JFK FILES - The Roscoe White Story: -Grassy Knoll Assassin Or Hoax?

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JFK FILES - The Roscoe White Story: -Grassy Knoll Assassin Or Hoax?

JFK FILES - The Roscoe White Story: -Grassy Knoll Assassin Or Hoax?

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Vowing to have a UN supervised disarmament of nuclear and conventional weapons only leaving enough for nations internal issue which had the support of the soviets who mattered. Then his resistance to covert operations in Vietnam/Asia, the Caribbean, south and Central America and an eventual war in Vietnam which his "friend" Lyndon Johnson had given the green light less then a month from his bosses murder in his home state. Deep Throttle aka Gus Espada is not a "CIA operative". That's hysteria that he deliberately encouraged when working with a sleazy right wing Internet mob to target an anti war anarchist "gamergate" style". Make him think the CIA was after him, LE might dismiss the target as "crazy". or you can publish this and send a link to a friend of a friend of a friend and try to pretend you don't know him?

Roscoe White Connection To Tippit Shooting - Google Groups Roscoe White Connection To Tippit Shooting - Google Groups

Who Speaks For Roscoe White?" and "A Few Words From an 'Amateur Sleuth'" by David B. Perry - http://dperry1943.com/roscoew.html - http://mcadams.posc.mu.edu/sleuth.htm The JFK Assassination Board has launched our own Facebook group entitled "Justice For JFK." By justice we mean the spreading of the truth about what happened on April 10, 1963, and November 22, 1963, as The JFK Assassination Board realizes that this case will most likely never make it to a court of law so that form of justice is out of the question. Come join us and present your research to the group to help us solve this case and educate others. McAdams, John (2011). JFK Assassination Logic: How to Think About Claims of Conspiracy. Potomac Books. ISBN 978-1-59797-489-9. It has been stated that Tippit’s body was lost for an hour and that during this time, conspirators switched the body of the dead police officer with that of the late President.’–researcher Bill Drenas , Tippit After the Murder, 1998. The 35th President of the United States, John F. Kennedy, was assassinated on November 22, 1963, while riding in a motorcade through Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas. [2] Mary Moorman took the photo using a Polaroid Highlander 80A.There is a reason JFK jr named his magazine "George" watch JFK2 and the Jim Garrison interviews from the mid 80s. Anyone needs links let me know.

Texan Alleges His Father Was 1 of 3 Who Killed John Kennedy

If the media did it's job and covered these facts honestly (instead of yielding to the powers that ostensibly control them, as evidenced by their support of the single bullet theory 50+ years later), the American public would grasp the implications of what this means today. The Zapata oil rigs owned by George HW Bush's conviently placed in between Cuba and the US which did what other then give him a cover for him being in the CIA since the Mid 50s which he denies which was later proven in a memo left by Hoover after the POTUS head was blown off in front of his wife who was trying to gather her husbands head and keep him covered up so people wouldn't see him like that. The Badge Man is a figure that is purportedly present within the Mary Moorman photograph of the assassination of United States president John F. Kennedy in Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963. Conspiracy theorists have suggested that this figure is a sniper firing a weapon at the president from the grassy knoll. Although a reputed muzzle flash obscures much of the detail, the Badge Man has been described as a person wearing a police uniform—the moniker itself derives from a bright spot on the chest, which is said to resemble a gleaming badge. Patricia N. Saffran, The Unlawful Assault on Ezekiel’s Masterpiece, the Arlington Reconciliation Memorial - James H. Fetzer on Patricia N. Saffran, The George Washington Equestrian Statue in Union Square NYC is Under SiegeIn all the chatter I have seen on this subject, I don't recall ever hearing about the Muchmore film showing a rapid double shot to JFK's head and would like your opinion on my observation. The JFK Assassination Board is here 24/7/365 days a year so visit us as much as you like. If you are a critical thinker, come visit us and learn more about the most nefarious crime in U.S. history. It has been nearly sixty years since this occured, but it is as relevant today as it was on the day it happened. We appreciate your support very much.

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