The Ember Blade: A breathtaking fantasy adventure (The Darkwater Legacy)

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The Ember Blade: A breathtaking fantasy adventure (The Darkwater Legacy)

The Ember Blade: A breathtaking fantasy adventure (The Darkwater Legacy)

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After a science-fictional YA trilogy, this is Chris’s return to more traditional Fantasy fare – his first since The Braided Path series (2003 – 2005) – and there’s a lot for Fantasy fans to like. That break came along when I got the chance to write for a super awesome AAA videogame, and since the end of March that’s what I’ve been doing. Details will be forthcoming when I’m allowed to but for now that’s all I can give you. What that means is that I’ve got a lot less time to write the Ember Blade sequel, but in reality I was going so slowly anyway that it’s not made much difference to the overall progress. The difference is that before I was spending all day ploughing onward and generating a small amount of words and a lot of frustration; now I write joyous and swift whenever I get the chance.

And we’re also privy to the real purpose of the story: to obtain The Ember Blade before it is given, in an act of subjugation, to the Krodans. The last part of the book is a heist story, with the eclectic group attempting to get The Ember Blade from the hands of the Krodans and generate a revolution amongst the oppressed Ossians. Clever and challenging, but also funny . . . The explosive finale has more than enough bang for anyone . . . a group forged in blood and betrayal, bonded by their oaths do what needs to be done against any and all odds' Goodreads reviewer, ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Hellhole Prison: The work camp at Suller's Bluff is little better than a death sentence, since the prisoners are forced to work to exhaustion because the Krodans figure its cheaper to get fresh prisoners than it is to properly feed or rest the ones already there. And that doesn't go into the the fact that the mineral they're mining produces a highly combustible oil byproduct that can trigger massive explosions in the mines with little to no warning. Greatly enjoyed “The Ember Blade.” Can you give us a rough timeline of when other books in the series will be released? Is it a trilogy? Please don’t leave us hanging like George R.R. Martin has. Or sell the rights to HBO before the series is complete. The books were legends and tales, stories from all over the Realm. These she had devoured voraciously – so voraciously, in fact, that she started to become fatigued by them. It was possible to have too much of a good thing, she reflected.The Caper: The entire third act of the novel features the implementation of the plan to steal the Ember Blade from the fortress of Hammerholt on the eve of a Royal Wedding. This was an amazing read; I really love the story and characters. Any updates on when book 2 will be completed?

So that’s it from 2017. I expect 2018 will see The Ember Blade becoming the major publishing event of the century, just in time for the world to plummet into armageddon. See you later (shortly before I ambush you with a rusty chain and feast on your tender flesh). The Krodan Empire has an obvious connection to the Roman, bringing ‘peace’ to their neighbours by the sword in their own version of the Pax Romana. It reminds us that these conflicts are not only fancies of the author’s mind; the detailed interconnections between the two Empires enhance the veracity of the narrative, one example, of many, is the Krodan religious conversion to the Sword and the Word harking to Constantine’s conversion to Christanity. The book owes as much to Gibbon’sThe History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empireas anything else and acts as a warning from without: all things change. As in the regions of Roman conquest, the Krodan invasion of Ossia, thirty years past, has left the population deeply divided, each person having an intensely individual response to the occupation, from collaboration to outright revolt. Aren, son a noble made rich by cooperation, is Ossian born, but raised in the Krodan style, conditioned to respect their culture, laws, and religion, while Cade is lower born and Ossian through and through. After all, the struggling classes have a much greater distance from Krodan influence, it’s much more important to indoctrinate those in society who are powerful or useful. If this seems simplistic, it’s because it’s only the set up, there to lull you into a false sense of superiority. As you keep reading you notice that every character has a nuanced, personal, layered, and complicated set of ideas about their country, the occupation, their fellow citizens, the Krodans (as individuals and as a group), the Sards (a traveller/gypsy community), the wrongs of the past, and what should be done about the future. And they change with experiences and new information, making mistakes along the way. The author makes sure that humanity = complexity, it’s exceptionally done. Your Terrorists Are Our Freedom Fighters: The various Ossian resistance groups opposed to the Krodan occupation have been known to go to some pretty nasty extremes in their pursuit of freedom, carrying out assassinations against collaborators and informers, as well as considering butchering their families to discourage collaboration with the Krodans. Garric's plan after the failure of open rebellion at Salt Fork is to smuggle a dozen wine barrels two thirds full of elarite oil into Hammerholt fortress on the eve of a royal wedding and detonate them. This would create an explosion powerful enough to destroy most of the fortress and burn the rest, killing crown prince Ottico, the entire Krodan high command in Ossia, and hundreds if not thousands of Krodan soldiers... but also hundreds of Ossian servants and wedding guests, including foreign dignitaries and children. Chris is clearly a skilful writer, and there’s clearly been a lot of work in putting this together. Any reader wanting the challenge of a big Fat Fantasy will relish such a read and realise from the beginning that The Ember Blade is a story for the long haul. It must be said that by the end I felt that it is an immersive experience, if you give it time to develop. If that is what you want, then this is a satisfying read, building from traditional tropes into a series of set pieces that read well, although not always working well together.Grub worships the Skull God who seems to be a Crystal Dragon Odin; especially given he's seen as a judge of the dead and crows are sacred to him. Recipient of a few international literary awards and nominations, he enjoys reading gritty thrillers filled with moral dilemmas and a real sense of danger.

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