DROP Sennheiser PC38X Gaming Headset — Noise-Cancelling Microphone with Over-Ear Open-Back Design, Velour Earpads, Compatible with PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox, Mac, Mobile, and More

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DROP Sennheiser PC38X Gaming Headset — Noise-Cancelling Microphone with Over-Ear Open-Back Design, Velour Earpads, Compatible with PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox, Mac, Mobile, and More

DROP Sennheiser PC38X Gaming Headset — Noise-Cancelling Microphone with Over-Ear Open-Back Design, Velour Earpads, Compatible with PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox, Mac, Mobile, and More

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Both cables (the shorter console cable and the longer PC cable) are made the same and there mostly the same as the PC37x cable. All in, the fact remains that the GSP 670 is one of the best Sennheiser gaming headsets - and a seriously excellent gaming headset, period. The PC38X is on the natural/warm-neutral side of tonal balancing, with bass that is linear and extends quite low, without sounding thin, nor emphasized. I'd consider it bass neutral, which will fit whatever you're listening to. Give EDM with a thumping bass line, and you'll find the PC38X thumping and rumbling with the best of them. Not any more, not any less than needed. So overall while comfort for me wasn't amazing and after break-in, it was fine, for most people this will be very comfortable.

Sennheiser PC38x Review + other Sennheiser Comparisons Drop x Sennheiser PC38x Review + other Sennheiser Comparisons

Sennheiser HD560s, Philips Fidelio X2HR, Fiio FH3, Fiio FH1, KZ ZSN Pro, Fiio K5 Pro DAC/Amp, Hiby R3 DAP, Venture Electronics Monks, iFi iEMatch, HiFiMan Edition S (broken headband).Weirdly the FR isn't tuned to either of the 2 traditional ways gaming headsets are tuned. It’s not v-shaped for immersive fun and it doesn't really have any tuning quirks of a competitive fps headset. It's not bright, it doesn't have slightly forward mids, there is no big bass roll-off. It's very much tuned for a musical tonal balance. It's very light and comfortable for a gaming headset and the cable is pretty long compared with other wired headsets I've used. But with such a good tuning I just wished it performed better as well and like I said earlier it offers great sound for games and still sounds great for music.

Drop + EPOS PC38X

Pretty much it's the same comfort as the PC37x but with a slightly better top padding as its split mesh (split top pads leave a space at the very top so you don't get a hot spot there). But this padding is less dense so no break-in time is needed but it will wear down faster (because the clamp is high it's not much of an issue).Although the GSP 370s make it somewhat hard to truly, truly go for the more expensive 670, if you're after supreme Sennheiser quality, then this is the headset for you. Its performance across games of any stripe, as well as media, is supreme. In any game, it doesn't matter what's going on or what the scenario or surroundings are, the GSP 670s will give you world-beating audio clarity, depth, breadth, and detail.

Reddit Audeze Maxwell First Impressions : r/Audeze - Reddit

Thus, if you're really keen to get some Sennheiser audio quality into your setup but can't stretch to the larger price tags of the more premium headsets, then the GSP 300 is the right choice. Its compatibility with every device is a major plus, while it retains the Sennheiser excellence in audio (detailed sound, excellent surround/directional accuracy, and great overall richness). Its microphone is good too, though this won't be great for mobile players or for the commute as the mic is non-detachable and a little wobbly on the design front. The latter being a little weak point on the headset overall, actually, as it feels a bit wobbly in the hands. The next evolution in gaming headsets: An upgraded version of the crowd-favorite PC37X, our latest collaboration with Sennheiser is more comfortable, more detailed, and more stunning than the original. Featuring new drivers—the PC38X delivers higher fidelity and better frequency response A change from the previously used velour pads on the older headsets, the PC38X uses a denser foam padding covered in different fabric material. If I could make an educated guess based on subjective listening impressions, the pads seem to allow the PC38X to retain more of the low end bass decay compared to the velour pads that are also included with the PC38X as spare pads. The PC38X, is made of highly durable plastics that I feel will take moderate abuse without any major issues. There's really nothing bad that can be said of the build quality here.

Experience the Sennheiser Difference

As I tend to mention in my impressions of headphones, soundstaging isn't a trait in headphones I hold to a particularly high standard (in stereo), though it is always a great boon when done well. A great soundstage has been a trademark of the HD5xx line of headphones that started with the HD555 and HD595. It moved on to the HD558 and HD598, and I assume would hold true with the HD599. There's a reason HD5xx line were popular among gamers, and why I believe Sennheiser modeled the PC360 and onwards after them. Soundstaging, and detail retrieval good enough to take advantage of it. While it's not massively dissimilar to the GSP 300 headset above, the GSP 500 does manage to distinguish itself in some key areas. First, the microphone is excellent. Really excellent. As soon as I started using it, my teammates commented on the quality and clarity of it.

PC38X to UK : r/headphones - Reddit PC38X to UK : r/headphones - Reddit

I can hear everything on these every small detail. Footsteps in Call of Duty to every little sound in Resident Evil Village or Ghost of Tsushima Not one to rest merely with a good product, Drop decided they wanted more than what the PC37X provided. The PC38X was the result. While it may not be leaps and bounds better than the PC37X, it does flesh out and improve on the sound with a better bass extension, and tonal balance, without giving up what makes these headsets so good for competitive gaming. Enjoy your music on a completely new level. An intimate, relaxed sound signature combines with outstanding precision and exceptional comfort — and now, extended sub bass — for a deeply moving experience.In a way, yes. But in another way, no. There's a little bit of history between the brand names and how it's all come to be under just the EPOS name now, but the bottom line is that Sennheiser's gaming audio has been folded into EPOS now - and the pedigree remains there. The PC38X can fill out a room quite nicely, and is absolutely brilliant when applying a virtual surround dsp for video games and other media, like movies. It’s the established tradition of delivering audio excellence combined with an enduring passion for quality design and rigorous manufacturing protocols.

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