted to know her, and her heart and what goes on in her mind... and I'm like you couldn't have seen her when she was in the hospital or something 2 years earlier???!!!!!!!!

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