NUX | Horseman Overdrive Pedal, Full Size

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NUX | Horseman Overdrive Pedal, Full Size

NUX | Horseman Overdrive Pedal, Full Size

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A Klone that attempts to enhance the original with higher voltage spread for more headroom, and two switches affecting the signal’s clipping. V3 adds an independent boost circuit and two diode flavor options: Silicon or Mosfet. If you’re looking for a Klon Centaur clone, here is a list of some of the best Klon Centaur clones available today. Fortunately – various pedal manufacturers have created brilliant copies of the Klon (often wittily referred to as ‘Klones’). You will also be glad to know that these pedals are much more budget friendly than the original. It features the same simple controls as the Klon, and there are also some design similarities. It has the same oxblood control knobs, and has a logo of the mythical Centaur across the front.

NUX Horseman - Unbiased Sound Review - TonePedia

Our number one Nux product is the following item Nux Mighty Plug Pro. An all time favourite is the following item Nux Mighty Air, of which we have sold more than 2.000 pieces up to now. The Tumnus – named after ‘Mr. Tumnus’ from the fictional series The Chronicles of Narnia –is a very affordable and compact clone built to recreate the tones of the original Klon Centaur. Key to the circuit are two filter networks that amount to a clean blend. The first is controlled by the dual-gang gain control. As gain is increased, a filtered clean signal that runs in parallel is reduced in amplitude, and vice-versa. This is another reason why players running it at lower gain settings find it to be the 'cleanest' boost or drive that they've played. A tweakable take on the Klon circuit using NOS Soviet diodes. It features a Blend knob, EQ controls for Treble and Bass, and an extra “Mod” voicing, which delivers richer bass frequencies. All visible components can be customized, including case and LED color. That of course is not to say these differences don’t exist. It is instead to suggest that the differences between Klon clones are usually heavily exaggerated.So as clones go, the JRAD Archer is very faithful to the original – both in its circuitry and design. A hand-built Klon that shares the simple 3-knob layout of the original, but allows for more flexibility thanks to two under-the-hood side sliders: one sets the circuit to True or Buffered Bypass, the other one provides a CENT mode tuned after the original and a higher gain and fatter bass mode labeled as MINO. Within a few years, the pedal gained legendary status, also because of the maker’s dedication to customer service, and to hand-wiring every unit that left their shop. Finnegan stopped building the original model in 2009 – at that point, he had hand-wired 5,400 of them. (You can find a more comprehensive history of the Klon here.) All in all I'm delighted with this pedal and it has become my favourite go-to effect in the few weeks that I've had it. II think it's a bit of a hidden gem, perhaps dismissed by many because its not from one of the big name brands but it's definitely staying on my pedalboard for sure. One of the designs that most closely resembles the original Centaur, this unit uses only the highest-quality components.

NUX Pedals - Are They Good? [2022 REVIEW] - Best Guitars Now NUX Pedals - Are They Good? [2022 REVIEW] - Best Guitars Now

So the question then, is how can we capture the sound of the Klon, without paying the inflated prices on the second hand market? A good cheap guitar pedal should of course, sound great which because of all the above, is now easier to find than ever. You want it to last more than a few rehearsals too! It might not last a lifetime, but you should be able to get a few years out of it. Ideally, you want it to have an easy to use interface too - this boils down to how it’s been designed. What are the benefits of buying cheap guitar pedals? As such, unlike most of the pedals listed here (and also unlike the original Klon Centaur) – the Oxblood has a very wide gain range. It can go from an open and transparent vintage sounding drive, through to a heavy overdrive that verges on the sound of fuzz.Gain: Adjust the intensity of the effect. Minimal settings allow the pedal to act as a clean boost, while h9igher settings add a little crunch without sacrificing the transients of your signal.

NUX NOD-1 Horseman Overdrive Pedal - Andertons Music Co.

Both of these circuits are fitted with a ‘ratio’ switch, which in essence allows you to alter the amount of gain in the circuit. There are also internal dip switches for each side and you can use these to alter the bass response in the circuit.In my last article on the topic –‘ Why Is the Klon Centaur So Famous?‘– I covered 8 of the main reasons why the original Klons have now become so expensive. NUX is a pioneering musical technology company, specialising in innovation surrounding effects pedals, digital software, smart amps, and state-of-the-art products designed with the modern guitarist in mind. In fact, Finnegan himself alluded to his own reputation with the design of the KTR, plastering the words ‘Kindly remember: The ridiculous hype that offends so many is not of my making’ across the front of the pedal. If the pedal demos we linked to in the galleries above weren’t enough to sway you one way or another, there are a series of videos where the various Klon inspired pedals get compared directly through shootouts: we’ve embedded here some of them to better inform your choice. A Chinese company based in Shenzen, NUX are champions of the cutting edge. They are renowned for their fantastic build quality, exemplary tonal focus and contemporary product design, and provide all this with a very competitive and affordable product range.

NUX Horseman - Unbiased Sound Review - TonePedia NUX Horseman - Unbiased Sound Review - TonePedia

NUX is a part of Cherub Technology, a leading digital musical instrument accessories designer and manufacturer. Are cheap pedals worse than expensive ones? might seem like a bargain compared with the price of an original Klon. However it is still relatively expensive when you compare it with a lot of other overdrive or boost pedals on the market. If you think there any really special ‘Klones’ that I’ve missed from this list, please share them. I’d love to hear about them! Images Gold Mode mimics its classic predecessor; the transparent Gold Centaur overdrive pedal and the Silver Mode is a powered-up version with an extended gain range (Silver Centaur). Plugged in, the Horseman is a simple affair – and there’s nothing wrong with that. It has an on/off switch and three control knobs – the holy trinity of Gain, Treble and Output. You don’t want to be fumbling around on a dimly lit stage with sweaty fingers dialling in a sound. For all its mystique this is a pedal that you want to keep simple. It should also be known that there are two models of Centaur – the Gold and Silver as they have become known. The Gold is more a clean boost, the Silver is closer to the sound of driving the front end of an amp into distortion. Those clever folks at NUX have managed to combine the two in one pedal. When held down, the on/off switch changes the mode from Silver to Gold, giving you a choice of characteristic. Whether you’re looking for a pure clean boost or a slightly rough around the edges overdrive, you’ll find yourself in safe hands here.Cheap pedals are not necessarily worse than expensive ones and quite often, they actually feature a similar quality. Of course, there are so many guitar pedals out there that it all really depends on the situation. But it’s not uncommon for cheap pedals to sound awesome (just like NUX pedals!). Where can I find the manuals to NUX pedals? The legendary Klon Centaur that we all know and love is described by some as the perfect overdrive pedal. So here I’ve compiled a list of some of the best ‘Klones’ out there. I hope this helps you in your quest for beautiful blues tones. The Sugar Drive has a dual-ganged gain pot, as well as a ‘charge pump’ that boosts the voltage of the pedal to 18V.

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