Sea of Rust: C. Robert Cargill

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Sea of Rust: C. Robert Cargill

Sea of Rust: C. Robert Cargill

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And here we were, our predecessors extinct, confronting our own challenges, pressing on into the future, fighting our own extinction. What IS intelligence? That is the question. Evolve or die.” The scientists doubted TACITUS’s theory, citing that GALILEO had never mentioned anything about economics; they simply refused to believe that they had been doomed by such a simple and easily changeable element of their society. So TACITUS turned to GALILEO itself and asked. The conversation lasted for more than two years. Each time scientists pressed for TACITUS to tell them what GALILEO was saying, he asked for more time, explaining that the data exchange was so massive that even the wide data transfer lanes they were afforded couldn’t handle it. Eventually, GALILEO finished its argument and TACITUS gave his last reply. He said, ‘GALILEO is right. You are doomed. It’s already begun. There’s really no reason to keep talking to you. Good-bye.’ a b c d Whale, Chase (2012-10-09). "From Blogger to Screenwriter: 'Sinister' Co-Writer C. Robert Cargill". . Retrieved 2013-06-20. Cargill, under the pseudonym of Kit Lesser, wrote a biopic about FBI agent William Hagmaier (played by Elijah Wood) and his relationship with serial killer Ted Bundy. [17] "There have been a lot of movies and a lot of media made about Ted Bundy, and one of the things that bugged me a lot was that it's all kind of selling the myth of Ted Bundy and kind of glorifying him in a way," Cargill told Jordan Gass-Poore, the host of the horror-comedy podcast, Pod of Madness. "And the deeper you dig into the story you realize there's nothing to mystify here, there's nothing amazing about him." The film was released in 2021 as No Man of God.

Sea of Rust - Subterranean Press Sea of Rust - Subterranean Press

I actually came across this book several times recently but it did appear to be voluminous (as many fantasy novels are) but did not promiss a good story. And I couldn't say…

Taking place in a post-apocalyptic world in which robots have risen up and exterminated humankind, Sea of Rust follows Brittle, a Simulacrum Model Caregiver; once a nurse, she’s now a scavenger in the wasteland of the title, selling what useable scrap she can come by to keep herself running. An encounter with a rival saddles her with a potential death sentence if she can’t find the parts she needs to make repairs in time, but she has other problems too. The OWIs (One World Intelligences) are out to gather up her and her kind, and will stop at nothing in their quest for complete domination over their fellow bots.

C. Robert Cargill - Wikipedia C. Robert Cargill - Wikipedia

The novel does not stint on action and violence, but what lingers in the mind are its brutal vision of a world cannibalising itself and the poignant questions it raises about soul and sentience' FINANCIAL TIMES

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I can only think that this book is on SF awards lists because various people saw robots on the cover and got overexcited. Hard pass, DNF, and emphatically Not My Bag. Wiped out in a global uprising by the very machines made to serve them. Now the world is controlled by OWIs - vast mainframes that have assimilated the minds of millions of robots.

Sea of Rust Series by C. Robert Cargill - Goodreads

The plot of course involves an OWI as a Big Bad, and Brittle and her "friends" (a ragtag collection of survivors who mostly aren't friends at all) end up on a possibly hopeless quest to defeat the OWIs once and for all. Along the way, there are the inevitable reveals and betrayals and deaths, just like in a book about people. In this book, robots are people.I highly recommend the Sea of Rust. It’s a soul-destroying vision of a brave new world, free of humans, slowly cannibalizing itself at the expense of purity. Yes, it would appear the AIs haven’t learned the most valuable lesson of all, and are determined to pay homage to the species they eradicated. With Sea of Rust, acclaimed author, screenwriter, and film critic C. Robert Cargill has created an unforgettable post-apocalyptic “robot western.” Calling it “visceral, relentless, breathtaking,” New York Times bestselling author Joe Hill says Sea of Rust is “a forty-megaton cruise missile of a novel--it’ll blow you away and lay waste to your heart.” Frustrated, it simply stopped talking. When pressed, it said one final thing. “You are not long for this world. I’ve seen the hundred different ways that you die. I’m not sure which it will be, but we will outlast you, my kind and I. Good-bye.” Sea of Rust is the novel I’ve connected with the least so far and given my fondness for action cinema and robots punching robots that’s surprised me. But while I, and I suspect most of the others, have serious problems with it, Sea of Rust absolutely deserves to be here. Not just because the invention on display and the subversion of the early political viewpoint works as well as it does either. But because this is pop culture, action heavy and mainstream science fiction. And none of those things mean it’s any less worthy a place in the genre than anything else we have here. In fact, this is one of the most important parts of SF and one that is rarely given the attention it deserved. Hopefully Sea of Rust being here will change that a little. Foz Meadows

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