Revenge of the Librarians: Cartoons by Tom Gauld

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Revenge of the Librarians: Cartoons by Tom Gauld

Revenge of the Librarians: Cartoons by Tom Gauld

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This book of comic strips are mainly about writing and editing, not so much about libraries. Book buying (how many, how often, keep or give away, etc) also plays a part. Jules and I both jump up to hug him, but without a hesitation he turns to me first, I close my eyes so I don't have to watch the expression on her face at being second in line" In my opinion, It should have been Cyn and Peter fighting Mr. Gabriel together on an equal basis. But it was more Peter and less Cyn, despite this being her story. It also should have had Ryan and Cyn's other friends more involved. They should have been saving the mortals in camp from the demons using mortal mystical magic, but none of that happened. Ryan and her friends did very little. They sat on the bleachers watching Peter fight the demon (after drinking some power potion), only slightly aided by Cyn. There were no stakes of massive loss of campers life involved. Although prior to the fight several campers DIED while they waited, WAITED, for 2 magical items to be given to them by Aaron. They did nothing to prevent these deaths. Why...because no one was trained to fight them during the entire book, up to the very end of a non exciting fight on the soccer field. It seemed too neatly written to have Aaron, a consort of the demoness, give them the magical tools to fight the bad guy at the very end of the book. Again, what was infuriating is that Prior to getting these magical tools, for over 3/4th of the story, Peter said over and over again he had people looking into ways to fight the evil librarian. What people?. He had one guy who we know of who died right away. So all of this waiting slowed the whole story down. It was wasted time. Time to be used to train to fight these demons and to prevent their carnage. Carnage that should have been more explored. Esperaba tiras cómicas sobre BIBLIOTECARIOS, bibliotecas o cosas del palo. Pero me he encontrado con que el 90% de ellas son sobre escritores, editores y demás + chistes infinitos sobre la pandemia que, como digo la comedia y yo no nos llevamos bien, o es que esas bromas ya están ultra manidas. The story is overall as quite a bit of energy and tension to it. It is funny and outspoken and has such vitality to it making it an unbelievable read. Knudsen keeps the pace up and the tension rising, but she does not lose those essential character dynamics, and she does not lose the humor. Everything she has done has made this novel incredible.

Revenge of the Librarians: (Main) by Tom Gauld | WHSmith

I read and enjoyed the first one, so I requested this without reading the synopsis and just read blind...and I was a bit disappointed. I'm going to be honest, I kind of like Cyn more when she's with Peter. In this book especially, she seemed more comfortable and open with Peter than with Ryan. After she was no longer suspicious of course, Shedding – Anastasia Hiorns’ Abstract Comics Don’t So Much Communicate a Narrative as Provide a Catalyst for OneFive Months on Earth – Joe Stone’s Versatility Comes to the Fore in this Autobio Story of Mental Health and a Kitten Named Earthling NORD – Martin Simpson’s Norse Epic is a Stunningly Illustrated Tale of Mortality and Lineage October 31, 2023

Revenge of the Librarians: Tom Gauld: 9781838858216 - Hive Revenge of the Librarians: Tom Gauld: 9781838858216 - Hive

Everything in the story feels like it's happening the way it's supposed to; even though it's a supernatural story, it still feels grounded and organic. I put that down totally to the characters. Cyn is our narrator again, at theatre camp with her boyfriend Ryan, and their relationship works. There's conflict, of course, but it isn't manufactured for the purpose of piling bad things on the main character. It all makes sense within their history and the current story. I was pleasantly surprised with this book. When I originally read the first book, I thought it was a standalone book. I know that there was more story to be told if you consider the two remaining trips to the demon realm. With Ryan, her crush and now boyfriend by her side, Cyn takes off for summer theatre camp not expecting to encounter demons ... or Jules, Ryan’s “friend” who just happens to be a pretty blonde. The Barbican Libraries are located on Level 2 within the Barbican. They can be accessed from the main building via stairs or lifts from Level G or via Frobisher Crescent from the highwalks. no.' 'Ryan please' 'No cyn. im sorry... Your stuff is not the only stuff that matters" "fine, i say quietly which is all i can manage. I turn and walk out."The Lost Loiners – Anna Readman Lends an Unlikely Humanity to the Monstrous in Her Troll Illustration Zine October 31, 2023 I read Evil Librarian in a day, gushing about the juxtaposition of high school theater, swoony crushes, and hardcore best-friend rescuing. It continues to be one of the books I use to describe everything I love about reading. I have been anxiously awaiting this sequel since I learned of it's existence. I wanted to badly to get that same rush. I was not disappointed. Tom Gauld's latest collection is a delight for book obsessives with plenty of observations and often sharp commentary on the wide world of books. There are perhaps not enough panels on the actual title theme of libraries and librarians, but book lovers won't be disappointed.

Revenge of the Librarians by Tom Gauld | Waterstones

I kind of wished that Cyn would have been more honest and upfront with Ryan so we could have avoided some of the boyfriend drama (though that drama did end up playing an important role in her battle against demons, oddly enough), and I missed a little bit of the charm that the last book had for me, BUT as a musical theater lover, I was super connected to the fun camp setting and to Cyn’s connection to theater. I also still found Cyn to be a sassy and snarky narrator—a style that gets me every time. This installment got 4/5 stars from me. I'm not sure about the 'revenge' part, but this is a delightful collection of bookish and writerly comics that had me laughing out loud a few times, and snorting a bunch.I Know You Rider – Is Having a Child Necessary? Leslie Stein’s Drawn & Quarterly Graphic Memoir Grapples with Powerful Questions

Revenge of the Librarians by Tom Gauld | Goodreads Revenge of the Librarians by Tom Gauld | Goodreads

Review of the Drawn and Quarterly hardcover (October 18, 2022) of the original Canongate Books UK hardcover (September 1, 2022) Cyn is way annoyed by this, but she has sets to design, so that demon better just mind his p's and q's cause she can't deal with it. Besides, some evil-er demons show up wreak havoc and mess up her life. A reader can tell whether they’ll enjoy this book by the second comic, in which a monstrous villain (in top hat and cane) informs the young woman that “now that you are my bride, you will never leave this castle!” She doesn’t care, because he has an amazing library. Anyone who’s with her on that, who agrees that enough books and the right place to read them is all that’s needed, is the perfect audience for this.Five Months on Earth – Joe Stone’s Versatility Comes to the Fore in this Autobio Story of Mental Health and a Kitten Named Earthling November 1, 2023

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