The Goddess Oracle Deck & Book Set

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The Goddess Oracle Deck & Book Set

The Goddess Oracle Deck & Book Set

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The goddess Athena is another example of our choice to shift perceptions. Although many Hellenic Greeks were blonde, the reason we chose a blonde for a goddess representing knowledge, intellect, and strategy was to challenge the stereotypical “blonde joke” comments women often make about themselves. “Oh God… I am having another blonde moment!” To reclaim the blonde moment for all women, we have a smarty-pants blonde for our Athena card. Right now, the Greek goddess of wisdom, Metis says you know exactly what to do in your current circumstances. The real question is: Do you have the courage and commitment to make a wise choice? Your answer is not to hide. You are being invited to look within rather than without, take the wisdom you already have, and apply it to your question. Perhaps, however, you must instead draw forth the humility to find someone wiser to weigh in. Which Deity (God/Goddess) Is Reaching Out to You? Tarot and Oracle Reading, Psychic Reading, Tarot Card Reading, Oracle Card Reading Hope and new life are blossoming everywhere in your life right now, and this is something to celebrate. The Germanic goddess Eostre sings to you and assures you that your intentions have lain dormant long enough. When she appears, bearing the fertile power behind the coming of the spring, you may feel a surge of energy to implement your new ideas. Clarity in communication is called for as your words will have great impact on others right now. It’s a wonderful time to start writing that book, telling new stories, and sharing your experience, strength, and hope with others. You have everyone’s ear, so choose your message wisely. Others will also desire positive and fruitful communication with you, so get ready for some amazing new opportunities to come from these discussions. Just remember to stay open and be clear about expressing your deepest desires, always speaking with integrity, kindness,and respect for yourself and others. The Greek messenger goddess Iris is thrilled to help your words take flight. Communication improves in all your relationships when she comes to visit.

Do you notice how when you’re in alignment with the universe everything in your life just seems to flow? The Greek goddess Rhea, whose very name means flow and ease, comes to let you know that you’re entering such a time. While the flow state is not permanent for most people, it’s a beautiful feeling that allows you to lose yourself in the rhythm. It’s as if you’re traveling down a magic stream where ideas and insights pour through you from a vast source of information that is gifted to you. You are at your most lovely when you are being yourself. The Japanese goddess of beauty, Benzai-Ten, reminds you that knowing, accepting, and honoring yourself as a spiritual being in a physical body requires self-care. Now is the time to support yourself by surrounding yourself with beauty and choosing to see its power in every aspect of your life. If you can commit to doing that, you will be amazed at how much more beauty arises to greet you. Lunar Goddess Rubber Yoga Mat, Ideal Gift for Moon Lovers, Oracle Tarot Card Aesthetic, Divine Feminine Touch, Durable and LightweightThe Greek goddess Nike asks you to be present to the beauty and richness discovered in your life so far. You have come this distance, so what are your wins? Celebrating them is key right now to enable you to co-create even more. Experience woven together with knowledge creates a beautiful thing—wisdom. Its parts are entwined like a finely made rope that is so strong it can’t be cut. Wisdom, once earned, becomes an essential part of you.

Mama Killa, the Incan goddess of the moon, presides over the power of cycles and seasons. The moon rules the night sky, returning full 13 times in a year. The ancients marked time by the moon to know when to plant, when to harvest, when to store food, and when to celebrate fertility.Printable Goddess Values Cards - Discover Your Inner Personal Values | Core Values | Strengths Based | Values Determination Perhaps you are questioning a plan or an intention you have set and wondering if the work you are doing to make it come true will actually pay off. Keep collections to yourself or inspire other shoppers! Keep in mind that anyone can view public collections—they may also appear in recommendations and other places.

