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Cat Opoly

Cat Opoly

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Featuring a variety of breeds from the Tonkinese to the Ragdoll and the Abyssinian to the Sphinx and Maine Coon, this brilliant board game will make the ideal gift for any cat lover. The objective of Cat-Opoly is to collect properties and earn money so you are the last player remaining with cash at the end of the game. Setup for Cat-Opoly While in Water you can buy/sell properties, buy/sell Cat Houses and/or Pet Spas, and you can collect rent. The game is then played normally. If an hour has passed and no one has won the game, the game will end. Each player counts up their total net worth. You will calculate your net worth as follows: Please note that the standard UPS UK or Parcelforce 24 or 48 services do not deliver on a Saturday, Sunday or bank holidays.

Whenever players receive money from passing/landing on the Scat! space, from Purrrfect or Cat-astrophe cards, and from mortgages; they are paid from the bank to the player. What is " Cat-Opoly" one might ask, but they shouldn't because it's painfully obvious that it's Monopoly. With cats. Roll both dice to determine how many steps you can move your piece forward (you may use one die if there are only two players).When we say it's a game for you and "your cats," we mean they'll gladly lay on top of the board game where it's inconvenient for you but very comfortable for them. When you land on the Cat-astrophe space in Cat-Opoly, you will draw the top Cat-astrophe card from the draw pile. Read the card and take the corresponding action. Then return the card face down to the bottom of the Cat-astrophe pile. The player that draws this Cat-astrophe card loses their next turn. Fall in Water After you have finished moving your playing piece, you will look at the space that your token is on. You will take an action corresponding to the space that your token landed on. Very good service, prompt delivery and great product, the Octopus kite. An immediate hit with granddaughters aged 8 and 11. Easily launched the kite despite bad weather and little wind. ... Read More When purchasing Cat Houses you need to equally spread them among all of the properties in the color set. For example you cannot place a second Cat House on a property until all of the properties in that color have their first Cat House. This player has already placed a Cat House on the Siamese and Exotic spaces. They will have to put one of the Abyssinian space before they can put a second Cat House on the other two properties.

Once you have acquired all of the properties of a color, you may start purchasing Cat Houses for those properties. At any point in the game you may trade or sell property to another player. You can make any trade you want as long as both players agree to it. If you sell a property you can sell it for whatever price both players agree to. The one exception to this is if you roll doubles. If you roll doubles you will take the normal action corresponding to your first roll. You will then roll the dice again and take another turn. If you roll doubles three times in a row, you will move your token immediately to the Water space. You will not receive money for passing the Scat! space. Your turn then immediately ends. The yellow player rolled an eight on the dice. Since they rolled doubles, they will start by taking the action of the space that they landed on. They will then roll the dice again and take another action. Paying/Receiving Money

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Shuffle all of the deed cards and randomly give four to each player. They will pay the bank the cost of the properties that they were dealt. If you still owe money, you will declare bankruptcy. You will give any cash and property you own to the player or bank that you still owe money to. Mortgaged properties will stay mortgaged unless the new owner pays off the mortgage plus 10%. Choose a banker. The banker can play the game, but they need to keep their properties, cash, etc separate from the bank.

When a player lands on the Free Catnip space, they will collect all of the money added to the middle of the gameboard. This money comes from spaces that players landed on as well as Cat-astrophe and Purrrfect cards. The red player landed on the Free Catnip space. They will take all of the money paid to the center of the board. Just Prowling For most destinations there is the option to select an express delivery service instead of the standard delivery. If you owe money to either another player or the bank and don’t have enough to pay everything you owe, you most likely will have to declare bankruptcy. Cat Opoly is a delightful family board game that combines the fun of Monopoly with the lovable challenge of cats. While there are many different strategies for playing and enjoying Cat Opoly, here are some tips on how to win as well as enhance your experience: Separate the Purrrfect and Cat-astrophe cards and shuffle each set of cards separately. Place each set of cards face down on their corresponding spots on the gameboard.Depending on your placement onto a square or a space, perform the action listed on that square (for example buy property if it’s an empty lot). If you land on the Water/Just Prowling space while moving around the board, you are safe. Make sure you place your token on the Just Prowling section. On your next turn you will take your turn like normal. Purrrfect Hilarious Cat Memes To Help You Laugh Through The Pain Of Finishing Another Weekend (October 29, 2023) Once you have placed four Cat Houses on each property in a color set, you can start placing Pet Spas on those spaces. The cost of the Pet Spa is printed on the deed card. You will pay the cost to the bank. You will then return the four Cat Houses from the space to the bank and replace it with the Pet Spa. Only one Pet Spa can be placed on each property. Selling Cat Houses and Pet Spas

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