Bath and Body Works YOU'RE THE ONE Fine Fragrance Mist 8 fl oz / 236 mL

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Bath and Body Works YOU'RE THE ONE Fine Fragrance Mist 8 fl oz / 236 mL

Bath and Body Works YOU'RE THE ONE Fine Fragrance Mist 8 fl oz / 236 mL

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For this reason, I love it almost more than Angel Nova (but I love Angel Nova, deeply), because I have an endless passion for strawberry centric fragrances (Mon Paris, Hanae Mori, Montale Rose Elixer, and La Nuit Tresor, to name a few)

This is very similar to Angel nova (which I also love) but instead of raspberry and litchi it’s strawberry… and it does make a difference. The strawberry REALLY comes through.Another reason the company may discontinue a fragrance is if it’s not popular with customers. If a scent isn’t selling well, it’s often removed from the lineup to make room for something that will better appeal to shoppers. Meh. It’s not as delicious as the mist or the cream, honestly, (less sweet, more sour) anlthough anll in anll, it’s nearly the same… and it’s faint within 30 minutes, doesn’t project all that well, either. YTO is very, very...pretty. I can see why this has become a sort of gateway between body sprays and full on perfumes, because it is a notch above the morass of offerings B&BW releases. And, for a body mist, it has fantastic performance, and I think the EDP is easily on par with most fragrances on the designer market. notes i love: (1) strawberry *NECTAR* - i don't love all strawberry notes, but it's the sweet creaminess of the strawberry that i am addicted to, (2) rose - i really like rose and its not too pungent in this, (3) birch - grounds the perfume. wow would you look at that, i love all the notes in this :) Anyway, I got the body lotion. It smells and projects slightly different from the spray. Instead, the birch is the star of the show. The delicious strawberry and rose notes are still there but the birch is much louder. It smells a tad bit more mature compared to its body spray counterpart. Would add an interesting layer to gourmand and floral fragrances.

Rose is not overpowering to me at all, here, and I am not passionate about roses in my perfumes. Rose is overdone lately, so I am trying to steer away from any rose centric fragrances, however, this one is strawberry than it is rose. What I find compelling about this release is that its long, silky trail will likely be indistinguishable for most from far higher tiered products – the difference between You’re The One and the Miss Dior or La Vie Est Belle family from two metres away would be a challenge even to seasoned perfumers. So, if you enjoy the gourmand rose genre and wear scent predominantly for its pleasing bubble (around yourself and those around you) rather than the painstaking details smelt exclusively an inch from your arm, then You’re The One will satisfy your demands for half the usual price, offering a much more democratic and accessible window at high-quality rose with a much less pretentious label. In Stores & Online – 40% Off Entire Store on November 27, 2023 at 6:00 AM ET to November 29, 2023 at 5:59 AM ET. Bath and Body Works is known for it’s amazing array of fragrances, and Youre the One is no exception. This particular scent is perfect for women who want to express themselves in a luxurious and irresistible way. The scent is a combination of soft rose, winter woods, and a touch of strawberry nectar, making it both feminine and seductive. It’s easy to see why so many women love this eye-catching body spray.One reason the brand discontinues scents is to make room for new products. Bath & Body Works is constantly introducing new products, such as shower gels, lotions, and candles, so they need to clear space on the shelves for these new offerings. Discontinuing a scent allows them to free up valuable space and make room for the latest and greatest products. One of bbw popular gem of a fragnance! Youtuber natalie grace had raved about this fragnance so much and since i like my rose or strawberry centric scents i bought the body cream of this first, it was a disappointment at first sniff, idk i was judging it when i was applying the fragnance on my body not fully focusing on the dry down. Anyway the scent grew on me so much so that this became my go to cream to use when i used to go for dates, even got complimented by that guy when he was giving me a hug once haha. so i had to put my coins on the travel size mist when i saw a great deal. I still have the travel size mist in my collection. It's a predominantly woody note with that strawberry necter to sweeten it up just the right ammount. The sweetness from the strawberry necter really jaz things up and saves this fragnance from being another woody fragnance. I don't detect any velvety rose in here, there is nothing velvety or rosy about this fragnance idk what others are talking about. So yeah a great birch wood fragnance with a twist of strawberry necter 😊❣️ disclaimer: i have this fragrance in the body mist, not the perfume. never so much as seen the perfume of this and honestly not sure that it's still sold. either way, i'm pretty sure BBW's mists and perfumes are the same thing in different bottles and at different price points, so i think my review of the body mist will be just as applicable (does anybody actually have the perfume of this?). I was waiting for this one to arrive to Canada and I'm so excited I bought it! We have an amazing sale today until Wednesday where you can buy 6 body care items for 36 CAD. Apply a coupon on that, and it will be even cheaper. What a steal! I LOVE the way this stuff smells. I compliment it by layering Angel Nova with or Mon Paris, or Roses Elixer with it, but in this case, You’re The One is what I am trying to accentuate, not the other way around.

I see people complain about this being too rosey occasionally, which I find surprising, because this is the sort of easy Millennial/Gen Z rose that really takes the heavy potpourri rose tones out and leaves sweetened pinkness behind. I find this exceptionally easy to appreciate, and I can't imagine anyone aside from the most rose-avoident people disliking this.

Why Does Bath and Body Works Change Scents?

It's just easy! I mean,'s marketed a little glamorously compared with other fragrances from B&BW, but even B&BW's more perfumey things are still relatively tame.

It's frutier than the "drop of strawberry nectar" denotes, it's a jammy strawberry as it opens, and the berry persists even as it settles.

Bath & Body Works is a popular brand known for their signature fragrances and body care products. However, their fragrance lineup is constantly changing to keep up with the latest trends and customer demand. The company is always experimenting with new scents, and while some become popular staples, others are eventually discontinued. I had to hunt down a bottle of this in the EDP version because I love the mist and the body cream so so SO much. I absolutely LOVE this scent. It's all I've been wearing these past few days. I have the wallflower and the candle too for my home, apart from the mist and the body lotion. With today’s sale, I got the glowtion, scrub, shower gel, and mini perfume. I loooove everything!!!

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