PZEM-004T Current Voltage Power Energy Multimeter Module AC 80-260V 100A with Current Transformer

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PZEM-004T Current Voltage Power Energy Multimeter Module AC 80-260V 100A with Current Transformer

PZEM-004T Current Voltage Power Energy Multimeter Module AC 80-260V 100A with Current Transformer

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It can easily measure the output voltage of the USB port and the device operating current or load voltage float current = pzem.current(); if(current != NAN){ Serial.print("Current: "); Serial.print(current); Serial.println("A"); } else { Serial.println("Error reading current"); } float power = pzem.power(); if(current != NAN){ Serial.print("Power: "); Serial.print(power); Serial.println("W"); } else { Serial.println("Error reading power"); } float energy = pzem.energy(); if(current != NAN){ Serial.print("Energy: "); Serial.print(energy,3); Serial.println("kWh"); } else { Serial.println("Error reading energy"); } float frequency = pzem.frequency(); if(current != NAN){ Serial.print("Frequency: "); Serial.print(frequency, 1); Serial.println("Hz"); } else { Serial.println("Error reading frequency"); } float pf = pzem.pf(); if(current != NAN){ Serial.print("PF: "); Serial.println(pf); } else { Serial.println("Error reading power factor"); } Serial.println(); delay(2000); It can be used a SMD resistor 102 or 1001 (1K) soldered near/parallel with R8 or a normal resistor (THT) similar to that used on the image of v.1.0 The resistor is placed in different place on v.3.0 because the optocouplers RX and TX are reversed compared to v.1.0 Bharat Pi bundles the power of ESP32, 4G/LTE module in a Arduino form factor. This makes Bharat Pi compatible with all Arduino and ESP32 programs and shields You need to compile your own Tasmota firmware as none of the pre-compiled binaries have support for display and PZEM module.

PZEM004Tv30 - Arduino Reference

Enables communication to Peacefair PZEM-004T v3.0 Power and Energy monitor using the Serial interface The following table shows the connection or connection between the PZEM-004T V3.0 module and Arduino PZEM-004T V3.0 IMPORTANT: If using the connections as following, the communication works in all cores due to TASMOTA using hardware serial. If the user wants to use other GPIOs for communication, TASMOTA will emulate a serial interface using software serial. This feature does not work using core 2.3.0 due to insufficient RAM. To use the software serial feature, you must use a core version of 2.4.2 or greater.

Hardware and Software Components:

The serial communication function (comes with TTL serial interface, through various terminals to communicate with the adapter plate, read, and set the parameters). The documentation is terrible, but by trial and error I finally got it to work. (An hour ago I was going to ask for help.) It still needs some work but I can read voltage now and when I resume tomorrow I'll be able to read current, power and energy. Simply power the board with a power supply (or you can use the AC source you are measuring) and connect the circular sensor to the board. Run the wire through the circular sensor and you`re ready to start measuring the voltage, current, and power. The circuit also comes with a TTL to USB adapter wire for easy connection to a computer or microcontroller. As most parts are connected to high voltage AC it is recommended to fit the hardware in a solid enclosure. Software configuration ~

Assistance with Modbus and PZEM-004T - Configuration - Home Assistance with Modbus and PZEM-004T - Configuration - Home

If prefer, you could change the value of the optocoupler’s resistors by following this or this guide. Alles nach folgendem Schaltplan verschalten (Pzem-004t Module müssen mit 5V Spannung versorgt werden, nicht sichtbar auf dem Schaltplan). The microcontroller is also connected to a Wi-Fi module (if not built-in) to enable internet connectivity. Please note, to do testing using the application, you need a USB to Serial TTL hardware which is quite widely available in the market such as: type CH340, type PL2303 etc. as shown below. USB to Serial TTLMalaus Ah man sieht auf dem Schaltplan die 5V Versorgungsspannung, für die PZEM Module nicht, die Geräte müssen alle mit 5V versorgt werden. Below my .yaml config. Just add new device to EspHome paste this config and generate .bin substitutions:

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