Star Cutouts stsm208 – Mask – Fiona – Shrek Dreamworks,Multicolour,‎7 x 7 x 3 cm; 29 grammois

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Star Cutouts stsm208 – Mask – Fiona – Shrek Dreamworks,Multicolour,‎7 x 7 x 3 cm; 29 grammois

Star Cutouts stsm208 – Mask – Fiona – Shrek Dreamworks,Multicolour,‎7 x 7 x 3 cm; 29 grammois

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Shrek and Fiona are badasses, but in the finale, they are near helpless when a pissed off Farquaad sics entire droves of knights on them, causing the two to become overwhelmed by the massive army, not helping that they're in a crowded church making it easier for the knights to trap the ogres.

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Fiona is a more interesting example. In the book, the princess is a hideous, pointy-nosed ogre. Here, she's a beautiful human being who's cursed to become an ugly ogre every night. Regardless, her ogre form is still more attractive than her book counterpart.

Fantastic Racism: Farquaad. The trope's name has never been so appropriate: Farquaad hates all "fairy tale creatures" and has them evicted and forced into Shrek's swamp. His "perfect kingdom" would have nobody but (non-magical) humans.

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Wrestler in All of Us: When Shrek finds himself in a roped-off pen surrounded by Farquaad's knights, he busts out the pro wrestling maneuvers, even hitting one of the knights with a folding chair. Not too surprising if you realize Shrek was designed after 1940/50s wrestler "The World's Ugliest Man" The French Angel. Rich Suitor, Poor Suitor: Though Fiona was intended to marry the wealthy lord of Duloc Farquaad, she falls in love with the common ogre Shrek. At first, she accepts Farquaad's proposal but only after a falling out with Shrek. However, after Farquaad is eaten by Dragon at the wedding, she marries Shrek. Accidental Hero: Donkey ends up saving the movie by charming a dragon. He realizes that the dragon about to eat him is a lady, and most castle visitors aren't nice to her. Flattered, Dragon changes course and cuddles with him instead, crying out in pain and sadness when he makes his getaway. Later, they reconcile when encountering each other by a river, and Donkey grows to like her as a romantic partner despite his initial reluctance. Donkey convinces her to help Shrek reconcile with Fiona, and she delivers the coup de grace to Farquaad when he overpowers Shrek and Fiona. Nice Kitty...: When cornered by the dragon, Donkey starts laying on the compliments. It works a little too well. Hero with Bad Publicity: As you might expect, Shrek is this due to being an ogre. In his words, people judge him before they properly know him and assume him to be a monster, whereas he is a nice guy once you get to know him, as Donkey and Fiona find out.

Subverted Rhyme Every Occasion: "Please keep off of the grass,/shine your shoes, wipe your.../...Face!" The scene in which Fiona single-handedly defeats Monsieur Hood and his Merry Men references the slow motion special effects popularized by The Matrix (1999), [10] [77] [94] as well as Diaz's own Charlie's Angels films. [95] [96] [97] In a DVD bonus feature, Fiona explains that she performed her own stunts in the film, claiming that she based her kung fu on Charlie's Angels. [98] Despite concerns that references to The Matrix would eventually date the film, Rossio believes the gag will remain funny because it is a parody instead of merely an imitation. [7] A similar reference is made when Fiona defeats a mob at the beginning of Shrek 2, a complex sequence for which animators used powerful data processors to store and manipulate millions of computer generated images. [99] Modesto created new character models for Fiona and Shrek in Shrek the Third, [100] while new software and servers were implemented to animate individual strands of the princess's hair much faster than had been possible during production of the first film. [44] In Shrek Forever After's alternate reality, the character wears her hair unbraided for the first time, [101] which was inspired by singer Janis Joplin. [102] Due to its costliness, Fiona's new hairstyle first needed to be approved by DreamWorks, with Mitchell likening the process to "prepar[ing] like a lawyer". [103] The re-design was a difficult, expensive process that required 20 animators to animate each strand individually, [101] [103] as Mitchell was particularly determined to render it correctly due to audiences' familiarity with long hair. [103] One group was specifically tasked with setting up Fiona's hair, which head of production technology Darin Grant believes "allowed the process to be optimized and work across many, many shots" as it "flows and cascades throughout" the entire film, [104] reinforcing Fiona's liberated personality. [101] Personality [ edit ] You and What Army?: Inverted. Shrek says this to the leader of a group of soldiers, who turns around and sees that the rest of his troops had run away, leaving a lot of their weapons behind. The leader does the same. Kill It with Fire: Played with at the beginning: One member of the angry mob waves a torch in Shrek's face, hoping to scare him. Shrek snuffs the flame out with his fingers. Burp of Finality: Combined with Spit Out a Shoe (crown) after the Dragon eats Lord Farquaad alive, she burps up his crown.

Why was Fiona shaving her face at the beginning of Shrek 2?

Which technically does rhyme with the line that follows: "Duloc is, Duloc is, Duloc is a perfect place!" I Need a Freaking Drink: Shrek swigs some ale before he throws down with the knights. He and Donkey also use the barrels as a weapon.


This conversation is skillfully crafted to become two separate scenes based on whether or not you know the piece of information; the audience is aware of it at the time. After Shrek manages to rescue Fiona from the castle, Donkey asks Fiona if she thinks Shrek is her true love. Shrek also says that he's not her type. Turns out he is both her true love and literal type, and their kiss at the end of the film breaks her curse. Humanizing Tears: Possibly the only instance of this trope being applied to a gigantic fire-breathing dragon. A few sobs in front of a lakeshore while pining for Donkey are pretty much all it takes to make the dragon a sympathetic character. Have a Gay Old Time: Shrek calls his donkey an "ass" even though it now refers to a butt or a foolish person.

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