You live in a world where you may have felt that you were not allowed to celebrate your victories lest you be cut down for being self- centered. Perhaps you were raised in a family that discouraged you from shining in an authentic way. Being successful at the game of life requires you to refuse the message that you are too much or not enough. Your biggest win is to be yourself, accepting yourself exactly as you are, releasing the idea that you are flawed in any way and expressing yourself with authenticity. This is the true power of the victory goddess Nike expressed through you! The Egyptian goddess Ma’at comes to remind you that if you are willing to do a fearless self-inventory and live authentically, with rigorous honesty, it will lead you to great success in all areas of your life. Being completely transparent with others, although it might at first feel too vulnerable, is exactly what you need to do now. When you do this, you will be flooded with the power to claim and experience a new freedom and a new happiness that will pour over your life like a wild, sweet honey. The Greek goddess Hera, wife of Zeus, knew intimately that positive alliances lead to great power. At this moment, you’re magnetized to receive aid from people who have greater wisdom and can help you to the next level. Perhaps it’s a mentor who appears or someone “in the know." Making connections with others and finding strategic partnerships are favored right now as you explore the nature of becoming empowered by association. This works well if you have a healthy sense of self-worth and if you are able to learn without diminishing yourself in any way. You are standing in the liminal spaces between what was and what will be—who you have been and who you are becoming. The Greek goddess of crossroads and the in-between, Hecate, welcomes you to her domain and reminds you that neither place is your home. You’re being tasked to carefully choose the direction of your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and actions. Now is not the time for hasty action or stubbornness, but a fierce self-inventory. Bless the past for what it has provided, and release all attachments to the stories of what was. Now is the time to understand the responsibilities required of you as you move forward into a new version of yourself that is as yet unformed. Large Tarot Cards for Beginners - Premium Tarot Cards with Meanings - Tarot Gift for Women - The Perfect Set of 78 Beginner Tarot Cards

Who Are My Hindu Gods and Goddesses General Psychic Oracle Reading Spirit Guide Reading Mythology Shiva Ganesha Kali Same Day Two Question The feminine principle of the Universe was deified as a goddess—the Great Goddess—in a system where woman was the creatrix and embodied the principle of Life. The ability to create life was worshipped in a partnership model of society.

Maybe a circumstance in your life is changing, which is exciting and a bit scary, and you are unsure about exactly how to respond. The appearance of the Celtic earth goddess Danu, who gave birth to magic, portends the fulfillment of your desires and the fruition of your dreams. Whatever it is that you’re inquiring about, Danu gives her assurance that you’re in the process of becoming! Now is the time to trust that whatever you have planted, planned, and worked toward is being lovingly birthed; all you need to do is stay with the flow of events and be ready for your next opportunity. Keep collections to yourself or inspire other shoppers! Keep in mind that anyone can view public collections - they may also appear in recommendations and other places.

The Goddess Power Oracle & Receive your Bonus

Wonderful change is afoot in your life when the energy of the Hindu goddess Shakti arises to support you. All your longing, desire, and focus on something better in your life, coupled with your willingness to do the work, has ignited the life force energy of the Great Goddess. She responds now to bring you your heart’s desire. Know that now is the perfect time to move into the highest version of yourself. The Greek goddess of grain, motherhood, and the harvest, Demeter, reminds you that a harvest is meant to be shared. You’ve now tapped into her nurturing love, which is abundant, and your well-meaning gestures will be received with gratitude and in some way returned to you tenfold. NEW 100 Cards Spiritual Symbols Volume 2 With Upright/ Reverse Messages For Guidance, Meditation, Inner Growth, Enlightenment & Healing SHORT AND SWEET: Empath Psychic Medium Reading, One Question, Your Situation, Past + Present + Future, Humans + Pets, Clairvoyant Guidance When you shine your light into the world, you will attract various people and experiences that match or challenge your commitment to being empowered. Right now, you are receiving information to know which choice to make, which opportunity to take, and which person to trust. The Aboriginal Australian sun goddess Yhi illuminates your path with her rays and brings clarity as she shows you what you need to know.

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