The Rabbit Hutch: A Novel (National Book Award Winner)

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The Rabbit Hutch: A Novel (National Book Award Winner)

The Rabbit Hutch: A Novel (National Book Award Winner)

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I wish I could say the ending was surprising, dramatic, meaningful, or anything at all, but by that point, I was so desperate for the whole thing to be over that any effect it could have had was well gone.

So when a New York City developer and his team make plans to revitalize the city, Blandine is understandably not happy and coordinates a protest involving voodoo dolls, fake blood, and animal bones to put a stop to it. Through Blandine, Gunty’s message is clear: if you build in the Rust Belt, keep true to its roots and ensure affordable housing so residents are not displaced.No no no, Tess Gunty is NOT the new David Foster Wallace, and the whole comparison makes no sense, and why do the ads even claim that, and why does a young female writer have to be compared to a dead male one if she decides to write over-the-top fiction, as if she needs to have her whole operation legitimized by some dead dude? (I love DFW, but please, make the nonsense stop). The title-giving "Rabbit Hutch" is a crumbling housing complex in Vacca Vale, a fictional town in Indiana. The Rust Belt dwellings inhabit the typical problems one expects, like poverty, unemployment, and a general air of resignation. As the text jumps from one inhabitant to the next, we learn how different tenants live in these surroundings, while the shadowy equivalent of a protagonist is 18-year-old Blandine, a young woman who, in sentence numero uno, exits her body - you're asking what that even means? This questions drives the story.

Blandine, who is obsessed with martyred saints, is the heroine Gunty always wanted to see — not just as a child, but now, as an adult. So Gunty certainly has a heart for the American Midwest (much like your humble reviewer, a Minnesota aficionada) and intends to investigate how people deal with gentrification, alienation, and the decline of traditional industries (here, the car company is called Zorn, which, fyi, is the German word for wrath / rage). While books that revolve around the topics mentioned usually operate with social realism and heavy moral implications, this text focuses on playfulness and boldly experiments with aesthetic choices, throwing all kinds of narrative ideas and images at us - I highly respect the drive and daring nature between Gunty's writing. She works with different text forms and uses the isolation between the characters as a stylistic means, and it all builds up to one gigantic extravaganza of over-construction. The Rabbit Hutch is a 2022 debut novel by writer Tess Gunty and winner of the 2022 National Book Award for Fiction. [1] Gunty won the inaugural Waterstones Debut Fiction Prize [2] and the Barnes & Noble Discover Prize for the novel. [3] [4] [5] Writing and development [ edit ]In The Rabbit Hutch, Gunty writes with a keen, sensitive eye about all manner of intimacies—the kind we build with other people, and the kind we cultivate around ourselves and our tenuous, private aspirations.” —Raven Leilani, author of Luster I think we should all take each other a little more seriously,” Blandine Watkins, the novel’s protagonist, says. She is speaking to a neighbor she has just met for the first time, in the laundromat, after assaulting her with apocryphal stories about young mystics who sweat blood and claimed to be engaged to Jesus Christ. Blandine is a force: eighteen years old, bleached-white hair and more intelligence than she knows wha I didn’t find myself connecting with any of the characters, even (and especially) Blandine, and much of the dialogue did not seem realistic to me. For instance, Blandine’s final confrontation with James does not sound like how a real teenager would talk! Often, it seemed as if the author had a personal interest in a certain topic, such as moral philosophy, and shoehorned it into a conversation where it wouldn’t otherwise be relevant. The Rabbit Hutch]paints a picture of its location…you can get to know everything…history, people, and minutiae…It’s a brilliant meditation on how much we don’t know about our nearest neighbors, and how the places we live can bring us together—or tear us apart.” —Bekah Waalkes, The Atlantic

Gunty was fortunate too to have a father who worked at Notre Dame: Tuition was free. “I never would have chosen to stay in my hometown if I had a choice,” she says, laughing. She considered becoming a journalist, but the school didn’t offer a program, so she studied creative writing. In some ways, writing fiction “was a fate that was decided by accident.” Harris, Elizabeth A. (October 4, 2022). "Here Are This Year's National Book Award Finalists". The New York Times . Retrieved November 17, 2022. A poetry collection called Factory Girls by Takako Arai. She’s Japanese and grew up in a silk-weaving factory. It’s about the brutality of industrialism and it’s breathtaking.

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The Rabbit Hutchaches, bleeds, and even scars but it also forgives with laughter, with insight, and finally, through an act of generational independence that remains this novel’s greatest accomplishment, with an act of rescue, rescue of narrative, rescue from ritual, rescue of heart, the rescue of tomorrow.” —Mark Z. Danielewski, author of House of Leaves By the time I was 15 I started vehemently rejecting it, and my entry point into that rejection was a growing awareness of the patriarchal structure of it, and then all of the abuse scandals. I wanted to get as far away as I could from the Catholic church, so I was very surprised to see the presence of Catholicism in my work, especially as it wasn’t laced with nearly as much bitterness and resentment as I expected. Along with Walk the Vanished Earth, Sea of Tranquility and Trashlands, The Rabbit Hutch will likely be one of my favourite novels of 2022.

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