Word into Silence: A Manual for Christian Meditation

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Word into Silence: A Manual for Christian Meditation

Word into Silence: A Manual for Christian Meditation

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I give an example to you. I have heard of this little soldier, he was actually a civilian, in one of the wars in the last century. He was so small, he was not even trained as a soldier. His village had been invaded, the villagers had been captured, taken away for forced labour. They were being used to construct a bridge. That’s what the invading army was using the locals for, take them away and use their labour to build a bridge. Will you remember that? Without love and devotion, attention is just another tension. And there are so many who think that they will be able to be attentive, without being devoted. They end up turning very, very dry. Very dry. In short, it advises setting aside 30 minutes each morning and evening for ‘silent’ prayer time, choosing a mantra such as ‘Maranatha’ which will help keep you focused despite distracting thoughts, when thoughts do come, let them pass like clouds and keep returning to the mantra and the present moment, and eventually allow and listen, trusting that the indwelling Spirit will pray through you. It provides very clear guidance on all of these elements as well as grounding the roots of this method in history, providing a chapter too on John Cassian. Also it details the positive effects of regular, consistent centering prayer on one’s life. De la palabra al silencio / Word into Silence: Meditacion Cristiana / Christian Meditation (Spanish Edition) So, that’s love- attempting the impossible. The task is so damn big, that it can’t be done if you protect yourself. If you protect yourself, it won’t happen. That’s love.

Question: Acharya Ji, only sometimes do I consciously know that I really want liberation. How to increase one’s quality, so that this want is continuous? Word into Silence is John Main’s classic book on how to practise contemplative prayer, or Christian meditation. It offers a practical twelve-step programme that teaches how to be at peace with ourselves. Stepping aside from the busyness of our daily lives and being still in the presence of God, John Main says, is the key to discovering our true selves and knowing God as 'the ground of our being'. In attention, it becomes mandatory for you to grow up, or dissolve. Concentration does not change you. That thing, that you are concentrating on, is small. So you too can remain small. Sit down. Sit still and upright. Close your eyes lightly. Sit relaxed but alert. Silently, interiorly begin to say a single word. We recommend the prayer-phrase maranatha. Recite it as four syllables of equal length. Listen to it as you say it, gently but continuously. Do not think or imagine anything spiritual or otherwise. If thoughts or images come, these are distractions at the time of meditation, so keep returning to simply saying the word. Meditate each morning and evening for between twenty and thirty minutes. – John Main OSBAcharya Prashant: Only sometimes do you use the word ‘liberation’. At other times, you use a lot of other words for liberation. So the mistake is mostly, semantic. You just need to expand your vocabulary and remember that every word in the dictionary, is a synonym of liberation. Then you claim ownership, and therefore it’s Ego. The ego loves the cause and effect paradigm. The ego says, “The effort is preceded by a cause, so if I can cause something to happen, I will get the desired result.” Forgotten the title or the author of a book? Our BookSleuth is specially designed for you. Visit BookSleuth But the ego does not want to believe that. The ego wants to believe that all the possible dimensions are contained in its one little dimension. So it keeps hoping, its entire little life, that it will be able to obtain, something of the beyond, while just remaining itself.

Ocr_converted abbyy-to-hocr 1.1.20 Ocr_module_version 0.0.17 Old_pallet IA19213 Openlibrary_edition Not so much a how-to book as a book on practice, this quote from the beginning of "Word into Silence" gives a summary and authority to the belief we can come to the Lord: It is from Chapter 5 of Paul's letter to the Romans: This week we are looking at two words which may be confused by learners of English: produce and product. Improve your English with Collins. This book makes clear the meaning and purpose of meditating so that we may embark on the journey with deeper understanding and commitment. La meditación es la oración de fe, porque primero debemos dejar de lado nuestro ego para que el Otro aparezca, sin saber a ciencia cierta si verdaderamente aparecerá”.Al entrar en esos dos niveles de distracciones superficiales y ansiedad subconsciente, nos arriesgamos a ser lastimados. Sin embargo al entrar en el próximo estadío -a nuestro propio silencio-, arriesgamos todo, porque arriesgamos nuestro propio ser”

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