Tom Kerridge's Dopamine Diet: My low-carb, stay-happy way to lose weight

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Tom Kerridge's Dopamine Diet: My low-carb, stay-happy way to lose weight

Tom Kerridge's Dopamine Diet: My low-carb, stay-happy way to lose weight

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Additionally, research shows that over 50% of dopamine is produced in the gut, so looking after your gut microbiome is key. I was approaching 40 and I started thinking, ‘Where am I? What have I achieved? What I am doing?’ I had a reputation for being the last man standing at parties – big drinking, big eating – and I thought, ‘This can’t go on.’ It was a conscious decision to change. The dopamine diet has recently been a big hit in the mainstream media thanks to celebrity chef Tom Kerridge’s book of the same title. Whilst it’s definitely a good thing to bring awareness to the subject, the downside is that it focuses almost exclusively on weight loss as the main goal. The diet limits carbohydrate consumption to 90g per day and promotes the intake of lean protein from unprocessed meats, eggs and dairy, healthy fats and tyrosine-rich foods. Although it initially provides a dopamine boost (hence its addictive nature), regular consumption leads to decreased dopamine levels amongst other negative health consequences. One more reason to consider a sugar detox - your brain will thank you for it!


Tyrosine is not the only nutrient our body needs to create dopamine, it takes plenty of other minerals and vitamins, including B vitamins, vitamin D, niacin, zinc, selenium and iron, amongst others. Therefore, a balanced, nutrient-rich diet is key! Think whole foods (lots of vegetables and fruit, green leafy vegetables, oily fish) as a daily staple. Galland L. The gut microbiome and the brain. J Med Food. 2014;17(12):1261-1272. doi:10.1089/jmf.2014.7000In an everyday scenario, dopamine is involved to keep us motivated, focused and productive. It's been dubbed the feel-good chemical and for a good reason, it’s responsible for the one feeling we all long for - happiness. As well as making you feel good, dopamine helps you control weight, energy - as well as helping your brain and your heart function properly. There are more of them that will embrace and understand it, and probably join you on the journey than you think. If I can do it, anyone can do it. I'm no different to anybody else. I just decided I needed to do something, and that's the difference." Heat a large, heavy-bottomed sauté pan or frying pan over a medium-high heat and add a little oil. Season the beef fillets with salt and pepper and place in the pan. Sear well all over until dark brown in colour. Add the butter and baste the steaks until cooked to medium-rare, about 2–3 minutes each side. Remove from the pan and leave to rest on a plate. Bloomsbury Publishing said: Most people find it hard to keep to a long-term diet, but this one is different. The recipes feature ingredients that trigger the release of the 'happy hormone' dopamine in your brain, so it's a diet that will make you feel good!


Drain off any liquid from the tomato plate. Scatter the mozzarella, basil leaves, sun-dried tomatoes and chilli over the tomatoes. Eat regular meals. This will prevent a sudden swing in hormones and help regulate your appetite. It also reduces the chance of overeating in the evening.

How did you choose a diet?

These adverts enable local businesses to get in front of their target audience – the local community. He has since worked at a variety of British restaurants, including the Michelin starred Rhodes in the Square and Adlards. Pour in the beef consommé and stir in the mustard. Turn the heat up to medium-high, bring to the boil and add the mushrooms. Cook until the sauce is reduced to a rich glaze, then lower the heat and stir in the crème fraîche. Season with salt and pepper. But he’s not giving up and is going to impressive lengths to ensure he doesn’t lose his battle with the booze.

Tom Kerridge Dopamine Diet Recipes - Pinterest Tom Kerridge Dopamine Diet Recipes - Pinterest

If you’re struggling with your weight and need to shift unhealthy pounds, this approach makes it easy, and is guaranteed to make you feel happier in the process. Alongside serotonin and acetylcholine, dopamine is one of the key neurotransmitters - brain chemicals responsible for signalling between neurons (brain cells) and various cells throughout our bodies. It directly impacts a variety of physiological functions i.e. movement and motor reactions as well as psychological functions like mood, pleasure and joy. So, what happens when we are a little low on dopamine?Remove from the oven and immediately grate the Parmesan over the top. Scatter over the basil and serve at once, directly from the pan. Until now you may have associated dopamine with the huge adrenaline rush that accompanies addictive behaviours like gambling and extreme sports. That euphoric feeling, the supercharged dose of excitement and carefree happiness that gets people hooked and well, in trouble. Surely, we shouldn’t be trying to increase dopamine production, right? The dopamine has lots of plus points, including a lot oily fish, as we don’t eat oily fish, and especially more protein which we know is filling and satiate. Kühn, S., Düzel, S., Colzato, L. et al. Food for thought: association between dietary tyrosine and cognitive performance in younger and older adults. Psychological Research 83, 1097–1106 (2019). And it could help to fight fatigue and boost energy levels, according to Shona Wilkinson, nutritionist at

Cook these: Three recipes from Tom Kerridge’s new low-carb Cook these: Three recipes from Tom Kerridge’s new low-carb

Preheat the oven to 200C/Fan 180C/Gas 6. Place the lamb mince in a large roasting tin and roast, stirring three of four times to break up the mince, for 35-40 minutes until dark brown. It should look like instant coffee granules. Bake the merguez sausages in another roasting tin, alongside the lamb, for 10-15 minutes until cooked through.The warrior diet plan encourages followers to break a lot of weight loss rules - including eating breakfast. The diet plan only allows you to eat in the evenings but promises a lean body and high muscle tone. So, what could you be doing to give your dopamine levels a boost? 1. Eat more dopamine-boosting foods A diet that makes you happy as you get slimmer? It sounds perfect. This is the plan suggested by chef Tom Kerridge who famous shed a huge amount of weight. Choose healthy fats such as monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats found in olive, sesame or rapeseed oils in addition to avocado, walnuts, flaxseeds and oily fish like herring, fresh tuna and trout.

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