The Tower of Nero (The Trials of Apollo Book 5) (The Trials of Apollo, 5)

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The Tower of Nero (The Trials of Apollo Book 5) (The Trials of Apollo, 5)

The Tower of Nero (The Trials of Apollo Book 5) (The Trials of Apollo, 5)

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On the side, I love learning languages, so I guess if I could clone myself, I would spend more time abroad immersing myself in cultures and becoming more fluent. I’ve spent some weeks in Italy, which is always wonderful, but would love to spend more time there. I recently did a two-week immersion course in Ireland, learning the Irish language that my ancestors would have spoken in County Cork. I find these trips inspiring and creatively recharging, so I wish I had time to do more of them. I really loved how this series ended. It's so nostalgic and gives so much more to the universe. Apollo had some hard trials all right, but it ultimately changed him for the rest of his to-be-determined life. I really hope we'll see him again in upcoming books. (Because there will be upcoming books, mark my words). All of the kids that I write about, at one time or another, have been in my classroom. I feel very protective of them. I am very aware of my responsibility to do right by them, to make them feel safe,” he says. “One of the greatest things about interacting with the fans is when they come up to me and they say, ‘This the first time that I saw a character like me and I felt so validated, it helped me through a really rough time.’ To think that maybe, at least in some cases, I had some role in building a sense of acceptance, is amazing.”

I also enjoyed the appearances of other important characters from the previous series, and the new characters such as Luguselwa and Lavinia who were introduced in these books. It was cool seeing how everybody worked together to help Apollo out in his quest, and how various characters left a lasting impact on him and inspired him to become a better person. It was enjoyable gaining insights into Nero says this was revenge for preventing him from burning down the city and that Apollo has done him a favor by getting all the campers in the building. He tells Apollo that him, Meg, and few others would be safe from death in the throne room. He tells him that Python is waiting for his corpse and that he would strike him a deal. He gives him 15 minutes to come up to the throne room alone before he releases the gas. He tells him that if he doesn't come he'll release the gas now and kill everyone inside. With that Nero turns off the call and Apollo turns to Screech-Bling. Screech-Bling tells him that the gas is bad and that Rachel was having visions again and told him to go to that room. Screech-Bling tells him that he will gather some other trogs and try to disable the gas before it goes off and leaves the room to do this task. Apollo realizes how bleak things are when he remembers he can't kill Nero unless Lu had succeeded However, he doesn't have much of a choice since he needs to stall Nero and find Meg. He had fifteen minutes to end Nero or Nero would end him. Though he’s had his fair share of tragedies, Nico’s story, like many of the other demigods’ tales, is one of hope. While I’ll always wish for there to be more Nico content, this book is meant to be about Apollo, and I understand that our favorite son of Hades will have his own time to shine. At the end of the day, he truly wants to help people, and I think he’ll get that chance sooner rather than later. (See the spoiler section below.) I considered that perhaps courage was a self-perpetuating cycle, like abuse […] All any of us could do was try, and hope that, in the end the virtuous cycle would break the vicious one.”


Going into The Tower of Nero, I found it very interesting that Riordan chose to take Nero and Python down in a single book, as opposed to dedicating one book to each. But I think that was a good idea as each villain compliments the other.

I could barely keep up with the pain and the angst and the intensity. There were old characters fighting, new characters in the mix, lots of cameos, confusion, and chaos. Lots of sass. Lastly, Apollo visits Meg at her home in Palm Springs. It is revealed that she is teaching her foster siblings how to take care of the plants and the dryads are planting more of themselves around Southern California. Lu is also there, living in Meg’s home with two mechanical hands. Apollo says he wants to reward Meg and, after giving a small speech about how he cannot fix all of her problems, she asks him for a unicorn. Apollo gives it to her and the two agree to remain friends with him promising he will always be there for her. He then tells the reader that they deserve a reward for reading through his trials and promises them that he will be there when they need him the most. Apollo developed so much throughout this series, and this book is certainly where we see him at his best. (Not physically, of course. He's still a squeaky teenage boy with acne. No shame, bro.) We also see the reappearance of my cinnamon rolls, Nico and Will, along with the one and only Meg McCaffrey. *sniffles* my precious demigods. *pat pat* Finally! It only took Riordan five books to figure out foster parents and step-parents aren't the same thing! It was driving me nuts!

Did we miss something on diversity?

Pretty close,” Will said. “Definitely in the middle of Venezuela’s biggest Cheez Whiz processing plant."

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that other than the destruction of my emotions, so I’m not complaining about the pacing. I’m just pointing out that it was very different and it took me by surprise. I couldn't stop myself after I started reading. And that was an issue because I had homework to do and I wasn’t doing it. Line 13 refers to how Python attempted to strangle Apollo to death, taking him to the brink of his human life. Lest could also refer to a shortened version of Apollo's mortal name as "Lester" somewhat dies during this ordeal. But while demigods always carry an overwhelming sense of despair with them — it’s part of the job description — there is a wonderful sense of hope, too. Camp Half-Blood remains a sanctuary for demigods from all over the country and beyond, and we get a wonderful sense of that in this installment. Honestly, I feel like I am living my dream project every day, every time I start a new book. It’s hard to imagine having a better job. I love what I do. I love telling stories, and it’s an incredible honor to know there are actually people out there who are waiting to read them!I was so afraid to finish it, but also dying to know how it ends. I kept up theorizing this whole year until the book came out. & now I'm joyously thrilled & also simultaneously sad because it has end. (that's the problem with the Great books! you want to finish it ASAP & also you don't want to finish the journey.) though my Top favourite of this series still remains "the Burning Maze", but this one is a close second. Line 6 talks about how once Meg and Apollo turn themselves in, their fates are now in Nero's hands. What happens to them now is up to Nero. Cassius was born to an unknown god and an unnamed mortal. At one point he was taken under the wing of Nero and trained to join the forces of Triumvirate Holdings. Reyna & Thalia: Both of these powerful demigods are still part of Artemis’ Hunters, chasing the Teumessian Fox as it wreaks havoc wherever it goes. I’d also be happy with a standalone about either of these characters or the Hunters in general.

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