Aramis Tuscany EDT Spray 100ml

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Aramis Tuscany EDT Spray 100ml

Aramis Tuscany EDT Spray 100ml

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King Aramis. That's what I call it. This juice is heavily floral but unmistakably masculine at the same time. Animalic, yes, but not funky, which stretches its versatility and allows you wear it on cooler summer nights and through the fall and spring. But Aramis shifts a bit more towards the drydown. The oakmoss and patchouli start getting more noticeable, it becomes woodier, and the resins and animalic notes become stronger and more sensual. At this point, smelling it on the right person, it’s sex in a bottle. Aramis is a one of a kind fragrance. In fact, it's not a fragrance. It's an experience. It's an entity, a myth, a legend, an icon, a titan amongst dwarves. It's like a gargantuan man made monolith in the middle of the desert that defies logic, history, time, space, context, people and civilization. The monolith doesn't belong there, yet it's there. It's not going anywhere, will not move, will not falter, will not give in, will not compromise, will not apologize for what and who it is, and completely dominates and overpowers the landscape.

Boyfriends for their girlfriends older men might like this one, and let’s be honest, your girlfriend probably bought it for herself. A very pleasurable scent to wear. More of a skin scent in about three hours. Then fades away rather fast after that, on me. Sillage and projection are quite impressive for the first 1-3 hours - depending on skin, weather conditions and the amounts of sprays you have applied to your skin, and longevity reaches easily 12 hours. I noticed too that Tuscany also seems more lemony, with bit of an overt burst to start. It's nowhere near as ruined as Aramis, but its definitely lighter & brighter, but not in a good or wanted way. That said, you can still at least ID it as Tuscany. Age-wise, I find Aramis to be suitable for almost every age group except for teens on which neither its connotations to its past nor its clean-cut currentness make much sense.I am not a reformulation snob, but selling this is offensive to consumers. Buying this, on the other hand, is throwing money away. Recently retested the new formula and I found it to be very close to the original. To me it’s like Piguets Bandit with less noticeable jasmine. It’s basic accord is “mossy, bitter green, leathery, ashy smoke” Now I don't mind, in fact I love citrusy frags..when I'm in the mood for those. But Aramis is not what I reach for when I want that 'vitamin C' hit. Sharp, bracing, herbal, resinous, skanky opening. Like Kouros without the sweet musky incense. Sharp. Dry. Dusty, woody, mossy, earthy. Blended so smoothly, so natural. The drydown is beyond gorgeous. So complex without becoming mud. The sharpness lasts for a long time, which always impresses me.

Knowing that It has been reformulated, I was so careful with my last bottle from 2013 and using it occasionally. but eventually, I had to buy a new one, and I think I am fit to compare them both and write my honest opinion.Very masculine but definitely a scent for the older gentlemen (40+). that being said I myself a 22 year old love this. Calls to mind old school classic men's fragrances like Antaeus, Givenchy Monsieur, and Kouros, but is different enough from those to have its own vibe going on. EDT’s are not as highly concentrated in oils and elixirs as an EDP or Perfume would be and contain one to three per cent of fragrance oils. This impacts the ability of the fragrance to last and around eighty percent of the oils in an EDT fragrance will evaporate within three hours of application. I know it's strange but I just don't smell that over manliness people talking about. the opening of this new bottle is almost the same. you get the familiar comforting top notes, but it won't stay that way. the old Aramis is much more offensive with its synthetic green notes and the Top notes will last longer. much longer in fact. so what about the new one?

The magic starts after 5-10 minutes, when this dries down to a much softer and bearable version of itself. The aldehydes are quite prominent for that "old" school vibe many fragrances with this ingredient has the reputation of. So if you are not a fan of that category this won't be for you. The reformulation also took the longevity sillage away, while the old one stands tall at 9 - 12 hours of longevity with a strong sillage. the new ones become a skin scent after 3 - 4 hours until it fades with minimal to moderate sillage. I think like most American guys, we've (many of us) grew up with some Aramis in the house, and probably wore it once in a while. It is a classic scent, and I've not really smelled anything that comes close or duplicates it. I agree with many that it is very masculine, very leathery and mossy, and distinctly American. It's managed to stay current for numbers of generations, and for some of us, it was our first 'adult' cologne. A shadow of its former past. Aramis in its glory time are the iconic barbershop fougere style fragrance that are famous for its pungent, bright, aromatic scent that has brash and braggy nature.So yeah… um… I wanted to like this (modern formulation) more than I do. The opening is pretty good (my wife loves it). But the dry-down loses it for me.

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